Every woman can have a kung fu vagina

~ Kim Anami

Most women are sexually disconnected and have a weak vagina.



As a modern-day sexual savant, it is my experience that nearly every woman has a weak, under-performing, under-pleasuring vagina.
Do you?

If you do, you certainly aren't alone.
The truth is that most women are disconnected from their bodies and lives.

Take the quiz and discover your truth.

What is a SUPER PUSSY?

A Super Pussy, aka Kung Fu Vagina, is the mistress of her domain. She uses her sexual energy as her guiding life-force physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Whether you are single or coupled, 25 or 75 years old, in a new relationship or an old one, you can still be a Super Pussy!

Most women have weak and numb vaginas.


Are you disconnected from the core of who you are, both physically and energetically?

Is it any wonder they also have low libidos? Who wants to have sex if you can’t even feel anything?

If your vagina is just a lie-there-and- take-it kind of vagina, you are probably a lie-there-and-take-it kind of person.

If you are weak in the pelvic floor and disconnected from your vagina and your sexuality, then you are leaking power.

This manifests as the physical expression of urinary incontinence: energetic leakage

According to the Yale University School of Medicine, up to 60% of women suffer from urinary incontinence and 50% of women have POP (pelvic organ prolapse) after childbirth.

Thirty percent of women do not orgasm during intercourse.

Most women have never even heard of cervical orgasms.

These conditions are so common that most women consider them to be “normal”. Even though they have been “normalized”,

I assert that they are not normal.

If you are weak in the pelvic floor and disconnected from your vagina and your sexuality, then you are leaking your power.

When I speak of vaginas that shoot ping pong balls, have sixty orgasms a day and win world records, these aren’t wild exceptions to what vaginas can do.

Every woman can do these things.

Yes, that’s the normal, healthy baseline for all vaginas.

Women often come to me because they’ve been given a hopeless prognosis by the allopathic medical system or OBGYN. They’ve been told that there is no solution for what ails them, or that they will need surgery, artificial lubricant and synthetic hormones for life.


Reclaim the core of who you are

With Vaginal Kung Fu, you can be gushing, multi-orgasmic
and salacious for life.


Sexual disconnection looks like:

  • Having trouble orgasming.
  • Only having clitoral orgasms.
  • Low libido.
  • Don’t feel much—or any—vaginal pleasure
  • Urinary incontinence.
  • Difficult PMS, menstruation or menopause.
  • Pelvic organ prolapse (POP)
  • Financial struggles 
  • Career stagnation. Working in a 9-5 pay-the-bills kind of job.
  • Creative ruts.
  • Any and all reproductive aliments from “growths” to PCOS.
  • Overeating and food/weight issues.
  • Depression, lethargy.
  • Misdirected anger and aggression: egs. road rage, yelling at shop clerks, picking fights.


Does sex feel rejuvenating, energizing, ecstatic and life-changing?

Are you having cervical orgasms? Ejaculating across the room? Can you play your partner’s lingam like a flute? Are you shooting ping pong balls?

If not, you have further to go.

Your sexual energy is the creative, PROCREATIVE force that you can channel into every aspect of your life.

Even if you think you are having good sex, is it changing your life?

I've been teaching vaginal power and pleasure for decades

Kim Anami: The OG Super Pussy

For three decades, I’ve been teaching women how to harness the power of their sexual energy, and channel it into all areas of their lives.

From my first mega-viral video “10 Reasons to Lift Weights with Your Vagina” to my grab-the-world-by-the-ovaries #thingsiliftwithmyvagina Instagram campaign, featuring me traveling around the world, lifting objects indigenous to various regions, with my vagina, to the $100k wager that silenced the internet’s most famous OBGYN troll, to me dominating the Bottlecap Challenge, to the helicopter rescue with my vaginal weight lifting team of superstars, we’ve come a long way, Eggy.

My Legendary Globetrotting Vagina

In 2014, I embarked upon a global campaign to raise vaginal awareness and to inspire vaginas around the world to inhabit their true power. I logged my journey on Instagram, using the hashtag, #thingsiliftwithmyvagina.

My vagina has made headlines worldwide, featured everywhere from The Sunday Times to Oprah Magazine. It has lifted everything from green coconuts in Bali to Murano glass chandeliers in Venice, Italy to a piece of the Berlin Wall, at the Berlin Wall in Germany.

