10-week online salon

Are you having juicy, passionate, heart-opening, kitchen-counter toppling, mind obliterating sex?

You can be.

In these videos, explore powerful Taoist and Tantric techniques for full-body and multiple orgasms, secrets to skyrocketing sexual chemistry and how to cut through your fears and open to more love.


Everyone ought to be on a diet of rich, deep, fulfilling, powerful, soul-food sex.

"Salons" are a tradition of learning that dates back centuries.

In this modern-day version, you’ll receive pre-recorded HD videos, followed up by live, interactive Q+A calls, including community breakout sessions. In between, you’ll have “homeplay” assignments to flex your new sexual muscles. I’ll be there to troubleshoot with you every step of the way.

Coming Together: Emotionally + Sexually. Multiple Times.

How many orgasms have you had today? This week?? This month???

We all need more juicy, passionate, heart-opening, kitchen-counter toppling, mind-obliterating sex.

Most couples are not coming together. Some couples are not coming at all.

Not emotionally. Not sexually.

We live in a culture where over 50% of marriages end in divorce. Only one third of women ever come or orgasm at all.

My work: all about coming together: emotionally + sexually. Multiple times.

Everyone ought to be on a diet of rich, deep, fulfilling, powerful, soul-food sex. Yet, few people are.

Most people subsist on a steady diet of fast-food sex that is neither fulfilling nor nourishing.

Like any poor diet, the effects build up over time.

A lack of gourmet sex and intimacy leads to everything from lethargy, depression, anger, weight gain and physical ailments. Women lose their reproductive organs, men are saddled with “erectile” and prostate issues; all the result of stuck sexual energy.

Sex is the glue.

If you aren’t using it as this superfuel, I guarantee that you are underperforming in every area of your life.

When our intimate relationship is thriving, other parts of our lives thrive.

So here’s the “sex school” I wish I could have had. The one I have spent over three decades curating, testing and exploring.

I’m sharing it all with you: Ideas, techniques and solid action steps that will radically change you and your relationship from the inside out.

Here’s Coming Together®:

Lifelong Passionate Sex For Couples

A 10-Week Virtual Salon

In the salon, we explore:

Guided mp3 exercises, visualizations and PDFs with Kim's RX for becoming eachother's biggest turn on.

Learn well-f**ked wisdom for her and for him to keep the simmer going 24/7.

How to breakthrough blocks (even emotional) that are clouding your relationship and holding you back sexually and in your life.

Enlightened sex acts to crack each other open to orgasmic bliss.

Techniques for ongoing relationship feng shui and taking your charged up power from the bed into the world.

Are You a Super Power Couple?

Take this quiz to find out

People love to rationalize that sex isn’t such an important part of their relationship.

They explain, with an air of maturity, that they are such AMAZING partners and work really well together at the “business” of raising a family and running a household.

I assert that the true purpose of relationships is to self-realize. To take us to wilder, wider, more incredible places in ourselves.

And if it isn’t doing that—feeding you—it’s a drain on you.

Take the quiz and discover the truth of your relationship.

The Anami Guarantee

Every couple can have lifelong, passionate sex. Every couple can have cosmic-connecting orgasms, with an off-the-charts libido at any age and stage of life. Every man can last for hours, giving his woman deep vaginal orgasms.

This is the baseline for every single couple. Even you.

Kim Anami is the sex guru we need right now

I’ve always been rather sex-savvy, and so most “sexperts” have absolutely nothing to teach me that I don’t already know… but Kim takes the power of sexuality to a completely different level, inspiring even the most knowledgeable women to reach erotic potential beyond their wildest dreams. What she has to teach makes all other modern sex advice out there seem archaic.

