juice up your life and love

How to spice up your love life even if you don't have one

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Is Celibacy Ever Good for You?

To f**k. Or not to f**k. Both don’t have much use if applied unconsciously. Both can be incredibly powerful if used with intention. 

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Are You Lovers or Roommates?

Take this quiz and find out. 

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How to Eat Pussy

The biggest secret to eating pussy is getting pussy drunk. Pussy punch drunk love. Worshipping at the church of pussy. Going into a trance of pussy. 

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Softcock to Supercock

What is the relationship between your cock and your life? How do we distinguish a Softcock from a Supercock? 

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The Ultimate Foreplay Guide for Men

Ultimate foreplay is a brazen mix of what you do inside the bedroom and what you do outside of it.  I say brazen, because you need to think outside the box. For unlimited entry inside the box. 🙂 

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