We’ve had quite the time, educating and revolutionizing the baseline of what every “normal” vagina can do: have vaginal—G-Spot and cervical—orgasms, be gushing with lubricant and ejaculate and have ragingly high libidos.

Oh, and shoot ping pong balls.


every woman's God-given right


Five thousand years ago, genital strengthening was considered a necessary life skill.

Since sexual energy is life force energy, and our genitals are the centers of that power, it’s essential that we’re connected to them.

Both energetically and physically.

In the ancient Taoist system of sexual practices—where sex was seen as medicine and a pathway to enlightenment—pelvic weight lifting was an essential part of their health regime.

The regimen strengthened the pelvic floor, supported the internal organs and recirculated vital sexual energy throughout the system.

Women practiced the lifting with a jade egg. In the Chinese system of medicine, jade was thought to have healing and balancing effects on the female reproductive system.


This ancient tradition has carried into modern times.

These days, you have women like Guinness World Record holder Tatyana Kozhevnikova, who can lift a whopping 31 pounds with her vagina.

And you have me, gallivanting all over the world, lifting chandeliers and tropical fruit, restoring pelvic and sexual confidence to a generation of women.

Helping them remember that their power is sourced from within.

Deep within.

The jade egg is a multi-dimensional power tool.

Restoring you to your natural state of bliss, orgasms and perpetual wetness.

A Kung Fu Vagina is a woman’s prime source of creativity and power in her life.

Her mover and shaker. All life comes from here.

A Kung Fu Vagina:

  • Is strong, articulate and powerful
  • Has a voracious libido
  • Orgasms wherever, however, whenever it wants, with the full range of orgasmic pleasure: clitoral, G-Spot, cervical orgasms
  • Can ejaculate across the room and hit the ceiling with its squirting fluids
  • Feels blissful during sex. It has heightened sensation, so that every touch, every feathery stroke feels like ecstasy
  • Acts as a compass and guide in a woman’s life. It moves her toward pleasure. It acts as an additional intuitive brain.
  • Can give hand jobs. Just like with your actual hand, a super pussy can push, pull, squeeze and isolate different sections of the muscles, playing the proverbial flute.
  • Produces “tsunamis of lubrication” through every age and stage of its life, from pregnancy to postpartum, through menopause and beyond.
  • Can shoot ping pong balls. This is every woman’s God-given right.

You have the creative power of the universe at your genitals. Use it.



I, like many women, was told: “Do your Kegels!”
I squeezed my vagina a whole bunch of times.
I didn’t feel much.

That’s because playing vaginal air guitar does nothing to strengthen your vagina.

The original Kegel exercise involved using a device inside the vagina for feedback and resistance: like a jade egg. Done correctly, there was a 90% success rate in reversing urinary incontinence.

Done without weight, it’s useless.

Ask any woman who is terrified to get on a trampoline with her children.

However, I, unlike many women, discovered Taoist sexual wisdom at an early age. I was introduced to the jade egg and its benefits in my early twenties.

Before practicing, I didn’t know that I could isolate movement in the left side of my vagina, and the right side.

Or that I could bear down on my man so pleasurably that he would ejaculate.

Or that I could move furniture with my vagina.

What I did have was PMS that ruled my life and mood for half the month.

I was constantly treading financial water.

I felt estranged from my life purpose. I had no idea what my true gifts were.

I reached for food when I was really hungry for intimacy.

I was missing the essential nourishment that balanced, flowing, properly channeled sexual energy would give me.

It’s the Rosetta Stone—the piece that brings everything else together.

Without it, everything else crumbles to the ground.

Thirty years later, my work is an extension of who I am. My sexual energy fuels my life and my relationships.

My vagina is sensitive, articulate and my source of power.

A numb vagina CAN be re-sensitized, libido restored and a deeper, more fulfilling sex life can be had. Every woman deserves to have this.

That’s why I created this program. So you, too, can wake up your vagina, and experience the daily bliss of a sexually fulfilled existence.

That’s what you’re going to get in Vaginal Kung Fu.

Ideas, techniques and solid action steps that will radically change you from the inside out. Literally!!

Kim Anami is the sex guru we need right now

I’ve always been rather sex-savvy, and so most “sexperts” have absolutely nothing to teach me that I don’t already know… but Kim takes the power of sexuality to a completely different level, inspiring even the most knowledgeable women to reach erotic potential beyond their wildest dreams. What she has to teach makes all other modern sex advice out there seem archaic.

