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When Your Partner Doesn’t Want to Grow

One of the most common issues in relationships is when one partner wants to grow and the other one doesn’t.

What do you do?

Can the relationship work?

Will your own growth be hampered by staying with someone who is satisfied with the status quo and has no interest in evolution?

In this week’s podcast, I tell you step-by-step, what to do.

We also hear from one of my favourite Well-F**ked All Stars, about how she handled this issue in her own relationship.

And what things look like now.

Hint: G-Spot, cervical and bed-squirting orgasms.

Listen and comment here, or download and play on the go at:


Image: Shane Turner

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6 thoughts on “When Your Partner Doesn’t Want to Grow

  1. Kim, you are an incredible woman yourself and you have been inspiring me so much since I follow you. The story of your guest speaker is so inspiring. I have been working on myself for quite a while to become a more sensual, vulnerable and sexual woman and I learned most of it from you. One of the best content I have come across. It just brings it all together. Thank you! You work is so impactful, life changing.

    1. Thank you Monika! Aw, that’s so lovely to hear! I so appreciate it all and so glad to hear of your growth. 🙂 xx

  2. Kim! This is simply the best relationship advice I have EVER heard – it’s super useful to me with my somewhat frictional partnership right now – perfect timing for my needing to delve into my own stuff and stop being triggered.
    THANK you!

  3. I was that person who didn’t grow sexually and I knew I really needed help and got it and grew in ways to live my life better and differently but something was always missing. You see, I found coaches who guided me to be more emotionally mature, make better choices, but never sexually.
    When I watched this podcast I recognized that there were ways I could have, if I had known this guidance. My husband died 4 years ago and what I miss most, especially now, is that intimate touch with his hands even though we were room mates for the last years of our marriage. I feel sad that this information was not as open when I needed it or maybe I was just not ready.
    I believe that the teacher arrives when the student is ready. So, instead of beating myself up I am recognizing and taking action because this student is ready!! I feel empowered by your Salons and courses. I recognize with these podcasts and Orgasm Cleanse for Her and VKF that I have permission to open and explore my sexuality with more freedom than ever before!! Thank you!