Vaginal Weight Lifting with the Jade Egg

Harness your sexual power. From its source!

  • How would it feel to integrate your sexuality into your whole life?
  • Do you suffer from post-birth incontinence?
  • Have things “changed” since you’ve had a child?
  • Have Kegels never worked for you?
  • Would you like to be able to make your man orgasm with the strength and agility of your vagina?
  • Need help with G-Spot orgasms?

The fastest and most effective way to strengthen your PC (pubocoggygeal) muscle is with the use of a jade egg. It’s easy to learn and it works fast. One woman I coached eradicated YEARS of exercise-induced incontinence within one week of using the egg every day.

You can use your sexual power to magnetize what you want into your life–which means you need to be connected to your sexual energy and to your vagina.

“Kegels on steroids!!!!!”

“It’s enough to exercise your vagina five minutes a day, ladies, and in just one week you’ll be able to give yourself and your man unforgettable pleasure in bed,” says Tatiata Kozhevnikova, the Guinness World Record holder for vaginal weight lifting.

There you go—right from the horse’s, er, mouth.

NOTE: I will be offering an online course in the use of the egg in January 2014. New year, new vagina! 

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More Testimonials:

“In one week, the issue (weak pelvic floor and incontinence) that had been with me for 20 years disappeared!”

I spent years trying to use Kegels and never found them to be effective. I have had an issue with exercise-induced incontinence for two decades (since the birth of my son).

I started using the jade egg last year, after divorcing at age 45. I was dating a new man and determined to get back in the saddle with a bang! I practiced with the egg every day and in one week, the issue that had been with me for 20 years disappeared!

Besides vastly improving the strength of my pelvic floor and my confidence level, my newfound “powers” have proven to be quite a delight for my man!

Editor, Los Angeles


“I feel like my vagina is laughing!!”

The evening was invaluable to me. It was a rare, comfy and super stimulating (mentally and physically) group. I wasn’t aware that the vagina is such a power source, capable of generating such strong, beautiful energy. I feel like my vagina is laughing!!

Vancouver, BC


“Kegels on steriods!!! The technique has given me hope for the post-baby vagina and bladder weakness.”

Kim Anami provided a warm and sacred space for a small group of women to explore the theory and technique of vaginal weight lifting. It was a special opportunity for me to share in a deeper discovery of my vagina and pelvic floor muscles, and experience holding the jage egg in the vagina for the first time. Kegels on steriods!!! The technique has given me hope for the post-baby vagina and bladder weakness.

We were able to celebrate a common bond for wanting to improve our health and wellbeing through an increased awareness of our bodies, vagina and all. It was a most empowering experience. Thank you Kim and all the women who whole heartedly (and vaginally) participated.

Now, when I use the egg, I notice a heightened awareness of all the organs in my pelvis and my vagina seems to be coming to back to life. I didn’t realize how disconnected I had been.

Dr. Jennie Weisenberger
Naturopathic Doctor, Vancouver


“Gained my sexual confidence back.”

I met a group of incredible women at the jade egg salon. With the graciousness of our host, Kim Anami, we learned the techniques to improving the female love muscle. I got way more than technique out of the salon because Kim managed to make everyone feel safe and comfortable. All of the women shared their stories and reasons for attending and it was amazing. I gained my sexual confidence back.

My jade egg practice provides me with a sense of empowerment that I can create myself and carry into the outside world. It is a gift to myself that will be treasured for a lifetime…one filled with blissful pleasure.

I am very grateful to Kim for sharing her gift of sexual enlightenment and I highly recommend her salons to anyone who is curious and interested in creating their own sense of sophisticated sexual bliss.

Business Manager, Vancouver