Dita Von Teese
Queen of Burlesque, Model, Entrepreneur


  • Vaginal orgasms galore

    "I have way more powerful vaginal orgasms and I'm super wet. I used to be dry before. Now I’m spraying all over the bed and my husband numerous times in each sexual experience."
    ~ Sandra

  • You can give a handjob—with your vagina

    "Before VKF I had a numb vagina and rarely climaxed. Now I am wearing my husband out and he asks for a day or two off each week to recuperate!"
    ~ Winnie

  • Wet, wet, wet!

    “My vagina is wet, like, all the time! My partner and I are having sex 3-4 times per week instead of per month and my vagina is SO much stronger!"
    ~ Leah

  • PMS? Menopause? What are you even talking about…?

    “I am going through peri-menopause and the hot flashes, vagina dryness and bad sleep have completely stopped!”
    ~ Eugenia

  • Your ejaculate hits the ceiling

    "We constantly soak the sheets and I leave marks on the walls!"
    ~ Kacey

  • Insatiable libido

    “Oh My God. WOW, things are really starting to awaken! I transformed from a “normal” medium libido person into an insatiable sex monster!"
    ~ Sabina

  • Incontinence begone!

    "After just 7 days of using my jade egg my urinary incontinence has completely resolved! I am actually able to feel the jade egg where I couldn’t on day one."
    ~ Alana

  • You attract high-caliber partners

    “I met the love of my life…the man I have been desiring and wishing for walked into my life unexpectedly!!!! We have an amazing sexual connection and I can have 5-6 cervical orgasms in one session with my man.”
    ~ Kala

  • Shoot ping pong balls with your vagina

    "This is the normal, healthy baseline for every woman."
    ~ Kim Anami

  • Abundance comes easily

    “Work opportunities are offered to me without me doing anything. I am making more money than I ever have, while working significantly less.
    ~ Michelle


An awakened vagina ignites and turbocharges you as a woman.

Your vagina is meant to be strong, articulate and highly pleasurable: to both you and your partner.

“Pompoir” is the ancient art of cultivating vaginal stroking so as to make a man ejaculate or stop him from ejaculating—with the power of your vagina alone.

You have so much articulation and control of the vagina, that you can consciously use and direct it.

This is the kind of vagina that “launches 1000 ships”.

This holy grail of vaginas has a ravenous libido, multiple vaginal orgasms, lubricates like nobody’s business, and ejaculates up a storm.

Instead of being passive and just lying there to receive whatever is given to it, it goes out into the world and it starts to take what it wants.

It creates its life; it directs its energy out into the universe.

When your vagina turns on and comes alive,
several things happen:

1. Daily vaginal orgasms.

You discover the transformational power, wisdom and pleasure of the deeper, internal vaginal orgasms

G-Spot, cervical and ejaculatory.

Where once you may have believed that these orgasms are “for other fortunate women”, you now have them all at your fingertips.

If you aren’t reaching these deep, profound places in yourself and truly unleashing all the latent power in the vagina, you are operating at a deficiency.

The vagina is what will lead you into majesty. These orgasms are essential personal growth tools and good-f**k medicine for women.

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2. You magnetize men, money and miracles.

“Men are coming from I don’t know where…!”

These women aren’t joining dates sites. They haven’t radically changed their appearance.

They are simply radiating something so vitally and viscerally attractive, that men–and women—are magnetized to them. Like flies to honey The suitors spring out of parking lots, grocery stores, elevators, gas stations! You name it.

Your vagina becomes uber-attractive and your main tool in creating your reality.

The manifesting power is now at your fingertips. Literally.

Like flies to honey.

The suitors spring out of parking lots, grocery stores, elevators, gas stations!

The force is with you. And people feel it. You are wearing that well-f**ked glow.

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3. Natural face and breast lift.

I have had clients stop using Botox after having a regular vaginal weight lifting practice.

The “lift” flows from your pelvic floor, to your breasts, to your face, and extends out to every part of your life.

With a weak pelvic floor, not only do internal organs fall out, but our sexual energy leaks out of these channels.

The leakage causes an entire downward gravitational pull. Everything begins to sag.

Lines form on the brow. Naso-labial folds get more increased. Breasts lose their firmness. Bellies get soft.

