G-Spot Ecstasy: A digital salon for sexual savants + spiritual seekers

Learn how to have powerful female and male G-Spot orgasms!

This is a virtual salon in which you can learn at your own pace. There are four modules/weeks of material to fuel your G-Spot orgasms and intimate explorations.

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7 Little-Known Facts About Your G-Spot (His and Hers!)

I am in!:

Come on a journey of self-actualization and knee-shaking pleasure.

The G-Spot is real. It isn’t a myth.

And anyone who tells you otherwise simply hasn’t experienced this high-pleasure portal for themselves. (What a shame!)

G-Spot orgasms are different. They’re deeper, more emotional, and they amplify our capacity to connect with our partners…and, for that matter, ourselves. Coming from your G-Spot is a deep, intense experience that opens us up, on many levels.

Everyone should experience it. Ideally, every day.

With G-Spot Ecstasy—a 4-week digital salon, with video lessons and scintillating homeplay—you’ll learn how to awaken + harness the most powerful energy source you have: your sexual energy. And you’ll discover how ecstatic sex can infuse your whole life with more power + confidence.

You’ll give yourself permission to want what you want and demand what you need, with that incredible synthesis of softness + strength that comes…when you come. Every day. Like a ritual.

What you learn:

Module 1: The Female G-Spot. It’s Real. It Exists.

  • The anatomy + history of the G-Spot: from 5000-year-old archives, to modern scientific evidence.
  • Clitoral vs. G-Spot Orgasms: why G-Spot orgasms are far more powerful + pleasurable.
  • Physical vs. emotional release—and tried + true methods to get you over the edge.

Module 2: Essential Tools

  • The key to unlocking the G-Spot’s power—for both women + men.
  • Glorious G-Spot accessories: my top picks for everyday play, and a few couture favorites…
  • Vaginal weight-lifting—or, the power of polished jade eggs.

Module 3: All About Ejaculate

  • What exactly happens when women come…and why ejaculate is considered a potent elixir.
  • Ejaculation vs. orgasm. (They’re not one and the same!)
  • An exclusive interview with the “G-Spot Whisperer” (a priceless conversation…)

Module 4: The Male G-Spot

  • Why everyone should explore anal play. Even you. Especially you.
  • Stimulating the prostate for psychological + spiritual growth.
  • Anatomy and pleasure maps, with precise instructions + positions—plus FAQs and stress-free “troubleshooting.”

What you get:

  • Four modules of highly-inspiring + practical lessons, delivered weekly to your inbox.
  • You can watch the videos, listen to the audio, or read the transcripts—whatever fits your lifestyle, and your learning style.
  • Homeplay assignments to explore and dig deeper (no pun intended) on your own, or with a partner.
  • Lifetime access to all module materials (it’s all yours, baby. Enjoy it.)
  • All for $247-.
  • Please note the program is non-refundable.

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Your hostess: Kim Anami

Kim Anami is a woman on a mission: to illuminate the direct + profound connection between ravishing sex and creative virtuosity.

As a Life + Intimacy Coach, she’s propelled thousands of people into higher stratospheres of connection, sensuality, energy + aliveness. With a spiritual synthesis of Tantra, Osho + Taoism, two decades of coaching + workshop curation, and an unapologetic penchant for luxury sex toys, Kim brings a unique fusion of wit, wisdom, and orgasmic inspiration.

Kim’s musings on love, life + sex have graced the pages of Playboy, Flare and radio and television programs with audiences ranging from 50K to 7 million. With a book deal in the works and an array of digital programs on the horizon, Kim’s bodacious empire is touching minds, hearts—and other areas—by the millions.

Explore her bodacious retreats, salons and 1+1 offerings, at kimanami.com

Hot love + testimonials

Britt, on Kim’s Salons and the 30 Days of Sex Challenge.

Insanely inspiring. An exquisite journey through the mysteries and logistics of pleasure.

Through the “G-Spot Ecstasy” salon, I discovered how deep intimacy with myself and with others allows me to tap into and wield my sexual/creative power. Kim’s fundamental principals have significant healing potential for any man or woman.

Kim Anami is an immense resource and feminine force that has acquainted me with the astounding benefits of authentic sexuality.

~ Rebecca Robbins


Tons of great value, tools, techniques, philosophies. Myself and my lover are more adventurous in our sex life and also with our emotional communication. We are both focused on having sensuality as a way of life, and having our relationship be a sensual experience.

