juice up your life and love

How to spice up your love life even if you don't have one

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The Support Group for Super Hot, Sexy, Fit People Who Have Lots Of Orgasms 

It’s really hard being in this category. Seriously, it is. A lot of hard work. Like, every day. 

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F**k, Yes!

Are you saying “yes” when you mean “no”? If it doesn’t get you wet or hard, don’t bother.

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“I’m too pretty for anal!”

Who knew you could find God up your ass?? People have all kinds of misconceptions about out-of-the-box sex acts. Especially anal sex. 

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Have Gourmet Sex. Lose Weight.

She came into my studio, and pulled up her shirt. “Look!” she exclaimed. Okay, sure. “I’ve lost 10 pounds!”

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The Biggest Sign of Being a Well-F**ked Woman

When I’m watching the women I work with go through the process of transformation, there are many milestones. As you grow into your true and sexual self, several things happen:

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