Through strengthening the pelvic floor, an energetic lift takes place in the body that firms, smooths and supports everything in its wake.

Your libido—which is your life-force—is now pumping and uplifting every part of your life.


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4. Your vagina is your creative superpower.

How many people besides me do you know who lift Oscars with their vaginas?

My #thingsiliftwithmyvagina campaign went viral worldwide in countries and media all over the world. All courtesy of me tapping into my creative brilliance.

Via my vagina.

When you do this, you kill it. All over the place. You rise into your true star power.

You find your own voice and use it in the world.

Sexual energy is creative energy.

More than just how to have more sexual pleasure (though I teach that too!), I teach people how to take their sexual, life-force energy and convert it into tangible creative power that you can use in your day-to-day lives and work.

Once you are in tune with this vital energy and are harnessing it, you have accessed your unique imprint. Your genetic code, which is housed in your DNA, encapsulated in your sexual energy, can now be funnelled.

What you put out there is one-of-a-kind.

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You create your life from your vagina.


When you get very well-f**ked—and remember, by my definition of “well-f**ked”, you can be single or in a relationship—you begin to shine from the inside out.

Being well-f**ked is learning how to connect to and own your sexual energy.

You don’t need a partner to do this. You just need me.

I’ve done it for thousands of women, and now I’m going to do it for you.



Every woman can be multi-orgasmic, having G-Spot and cervical orgasms on the daily.

Every woman can lubricate and ejaculate profusely, with an off the charts libido at any age and stage of her life. Every woman can have a flute-playing vagina that shoots ping pong balls across the room.

This is the baseline for every single woman. Even you.

Kim is a total rockstar and a tour de force of all things sexual. Her stuff is a cut above anything I've seen

Dr. Christiane Northrup

OBGYN, New York Times best-selling author


An 10-week Virtual Salon to Harness Your Sexual Power and Pleasure

«Salons» are a tradition of learning that dates back centuries.

In this modern-day version, you’ll receive pre-recorded HD videos, followed up by live coaching calls and community breakout sessions. In between, you’ll have “homeplay” assignments to flex your new sexual muscles. I’ll be there to troubleshoot with you every step of the way.