I loved every minute.

Kim is a juicy, delicious sex priestess who brings a combination of facts, intuitive knowing and relationship coaching together to help you take the next step in your sensual evolution.

~ Christina Seitz


I have been a sexually open, inquisitive and explorative individual most of my life. I have spent a lot of my personal time reading up on Tantra, sacred sexuality and sexual healing and I still found a lot of information in Kim’s course that I never knew before.

Kim has such a fun, enjoyable, relaxed presence when she talks about these typically taboo subjects that it really helps put you at ease listening to her. Her straight-forward, no-nonsense, honest approach was a breath of fresh air.

I especially loved that the course is structured in a time-friendly format so that even if you don’t have a lot of free time (who does nowadays?) you can break up the weekly modules into their component parts. You’re still taking your sex life to the next level while being able to respect your own time constraints and schedule.

You won’t be disappointed!

~ David Odin Kether

I have embraced a journey of inward reflection and a wellness-based lifestyle for the last six years with the continuous goal of full self-expression. Up until I met Kim about a year ago, I realized I had been missing out on the fuel that our sexual energy provides our relationships and lives.

I always knew sex was an important part of a healthy relationship, but I didn’t realize how important it was in cultivating my self-expression. I am so grateful for the wisdom that Kim embodies around sexuality. Embracing her teachings has not only made for a much juicier sex life, it has also contributed to an increase in my self-awareness around my sexuality and confidence in how I show up in the world daily.

Kim has a way powerful way of delivering a sometimes considered edgy conversation in a welcoming way that opens you up. Her certainty and knowledge immediately allow you to feel that you are in good hands.

Kate Muker
, CEO of Conscious Divas,

“The sexual piece really brought all of our work together. It gave me so much confidence. My eyes have been opened to a side of me I hadn’t been paying attention to. Now I see how my sexual energy is connected to everything I do, every waking moment of my life. I’ve learned how to infuse that power of it into the rest of my life.

Kim guided me to totally shift my experience of sex and orgasm—to a fine dining experience from what used to be MacDonald’s Express!!

My favorite thing about working with Kim is her energy. It’s so healing and welcoming. I’ve worked with other people—therapists—before and I’ve often felt talked down to. Kim communicates with me on the same level and I feel way more open to sharing anything with her.”

Troy Gordon, Photographer/Videographer

“Kim is a sexual genius!”

Sky Yeager, Financier

Thankfully, Kim has produced a very fresh, engaging, and sexy e-course that shares her amazing wealth of knowledge on G-Spots and intimate play. Her unique e-course consists of a four-part weekly series of beautifully shot HD video salon sessions that students can view and learn from at their own pace.

Those interested in sex that is beyond the superficial, physical, sexual realm that mainstream culture is limited to will find Kim’s teachings highly informative, provocative, and stimulating. Professor Kim “assigns” homework you’ll be excited to dive into and follows up each week with phone-in Q+A sessions giving and getting excellent feedback.

Grade: A+.

Jeff R., software developer
New York

Male G-Spot (prostrate) play has allowed me to experience a window into my soul that I did not believe was possible before. It takes me to a place where I am way more at peace, a place full of belly laughs, boundless bliss, and occasionally even tears. It’s a place I long to be, a place where I am transformed to be vulnerable, raw and open.

Jason, Journalist

“My ability to sexually connect with people has improved tenfold—it is a night and day difference.”

I was able to fully embrace the vulnerability of intimacy with my partner for the first time in years. Kim gave me theoretical and practical advice to get over major roadblocks and essentially helped me get out of my own way when it came to sexual intimacy. After my training with Kim, my ability to sexually connect with people has improved tenfold—it is a night and day difference.

I enjoyed her openness above all else. Having a place to speak on topics that are unnecessarily taboo in our culture I feel is essential for anyone—regardless of age or gender.

Max G., 
Social Coach
San Francisco

Kim was fabulous.

Her teaching wasn’t just about technique (although there were great ideas!) but it helped to change my attitudes and outlook. The open discussion provided a place to ask anything! After these sessions, I found myself embracing my man in a way that made him and I feel sexy and crazy confident. It gave me the green light to take the lead, laugh at our mistakes and make him take it like a man!

L.S., Photographer

Question? Shoot them this way: salons {@} kimanami.com