8-week online salon


A Supercock is what every man —and woman — wants.

When a man is well-f**ed, occupying his full masculine and sexual self, he can have sex for hours, gives his woman multiple, vaginal, life-changing orgasms and radically uplevels his work and finances.


Behind every good man is a woman? Au contraire. Behind every good woman is a man, on his knees, ferociously thrusting and giving her everything he’s got.

"Salons" are a tradition of learning that dates back centuries.

In this modern-day version, you’ll receive pre-recorded HD videos, followed up by live, interactive Q+A calls, including community breakout sessions. In between, you’ll have “homeplay” assignments to flex your new sexual muscles. I’ll be there to troubleshoot with you every step of the way.

In the salon, we explore:

How to build all-night stamina and learn to separate orgasm from ejaculation. Yes, every man can!

Inhabit and rewild your “dark masculine” becoming the dominant man and lover women are hungry for.

Cock lengthening and strengthening techniques.

The full female orgasmapedia: How to achieve the deeper vaginal orgasms, including G-Spot, squirting and life-changing cervical releases.

Full tutorials on manual and oral pleasure to bring your woman to her knees.

Are you a Supercock?

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A sexually masterful man knows how to penetrate his woman in every possible way. He’s in control of his orgasms—and hers, harnessing the power of their relationship as a secret weapon.

Have you ever heard rumors of men who have marathon sex for hours and hours, including multiple, body-shaking orgasms… and wondered how they do it (and if it’s possible for you to learn?)

Do you want to finish making love to your woman and KNOW, beyond any doubt, that she’s satisfied mentally, emotionally AND physically… that she’s been epically well-f**ked and you’re the one who got her there?

The truth is that most men are underperforming in life and in bed. Are you a sexually masterful man?

Take the quiz and discover the truth.

The Anami Guarantee

Every man can. Every man can be an amazing lover, able to last for hours in bed, and even learn how to separate orgasm from ejaculation. Every man can have rock hard erections well into his 70s. Every man can f**k his woman into oblivion, giving her daily and wild orgasms that keep her coming back for more.

Yes, all men can be Supercocks. With the right tools.

My fave sexual health influencer! Badass!

Dave Asprey
NY Times bestselling author, founder of Bulletproof and biohacker extraordinaire.

Salon Syllabus

Salon 1: Foreplay and Arousal
Understanding the secret language of women. Clearing space for sex and intimacy. Communication as the great lubricating agent. 
  • How to get your woman wet before you even touch her
  • Tools to ignite her emotionally and physically
  • Porn weaning and recovery techniques for those who indulge too much
  • The art of energizing masturbation: how to do it better.
Salon 2: Stamina and the Multi-Orgasmic Man
Physical and emotional staying power. How to last for hours in bed and penetrate your woman emotionally.
  • The number one reason for premature ejaculation and how to ELIMINATE it permanently
  • Learn Taoist and Tantra sexual techniques for expanded + full-body orgasms
  • Master the secret techniques few people know about, to “transmute” sexual energy to increase your bank balance.
  • Techniques to keep her simmering with arousal in-between sex
Salon 3: For the Love of Cock
Erections and direction. Genital confidence and power. Owning your sexuality and genitals in life and in bed.
  • How to attain bigger, stronger and longer-lasting erections, and secrets to reviving sexual chemistry in a relationship, keeping the sparks flying for decades
  • Learn proven methods to increase genital size. Yes. You can.
  • Techniques to connect the genitals and heart
  • Master the connection between your libido, your vocation and your cash flow
Salon 4: Polarity: Embracing Your Dominance 
How to generate lifelong sexual chemistry. My yin loves your yang. Keeping sexual chemistry hot. Natural laws of attraction.
  • Learn how to be able to take your woman anytime, anywhere and have her love it
  • The secret to keeping your woman open and available to you
  • How to break out of being “buddies” and bring back the guttural passion with your partner
  • Learn the three sex acts which will boost your business!
  • Master the art of becoming more seductive and irresistible to women
Salon 5: Orgasmapedia
The ultimate guide to female orgasms for men. What, where, why and how. She comes in twos, threes, fours and more. 
  • The fundamental differences between clitoral orgasms and deeper, vaginal orgasms
  • Why most women don’t achieve powerful, internal orgasms and how you can get her there
  • Techniques to for her to orgasm through intercourse and oral sex
  • Sexual reflexology: your map to her pleasure zones
  • Secrets of female ejaculation
Salon 6: Opening Your Woman and Keeping Her Open.
Tools of the trade to seduce and support.
  • The biggest secret to helping women lose control
  • Learn daily practices to open her and keep her open
  • Learn the one key thing that will consistently deflect her chaotic moods
  • How to ask for “space and “man cave” time in a way that will make her keen to give it to you
  • Master the art of talking and f**king

Kim Anami is the sex guru we need right now

Dita Von Teese

Queen of Burlesque, Model, Entrepreneur


  • Supercharged erections

    “My cock has grown
    in length and girth!
    ~ Wesley

  • Have more sex And better sex.?

    We’re having better, more gourmet sex and 20 times more often than before the class.
    ~ Carl

  • Give her vaginal orgasms on the daily.