Salon Syllabus

Salon 1: Love Yourself.
Foundational practices for harnessing sexual energy. Open to the healing and energizing potential of your vagina.
Salon released: February 8th
  • Sexual feng shui: Find and clear the blocks that have been holding you back emotionally and sexually
  • Yoni gazing and reconnaissance to know thyself
  • Using your vagina as your ultimate compass in life. How to listen to the voice of your vagina
  • Taoist sexual medicine for self-healing and opening energy pathways in the body
  • Sexual shadow work
  • Sexual detoxification
  • Guided Visualization: Vagazing with a Yoni Portal Mirror
Salon 2: Create Yourself
Use your vagina and sexual energy to manifest everything you want in your life.
Salon released: February 15th
  • Discover why orgasms are your infinite power source and how to use them to their maximum potential
  • Convert sexual energy into creative energy to fuel your life, work and relationships.
  • Increase the magnetic power of your vagina and your womb to attract your deepest desires
  • Learn the emotional anatomy and sexual reflexology points in the vagina so you can heal yourself by having sex!
  • All the do's and don'ts of a vaginal weight lifting practice
  • Holistic yoni care
  • Rewilding sexuality and cultivating optimal hormonal balance. Learn what the biggest culprits are for throwing your system off
  • Guided Visualization: Charging Your Jade Egg with Talismanic Powers
  • Guided Visualization: Crystal Uterus
NEW Salon 3: Mind-Body Sexcyclopedia
The "Kim Anami meets Louise Hay" guide to the deeper root causes behind any and all sexual ailments.
Salon released: February 22nd
  • Learn to read and listen to the messages of your body so you can heal yourself
  • Step-by-step holistic guidance on multi-dimensional modalities to address everything from recurrent yeast infections to brutal periods and PMS
  • Guided Visualization: Loving and Owning Every Inch of Your Body
Challenge Week
You’ll be given your “challenge” assignment during the course!
Salon released: February 29th
Salon 4: Rejuvenate Yourself
Learn ancient Taoist practices used by courtesans in the emperor’s court of China to increase vitality, beauty and sexual expertise.
Salon released: March 7th
  • How to use menstruation and menopause as power portals, rather than times of depletion
  • Eradicate PMS, challenging periods and difficult menopause forever
  • Taoist qi gong ancient techniques to utilize sexual energy and channel it into manifesting power
  • Heal your relationship to your feminine energy and tap into this power to create your life
  • Natural birth control: Learn your fertility windows by observing your own body.
  • Guided Visualization: Activate Your Sexual Organs as Life and Creative Engines
Salon 5: Your Breast Self
How to make your breasts more sensitive and orgasmic.
Salon released: March 14th
  • Techniques to give yourself a natural breast-lift and facelift so you can look and feel more youthful
  • Learn holistic breast care and healing practices
  • The secret to having nipple-gasms!
  • How to grow your breasts by channeling your sexual energy (It’s true! I’ve grown mine!)
  • Guided Visualization: Connecting and Opening the Heart, Breasts and Cervix
Salon 6: Unf**k Your Stuck!
The blind spot blaster!
Salon released: March 21st
  • Kim's top techniques for busting through plateaus
  • "This is why we can't have nice things!" Do you feel worthy? Self-love as the key to opening to abundance and expanding your capacity to receive and uplevel
  • Reprogramming the subconscious for success with subliminals and binaural beats
  • Shadow work secrets for illumination
  • Surrender as the source of all your power
  • Guided Visualization: Unf**k Your Unstuck and Get in the Flow
Challenge Week 2
You’ll be given your “challenge” assignment during the course!
Salon released: March 28th
Salon 7: Heal Yourself
How to get rid of any genital numbness, shame or discomfort so you can enjoy pleasure more deeply, alone or with a partner.
Salon released: April 4th
  • Holistic suggestions for healing reproductive ailments including herbs, supplements, nutrition and vibrational medicine
  • Ancient indigenous healing: Yoni steaming and womb massage
  • How to heal past physical and emotional trauma that is stored in the vagina and body that holds you back sexually and in your life
  • Step-by-step guide for performing a healing vaginal massage to loosen stored tension and increase sensation and orgasmic potential
  • The Three Horsemen of Sexual Trauma: the places where most people don't think to look and how to heal these areas
  • Guided Visualization: The Cracks Are Where the Light Gets In
Salon 8: Empower Yourself
The secret few people know about how to use your feminine and sexual power to amplify your life’s work.
Salon released: April 11th
  • How deeper, vaginal orgasms increase your cash flow
  • Learn how to attract and let good things come into your life, rather than stressing to make them happen
  • Your pocket mood guide to which sexual positions will help balance you depending on how you feel
  • How to use different movements in sex to increase the flow of energy and healing
  • Strengthening the heart-vaginal connection so that you are more emotionally present and open during sex
  • How to give your man a hand job. With your vagina.
  • Guided Visualization: Your Vagina Is Money
New Offering

Live Coaching with Kim


Direct sexual wisdom downloads and teachings from Kim in her signature unapologetic, bold, playful style, to connect you to your sexual genius.

Participate in 10 weekly LIVE quantum code calls + weekly Bodacious Breakout Calls

Your life-changing experience contains

  • Guided Visualizations
  • Sexercises
  • Block Clearing
  • Live Demos
  • Creative Manifesting
  • Hot Seat Coaching

The Vaginal Kung Fu Salon includes
lifetime access to:

8 modules

Gorgeous HD videos filled with orgasmic enlightenment, practices and secrets to unlock all of your potential.

Homeplay assignments

Including self-pleasuring, sex date prescriptions, guided visualizations, renegade healing modaliaites, quantum leap sexual techniques to boost your sex life into the next dimension.

Weekly coaching calls with Kim

Access her 30+ years worth of experience in the sexual and spiritual frontiers.

Weekly community breakout calls

Connect with other women in the program for sharing and support.

Anami Inner Circle

Private forum for salon members only. Share with your fellow salons participants 24/7 and support one another.

Next-level resources

Recommendations from Kim for complementary tools, practices and modalities to deepen your healing and awakening.

bonus series

Continue your studies for months and years to come. There’s always another level to go.


Special rates on all Anami Alchemia shop products for the duration of the salon.


Meet some of our Well-F**ked All Stars

Dr. Michelle
"My vagina has become so much more articulate with every inch, and knowing what turns it on."

