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Clare GallowayArtist, Guardia Sanframondi, Italy

I noticed almost immediately on beginning the jade egg work, that my vagina became more elastic, lively, sentient, just HEALTHIER.

The Vaginal Kung Fu salon has had a huge influence on my voice and unique vision, my creative flow and professional development – my whole sense of creative abundance as an artist! 

My very sense of self and of my power have been enhanced greatly by my work on the vagina, cervix and pelvis!

I’m a visionary artist, based in Guardia Sanframondi, Italy. I’m also a high-sensory sentient, and felt seriously isolated from the world for most of my life. I found Kim’s work to be the perfect blend of the practical and the mystical, of sass and strength, which helped bring feminine power into my weaker aspects—which then liberated my power to heal myself.

I’ve made huge leaps and bounds since the course, in all areas of my life. After years of seriously-messed-up partnerships my relationship now is fucking amazing. I spent a LOT of horribly wasted energy, trying to connect with ‘spiritual’ men and networks of folks worldwide supposedly seeking ‘truth’ and sexual ‘healing’—but when I developed my inner dialogue with vagina and power (through VKF), I easily drew my life partner to me (a completely down-to-earth man!), and am exploring the deepest sexual-energetic adventures with him—fuck disembodied sexual blabla!!! – I love that Kim’s work is truly embodied and real—I SO resonate with her gorgeousness!!

I felt much more in-tune very quickly with my body and rhythms.

I always had connection with my divine sentience, and was on a path to more expansive orgasmic state in my life, but I needed some guidance to bring it all together—and it’s so easy to fall into all kinds of dangerous cul-de-sacs with all the pseudo-guru-shite currently flowing from the internet: I’m so blessed to have found Kim’s work!