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7 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Yoni Eggs

In the past few years, since the jade yoni egg has become known as the tool for vaginal fitness, a plethora of egg sellers have popped up on the internet. We get emails every day from people asking us: “Where shall I buy my egg? “What size do I need?” “How do I know if it’s real […]

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How to Clear Sexual Blocks

One of the main facets of my work is up-levelling people sexually. Showing them what’s possible in their intimate lives. Most people don’t know what they don’t know. I pride myself on opening people’s eyes and genitals to new and transcendent experiences.

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DON’T Do Your Kegels!

For years, in countless women’s magazines, women have heard the adage: “Do your Kegels!” And for years, women have suffered silently, thinking that they were the only ones for whom these illustrious exercises, designed to strengthen the pelvic floor of women, did not work for.   

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Breast Massage to Enlarge and Lift Breasts

Breast-ercise! Love your breasts! To fully embody your sexual self, you need to fully embody your breasts. Love them. Own them. This is how you activate their full sexual potential. And this is how you grow them. Because we all know the great spiritual adage: What you focus on grows. 

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Sexual Fitness: Get F**king Fit!

Want to be a superstar f**ker? 
In the realm of sexercise, mo’ better! From the Taoist and Tantric perspective on sex, more is better and longer is best. The longer we have sex for, the more high-quality energy we can harvest and exchange with each other, coming out of our sexual encounters feeling rejuvenated, highly pleasured and totally fulfilled. 

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