"As my vagina became stronger, as I started doing this work, emotional work, physical work, I started making more money"

“Exploring my cervix has been like drinking from the Fountain of Youth! I feel like I'm going backwards. It turns out you can be middle-aged AND wet!“

"I feel like a totally different person! I've lost 76 pounds, 35K of debt has been eliminated, my husband and I are better than we've ever been, my daughter is thriving, and my creativity has taken me into a different line of work I never could have imagined!“

Meet Kim Anami


Kim Anami is here to infuse more passion into your life and bed

She is a holistic sex + relationship coach, vaginal kung fu master, writer and speaker.

Her work has been endorsed by health professionals from around the world, including OBGYNs, integrative physicians, naturopaths, therapists, midwives and doulas.

“Holistic” in the sex and intimacy field means that Kim addresses root causes and doesn’t settle for allopathic Band- Aids. Egs. most OBGYNs prescribe hormonal birth control to women to address everything from acne to irregular periods.

Kim works with a host of natural methods—emotional and physical—to permanently heal and resolve these issues, rather than accepting a lifelong sentence of prescription medication.

She looks at sex as a tool for self-growth and self-realization.

As Seen In


More tools for your well-f**ked journey. We continue the sex education most women have never had.

Bonus Salon 1:

Vaginal Kung Fu Kit

You’ll receive a gorgeous jade vaginal egg, a silk carry pouch, silk thread and a starter kit of rose quartz stones to practice your lifting.
Value: $97

Bonus Salon 2:

Ejaculation 101

Get in the flow. Every woman can ejaculate-she just needs the right skills. Learn the secrets of female ejaculation so you can experience the power of this sacred water.
Value: $397

Bonus Salon 3:

Orgasmic Birth

Did you know that birth can be, and ought to be the biggest orgasm of your life? It’s true! Kim teams up with Debra Pascali-Bonaro Director of the film Orgasmic Birth. The best kept secret, and pioneer of the movement, to discuss how birth is designed to be pleasurable, gentle and even orgasmic.
Value: $297

Bonus Salon 4:

Your Sexual Position Prescription

Different sexual positions have different healing benefits and can balance out your varying emotional states. Learn which positions to use for which moods and ailments to become your own sex doctor.
Value: $347

Bonus Salon 5:

Is your Vagina Depressed?

Dr. Kelly Brogan, “Radically Holistic Psychiatrist” shares how women can get off of prescription medication, including anti-depressants, and balance out their brain, body and sexual chemistry naturally.
Value: $397

Bonus Salon 6:

Healing and Preventing Prolapse Naturally

Pelvic organ prolapse (POP) can be prevented and reversed. Kimberly Johnson, author of The Fourth Trimester, shares her top holistic suggestions and experiences in reversing even the most severe prolapses, as well as the lifestyle habits and practices for maintaining reproductive alignment and health.
Value: $497

Bonus Salon 7:


Superfoods and potions to nourish, balance and tonify your female system “Jing” is a Chinese word for life force and sexual vitality. Kim interviews the “Jingslingers” for tips on increasing and revitalizing female energy.
Value: $497

Total Value of the Multi-Orgasmic Bonus Series $2529 – included free in the salon!


The Guarantee

If you absorb and apply this information, I know it will make a difference for you in all aspects of your life.

You have to commit to the process.

This is not something you can pay $1500- for and magically tap into your sexual self.

If you find that after reading, listening and acting on the techniques in this course, you find no improvement in your sexual outlook and experience, I’ll cheerfully refund your money.

In order to do that, I’ll require your completed homeplay assignments from all of the salons by midnight PST March 8th, 2024. Why? If you do the work, I know you will see change.

That being said, the cultural blocks about free and empowered sexual expression are so strong, that it can take months and years to move through them. It’s important that you prioritize this experience, set aside time daily to focus on it and acknowledge small gains.

The tools you need to shift are all here. You have lifetime access to them, so you can go back and refer to everything multiple times.

Like orgasms, some are bigger and more life-changing than others. Each one represents a breakthrough and an ascension to a higher level.

I’ll see you there.
Kim xxx



Keys to Unlocking Female Sexual Energy HD Video Series, mp3s and transcripts
Weekly Coaching from Kim
Yoni Egg Kit
Anami Inner Circle Access


I understand that my investment is backed by your 100% guarantee, provided I do my homeplay.

1 Full
Payment Of



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Everthing You Need To Know!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost?

$1497 USD

Do you offer a payment plan?

We do. You may choose to spread out over two months with two payments of $797. Or, over three months with three payments of $557.