Dita Von Tesse
Queen of Burlesque, Model, Entrepreneur

Salon Syllabus

Salon 1: Emotional and Sexual Feng Shui
Advanced communication techniques. Vulnerability and surrender as the path to power. Clear the debris of the past and build anew. Heal stored trauma in the genitals and awaken them.
  • Learn how to give skilled and healing yoni and lingam massages to each other, using therapeutic massage techniques and genital acupressure secrets
  • How to clear space, openly communicate and have the tough conversations in your relationship
  • How to identify blockages that are keeping you stuck, and clear them
  • Be guided step-by-step in my master techniques to release old patterns and sabotage mechanisms
  • Clear tools to disarm your defenses and open to vulnerability and love
  • Why most couples never hit the point of “life-changing” sex and how you can
  • Talking and f**king: how to keep the “conversation” going in bed
Salon 2: How to Create a Conscious Relationship
The relationship as a vessel for growth. Me, you and the relationship. Getting in “The Zone” of sex and intimacy.
  • Step-by-step instructions to create your own sexual manifesto and conscious relationship intentions
  • How to use your intimate relationship as a powerful tool for growth and self-actualization
  • The #1 mistake you can make in intimate relationships and how to correct it
  • Learn how to bring your weaknesses and “dark side” into the light to be illuminated and transformed
  • The most important secret you MUST, MUST, MUST embrace in order to create lifelong, passionate sex
  • The biggest secret to using sexual taboo to enliven your relationship
  • How to shift unconscious patterns that keep repeating once and for all, so that they never repeat again
Salon 3: Tantra, Taoism + Sexual Mastery
Sexual energy, orgasms and your relationship = your power source. Sexual reflexology. Let your sex be your medicine and your medicine be your sex.
  • Learn 5000-year-old ancient techniques to harness your creative, orgasmic energy and use it as a power source
  • Discover the secret to full-body and multiple orgasms
  • The best techniques to build stamina in men: you, too, can f**k like Sting!
  • Your guide to different sexual positions and their health benefits: it’s prescription time!
  • How to use different sex acts to tap into different emotional and healing qualities
  • Master the secret techniques few people know about to “transmute” sexual energy to increase your bank balance
  • The key to having “energy” orgasms with your partner from across the room and across the continent
  • Learn the ins-and-outs of sexual reflexology
Salon 4: Polarity: My Yin Loves Your Yang
How to break out of being “buddies” and bring back the guttural passion with your partner. Keeping sexual chemistry hot. Natural laws of attraction.
  • The biggest secret to reviving sexual chemistry in a relationship and keeping sparks flying for decades
  • How to break out of being “buddies” and bring back the guttural passion with your partner
  • Women: learn about the biggest block to tapping into your feminine side and how to release it
  • Men: step-by-step instructions to regain the masculine strength she desperately wants you to live from
  • How to use fantasy to exaggerate polarity and enter into the realm of sizzling 50 Shades of Grey play
  • The 5 sex acts that increase sexual chemistry and polarity in your relationship
Salon 5: Orgasmapedia
They come in threes: the main types of female orgasm: clitoral, G-Spot and cervical. Every woman can ejaculate. The gift of the male G-Spot.
  • The fundamental differences between clitoral orgasms and deeper, vaginal orgasms
  • Why most women don’t achieve powerful, internal orgasms and how she can
  • How to channel orgasmic and creative energy into everyday life
  • Learn the golden rule of female orgasms
  • Techniques to orgasm through intercourse and oral sex
  • The male G-Spot: why and how
  • The number one reason for premature ejaculation and how to ELIMINATE it permanently
Salon 6: The Guide to Men + The Guide to Women.
The Come-pendium of Bliss. Specific tips and tricks for irresistibility, orgasm and attraction. Study separately and then come together!
  • The biggest mistake men make with women and how to turn it around in seconds
  • Daily techniques to open her and keep her open
  • How to get her to surrender at the deepest possible level
  • The absolute hottest quality you can cultivate which is irresistible to your man
  • How to get him out of his head and into his body
  • Learn the one thing that will consistently melt him
  • How to convert the major block most women have into absolute confidence and power

Kim is a total rockstar and a tour de force of all things sexual. Her stuff is a cut above anything I've seen.

Dr. Christiane Northrup

Holistic OBGYN, New York Times best-selling author


  • He can orgasm without ejaculation and last for hours

    “I went from one orgasm after about 10 min of penetration, to multiple orgasms per session—as many as I want! 10, 15?...I lose count.”
    ~ Steve

  • She has multiple vaginal orgasms

    "I’ve had so many emotional releases from having deep, cervical orgasms! Oh I also have become a SQUIRTER!!!"
    ~ Kookie

  • You heal each other with your genitals

    “We were really working on opening up my throat chakra and communicating better in my workplace and with my family and naturally got rid of a goiter! The lump on my throat fully went away after a five-week protocol of deep-throating and visualization.”
    ~ Amanda

  • A "quickie" is now an hour

    "A short lovemaking session used to be 5-10 minutes. Now our average sessions are three hours extending into all night, and a “quickie” is an hour! Even without sleep, we are high and energized for the day."
    ~ Amber and Horatio

  • You can orgasm without touching each other

    “Our bodies are in total alignment. We have energy sex without even touching each other because there’s nothing in-between us! ((We’re a ball of energy that plays with each other all day!)) Just hearing his voice gets me weak at the knees.”
    ~ Amanda and Mark

  • You can talk about anything. And talking leads to...

