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7 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Yoni Eggs

In the past few years, since the jade yoni egg has become known as the tool for vaginal fitness, a plethora of egg sellers have popped up on the internet.

We get emails every day from people asking us:

“Where shall I buy my egg?
“What size do I need?”
“How do I know if it’s real jade?”
“How do I use it?”

I also see a lot of misleading instructions about the jade egg and the practice for it.

While it’s great that the jade egg is everywhere, it seems that most people selling it have no idea how to use it.

In fact, in recent weeks there has been a rather large controversy sparked by a wellness website which published a lot of incorrect information about jade egg use and care.

Here are the seven biggest myths and misinformation I hear the most:

1) Boil your egg.

Do you want to scramble it too?

The egg is a sensitive crystal, with healing properties and energy. This is a large part of the medicinal benefit of the egg practice. Jade itself is known for:

– Strengthening and toning the female reproductive organs
– Manifesting dreams and visions
– Connecting the heart and vagina
– Balancing any sexual issues, healing past traumas and unwanted growths
– When you boil the egg you destroy all of this therapeutic potential.

There are better ways to cleanse the egg which amplify its power, not weaken it.

2) Wear it all day.

The main reason for using the egg is to increase vaginal strength. If the egg simply stays put without any effort on your part, it’s not building any strength or generating any physiological benefit.

Or, if you are clenching it constantly, you are engaging muscles that need to rest in-between firing. This isn’t good either.

The best way to practice is to have your full, conscious attention on your vagina and the egg for 10-15 minutes a session. Using specific vagina-cises even three times a week will give you and your vagina the benefits you are looking for.

3) Sleep with it in.

You’ll squash and stretch the delicate, vaginal tissues and walls by having the weight of the egg pressed into them for hours on end.

Plus, it’s not doing anything to strengthen your muscles. At all. For the same reasons as above.

Try placing a dumbbell on your bicep while you are laying down, and just lie still.

Is your bicep bigger yet?


4) You can’t use the egg with an IUD.

If you can get fucked across the room, be ferociously pounded against a headboard and basically have a normal sex life (or a very active, very wild sex life), your vagina can handle a teeny, tiny egg moving back and forth a few times.

5) Jade eggs are porous and harbor bacteria.

Jade and other crystals used for a yoni egg practice are hard, polished, smooth stones.

They are cleansed before and after use and only employed for short periods of time—like 10-15 minutes.

There are far more porous and bacteria-laden things out there that go into your vagina:

Penises. Hands. Sex toys.

Does your partner sterilize his penis before entering you?

Your vagina is a powerful, self-cleaning apparatus. While you obviously don’t want to over-challenge it, any miniscule amout of bacteria it does encounter from such objects is negligible.

Your vagina figures it out. It’s one smart cookie.

6) OBGYNs oppose the practice.

My work and the jade egg practice has been endorsed by scores of health professionals. From doulas to midwives to chiropractors to naturopaths to OBGYNs. You can find a few of them here.

All OBGYNs acknowledge that pelvic floor strengthening is a positive thing and suggest people do it.

Unfortunately, with a lot of misinformation out there on how the jade egg practice actually works, I can see how some would be dubious about it.

My work is based on the original work of Dr. Arnold Kegel. Yes, that Dr. Kegel. My work is, in fact, closer to his work than that of most OBGYNs out there today. Learn more in this video. 

That’s why I get the results that Kegel did back in the 1950’s: a 90% success rate with urinary incontinence.

According to the Yale University School of Medicine, women overall have an up to 60% rate of incontinence and 50% rate of POP (pelvic organ prolapse) post-partum today.

Not my women. Their vaginas are killing it.

7) Don’t practice while pregnant.

The best time to use the egg is to prepare for childbirth and to recover from it much more quickly.

Women who have difficult births are often disconnected from their sexuality and their vaginas. By using the egg, you’ll reconnect to both, and increase your chances of having an orgasmic birth.

Yes, “Orgasmic Birth” is a thing. When you reconnect with your sexual self, your birth will be the most empowering, self-actualizing experience and potentially the biggest orgasm of your life.


Imagine walking into a gym for the first time. There are twenty or thirty machines in there.

You have no idea how to use any of them.

But you sit down and try them out. You even go a few times a week. You wing it.

After two months, you still don’t see any results.

The reality is, you know nothing about weights, reps, sets, rest times, frequency of workouts and the importance of rest days, plus all of the other factors that contribute to a svelte body—diet, emotional state and overall lifestyle habits.

No wonder you aren’t seeing anything change.

I’ve been studying Taoist sexual practices and the jade egg for over 20 years.

My vagina and its superpowers have been featured everywhere from: Elle, Playboy magazine, O (Oprah) magazine, The Sunday Times to CNN and NPR.

I have taught tens of thousands of vaginas how to lubricate, orgasm, ejaculate and live in a state of ecstasy. In the Vaginal Kung Fu Salon, I walk you through:

  • A weekly vaginal weight-training routine
  • Pilates core-building exercises
  • Taoist qi gong practices to move and balance sexual energy in the body, leading to balanced and eradicated PMS, menstrual and menopausal issues
  • Breast massage instructions according to Taoist energy meridians and healthy breast care practices
  • Sexual reflexology of the vulva and vagina
  • Renegade healing treatments to “wake up” and heal the vagina
  • Self-pleasuring
  • Nutrition and lifestyle choices that promote healthy breasts, vagina and sex hormones
  • And more!

You can flail around and try to figure it out.

Wasting a lot of time.

Your egg will probably sit in your bedside table for months.

Or you can have your very own personal trainer.

For your vagina.


Get your Super Vagina today.


The Vaginal Kung Fu Salon is now open for registration!

In this 8-week program, you’ll learn all you need to know about how to care for and use your yoni egg safely and effectively.

We also dive into Orgasmic Birth, female ejaculation and many more mythical—but totally attainable—feats by empowered vaginas.

Sign up here.

Image: Me and my vagina in Marrakesh, Morocco, lifting a carved, mosaic-inlaid, hexagonal box.

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