Can't I just buy a jade egg anywhere and do this on my own?

Sure you can.  But you aren't likely to get very far. The reason I've sold jade eggs on my site with a program, is because I know that in-depth instructions are essential. Without them, you'll waste a lot of time and the egg is likely to just sit on your bedside table. Lonely.   The wild benefits that women receive from my salon like, facelifts, perkier breasts, gushing menopausal pussies, zero PMS—all of this happens because they committed to the 10-week practices in the salon.  From a now Super Vagina: "Kim's work increased my vaginal arousal and sentience. It was the catalyst for me having G-spot, A-spot and cervical orgasms, then me taking on the one year orgasm challenge, having 32 orgasms in a row by myself, and 60 orgasms in a five hour sex session with a partner!! And of course, having a cervical orgasm from having my arm stroked, and being able to think myself to orgasm too. All truly incredible, and things I never thought were possible for me until you opened my eyes—and vagina—to them.”

I’ll be on vacation for part of this! What if I miss a week or two?

Fabulous! You’ll be relaxed and open—the ideal state to be in to absorb this work!

Everything is archived—from the videos to the weekly coaching calls. Plus, you have lifetime access to all the material to review as much as you like, and have your own personal library of sexual ed and revolutionary techniques to refer to whenever you like.

What is the difference between How to Be a Well-F**ked Woman and Vaginal Kung Fu?

VKF and WFW are like part 1 and part 2 of being a Well-F**ked Woman.

The WFW salon is the ultimate guide to how to thrive in a female body and harness your sexual energy so that it fuels every part of your life. We cover everything from the full range of female orgasms, to learning how to truly, deeply surrender and open as a woman and a feminine being, as well as common blocks to full sexual expression that most women have—like body image issues.

The VKF salon goes deep into the vagina. The jade egg exercises are expanded over the entire eight weeks and you also learn other core and pelvic strengthening exercises. We cover everything from healthy habits/nutrition for the vagina to how to truly harness the creative and “birthing” power of it as well as your sexual energy in general.

Combined, both of these salons are your powerhouse for female sexuality! I highly recommend you take them both. WFW next runs in July of 2024.

Each salon stands alone with original and innovative content. And each contains amazing bonus salons, VKF gives you a sex position pamphlet!

How much time will I need to devote to this?

The more you put in, the more you get out.

I’ve designed this course to be a concentrated download of the best techniques I know. I’d suggest committing at least 4-5 hours a week to focus on watching the videos, writing, exercises and “sex dates”—if only with yourself!

How do I know this is a fit for me? What is your refund policy?

If you’ve read my blog and watched my videos, you’ll have a good idea of who I am and what I can offer you.

Here we go deeper and fuller.

I KNOW these tools work. They have changed my life and thousands of people I have worked with. If you can prove to me, by submitting the finished product of the work you have done by March 8th, that you’ve put in the effort and still no results, I’ll refund your money.

I live in Australia/Dubai/Zimbabwe. Will I be able to participate on the coaching calls?

The weekly call times are varied to accommodate a variety of time zones and all calls are recorded and posted on the private members’ site the next day. You can download and listen to them at your leisure. We also transcribe each call, and that is typically posted a few days later.

If you can’t make a live call, you may send in your questions ahead of time via email. Some people choose to do this anyway—not everyone is as bold as me when it comes to talking about sex!

How far will this take me?

Your sexual evolution is a constant practice, much like your career. Meaning, in the work we choose, we typically get some kind of training. Then we continue to expand ourselves through seminars, workshops, reading about new developments in our industry and mentoring with people we admire. If we didn’t do these things, we’d stagnate.

Your sexual and intimate life is no different.

This course will jumpstart you and take you further than where you are now. Depending on how open you are, it can be the turning point from which you never look back. Your openness and commitment are what will decide that.

Is this salon suitable for those in a same-sex relationship?

Yes! We welcome all sexual orientations in our salons, and while the terminology and teachings outwardly reflect those in a heterosexual relationship, we ultimately believe in male and female archetypal energies which are relevant in any relationship.

Anyone is welcome to disregard the physical exercises that do not apply to them, but learn about the yin/yang qualities we all hold within. Moreover, all of our salon offerings are excellent to take as an individual and offer vital teachings that help people connect to their own sexuality, aside from their intimacy with their partners, making it a fit for all.