    “Giving cervical and G-Spot orgasms to my woman is an absolute carnal and spiritual delight!
    ~ Brad

  • Your business and income are booming.

    We just landed the biggest deal of our lives!
    ~ Mark and Amanda

  • Stamina superstar can go for hours.

    A quickie is now an hour. Our longer dates go for 2-3 hours.
    ~ Steve

  • Own your masculine strength and power.

    My libido, virility and confidence have all gone up.
    ~ Nick

  • Have Tantric orgasms without ejaculation.

    I can have 10 internal orgasms in a row without ejaculation!
    ~ Anton

  • Your woman is available to you anytime, anywhere.

    My wife is wet and open to me all the time!
    ~ Anthony

  • Create your dream life.

    Everything in our lives has improved: sex life, finances and family. We just moved and bought our dream house!
    ~ Austin

  • Feel energized after sex.

    Now I feel like I can run a marathon after I come!
    ~ James

Meet some of our Well-F**ked All Stars

“72 hours of almost nonstop making love.”

Did we just land that business deal because of the sex we had??

Supercock MD
My cock has grown an inch and she has orgasms every day.

Dr. Regan
I’m 63 and we have 12-hour sessions

Your Mentor

Kim Anami is here to infuse more passion into your life and bed.

  • She is a holistic sex + relationship coach, vaginal kung fu master, writer, speaker and surfer.
  • She works with women, couples and men, who especially love her “no-holds-barred” and bold approach to radical change.
  • ¥ Her work has been endorsed by health professionals and wellness innovators from around the world, including integrative physicians, OBGYNs, naturopaths, therapists, and thought leaders across the spectrum.
  • Holistic” in the sex and intimacy field means that Kim addresses root causes and doesn’t settle for allopathic Band-Aids. For example, she has never suggested a men take Viagra for ED, but instead addresses the core physical and psychological sources to permanently heal and resolve issues.
  • Kim works with a host of natural methods—from ancient Tantric and Taoist practices to cultivate sexual power—to modern research on neuroscience, and blends them into a concise roadmap to quantum leap your growth to becoming a well-f**ked man, wielding your masculine power in bed and in the world.
  • She looks at sex as a tool for self-growth and self-realization. When we learn to consciously use it, we tap into a superpower that elevates everything from your intimate relationship, to your cock size, to your bank balance.

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Everthing You Need To Know!


What is the cost?

$1497 USD

Do you offer a payment plan?

We do. You may choose to spread it out over two months, with two payments of $797. Or, over three months with three payments of $557.

If you sign up for the SMM notification list, you may also receive an offer for a payment plan spread out even longer.

It’s summertime! I’ll be on vacation for part of this! What if I miss a week or two?

Fabulous! You’ll be relaxed and open—the ideal state to be in to absorb this work!

Everything is archived—from the videos to the weekly Q+A calls. Plus, you have lifetime access to all the material to review as much as you like, and have your own personal library of sexual ed and revolutionary techniques to refer to whenever you like.

How much time will I need to devote to this?

The more you put in, the more you get out.

I’ve designed this course to be a concentrated download of the best techniques I know. I’d suggest committing at least 4-5 hours a week to focus on watching the videos, writing, exercises and “sex dates”—if only with yourself!

Do I need a partner to take this course? Should I try and find one?!

This work—and play—applies to conscious relationships rather than casual ones. I recommend instead that you cultivate the relationship with yourself, uplevel your sexuality and you will attract a higher-quality partner.

How do I know this is a fit for me? What is your refund policy?

If you’ve read my blog and watched my videos, you’ll have a good idea of who I am and what I can offer you.

Here we go deeper and fuller.

I KNOW these tools work. They have changed my life and thousands of people I have worked with. If you can prove to me, by submitting the finished product of the work you have done by October 15th, that you’ve put in the effort and still no results, I’ll refund your money.

I live in Australia/Dubai/Zimbabwe. Will I be able to participate on the Q+A calls?

The weekly call times are varied to accommodate a variety of time zones and all calls are recorded and posted on the private members’ site the next day. You can download and listen to them at your leisure. We also transcribe each call, and that is typically posted a few days later.

If you can’t make a live call, you may send in your questions ahead of time via email. Some people choose to do this anyway—not everyone is as bold as me when it comes to talking about sex!

How far will this take me?

Your sexual evolution is a constant practice, much like your career. Meaning, in the work we choose, we typically get some kind of training. Then we continue to expand ourselves through seminars, workshops, reading about new developments in our industry and mentoring with people we admire. If we didn’t do these things, we’d stagnate.

Your sexual and intimate life is no different.

This course will jumpstart you and take you further than where you are now. Depending on how open you are, it can be the turning point from which you never look back. Your openness and commitment are what will decide that.

Is this salon suitable for those in a same-sex relationship?

Yes! We welcome all sexual orientations in our salons, and while the terminology and teachings outwardly reflect those in a heterosexual relationship, we ultimately believe in male and female archetypal energies which are relevant in any relationship.

Anyone is welcome to disregard the physical exercises that do not apply to them, but learn about the yin/yang qualities we all hold within. Moreover, all of our salon offerings are excellent to take as an individual and offer vital teachings that help people connect to their own sexuality, aside from their intimacy with their partners, making it a fit for all.