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Orgasmapedia! 11 Different Kinds of Orgasms

Your ultimate orgasm guide.

Each different orgasm has its own qualities of pleasure and self-actualization.

Some of them are brief explosions, kind of like a sugar hit.

Others are like experiencing a spiritual awakening, where you feel cracked open, at one with yourself and the universe, and buzzing with bliss and ecstasy for hours.

And sometimes days.

Besides being generating massive biochemical highs, orgasms are one of my most-used tools for health, creativity and connecting to myself.

Making it your mission to master the Orgasmapedia is a very worthy life goal.

Orgasms are your gateways to enlightenment, and having them regularly trains you to live in a perpetual state of bliss.

You know the old saying: An orgasm a day keeps all negative things at bay.

You become a radiant, well-f**ked creative genius. 🙂

Here’s an overview of 11 different orgasms for men and women, and we’ll touch on some of their deeper “orgasms as medicine” superpowers as well. We’ll touch on my favorite—cervical, of course—and some you may not have heard of …

Watch the video now:

Or download the podcast version and listen on the go:


In Coming Together you’ll learn: 

– How to create a sacred, conscious, multi-orgasmic Tantric-style relationship
– Techniques to clear long-standing blocks between you
– Step-by-step guided yoni and lingam massage
– How to achieve full-body and energy orgasms
– Male stamina practices to go the distance
– How to move out of the “buddy zone” with each other into “can’t keep your hands off each other” as a way of life
– G-Spot pleasure for her–and him!
– And much more!

Register now and have better orgasms tonight!

Registration closes Monday May 10 at midnight PST.

See you on the inside!


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