    “There are no questions that cannot be asked, or conversations that cannot be had. We walk every single morning together (rain or shine) and take that time to discuss everything from blocks, desires, traumas, likes and dislikes (which makes us want to get right back in the bedroom ;) We never ever want to go back to where we were.”
    ~ Diana and James

  • Creativity juices flow

    “I have opened in every way. The moment I began gushing from my pussy, so did my poetry from my pen and love for the world as a whole!”
    ~ Viktoria

  • Well-f**ked at 50

    “Our sex life has completely transformed after 27 years together! We went from having perfunctory sex twice a month to having it 5-6 times a week. I was convinced I was dried up 2 years into menopause at 50 and we would just need to adjust to just “being friends”. So sad! Now I am dripping wet, and he is rock hard and at least an inch longer!”
    ~ Emme

  • You embrace your masculine and feminine energies

    "When my wife has all those orgasms, it starts to crack open that masculine shell, that wanting to be in control, and she surrenders. She reaches a new level of her feminine and I feel like a fucking Viking ready to conquer the world!"
    ~ Jim and Megan

  • You get rich

    “I swear each time I deep throat my husband, money comes in! It’s crazy. I didn’t believe you at first, but now it’s becoming a regular thing.”
    ~ Monica

Meet some of our Well-F**ked All Stars

Barbara and Paul
“Did I get that phone call today with an amazing job offer because of the cataclysmic sex we had last night?”

Mark and Amanda
"72 hours of almost nonstop making love"

Chris and Loren
"I feel like where I am now, in my business, in my health, is because of our relationship. It’s entirely because of the power of our relationship."

Supercock MD
"My cock has grown an inch and she orgasms every day"

Your Mentor

Kim Anami is here to infuse more passion into your life and bed.

  • She is a holistic sex + relationship coach, vaginal kung fu master, writer, speaker, surfer and mother.
  • She works with women, couples and men, who especially love her “no-holds-barred” and bold approach to radical change.
  • Her work has been endorsed by health professionals and wellness innovators from around the world, including integrative physicians, OBGYNs, naturopaths, therapists, and thought leaders across the spectrum.
  • "Holistic" in the sex and intimacy field means that Kim addresses root causes and doesn’t settle for allopathic Band-Aids. For example, she doesn't default to victim mindset in bodily ailments, but instead addresses the core physical and psychological sources to permanently heal and resolve issues.
  • Kim works with a host of natural methods—from ancient Tantric and Taoist practices to cultivate sexual power—to modern research on neuroscience, and blends them into a concise roadmap to quantum leap your growth to becoming a well-f**ked couple, and empowered parents in the world.
  • She looks at sex as a tool for self-growth and self-realization. When we learn to consciously use it, we tap into a superpower that elevates everything from your intimate relationship, your libido, to your bank balance.

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Everthing You Need To Know!


What is the cost?

$1497 USD

Do you offer a payment plan?

We do. You may choose to spread it out over two months, with two payments of $797. Or, over three months with three payments of $557.

I’ll be on vacation for part of this! What if I miss a week or two?

Fabulous! You’ll be relaxed and open—the ideal state to absorb this work!

Everything is archived—from the videos to the weekly Q+A calls. Plus, you'll receive lifetime access to all the material so you can review it as often as you like. It's your own personal library of sexual education and revolutionary techniques at your fingertips.

How much time will I need to devote to this?

The more you put in, the more you get out.

I’ve designed this course to be a concentrated download of the best techniques I know. I’d suggest committing at least 4-5 hours a week to focus on watching the videos, writing, exercises and “sex dates”—if only with yourself!

What if I’m single?

You can participate in this program single or coupled. The information applies equally. And when you do couple up, there are specific relationship suggestions you can benefit from knowing even now, as preparation.

How do I know this is a fit for me? What is your refund policy?

If you’ve read my blog and watched my videos, you’ll have a good idea of who I am and what I can offer you.

Here, we go deeper and fuller.

I KNOW these tools work. They have changed my life and thousands of people I have worked with. If you can prove to me, by submitting the finished product of the work you have done by May 13th, that you’ve put in the effort and still no results, I’ll refund your money.

I live in Australia/Dubai/Zimbabwe. Will I be able to participate on the Q+A calls?

The weekly call times are varied to accommodate a variety of time zones and all calls are recorded and posted on the private members’ site the next day. You can download and watch to them at your leisure. We also transcribe each call, and that is typically posted a few days later.

If you can’t make a live call, you may send in your questions ahead of time via online webform. Some people choose to do this anyway—not everyone is as bold as me when it comes to talking about sex!

How far will this take me?

Your sexual evolution is a constant practice, much like your career. Meaning, in the work we choose, we typically get some kind of training. Then we continue to expand ourselves through seminars, workshops, reading about new developments in our industry and mentoring with people we admire. If we didn’t do these things, we’d stagnate.

Your sexual and intimate life is no different.

This course will jumpstart you and take you further than where you are now. Depending on how open you are, it can be the turning point from which you never look back. Your openness and commitment are what will decide that.