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Tantra + Slow Sex for Ecstatic Orgasms

Orgasms that last for hours and days. How much bliss can you handle?

I first got into Tantra after reading an article about being able to concisely move energy and direct sexual between two people.

That in itself was fascinating.

When I found out that it would also  mean my male lovers would last for hours—as my best ones already did—that was also a major selling point.

The typical sexual encounter builds to a peak, often as fast as possible, has a genital sneeze of an orgasm, and then peters out.


All done!

In Tantra, we build and plateau, build and plateau, build and plateau and the energy never really has to drop off.

You STAY and LIVE in this high-octane, chemistry-sizzling, electrically-charged space with each other.

You are constantly dripping with erotic energy between you and all over you.

Tantra is about taking the moment of connection, that most people experience as a fleeting, relatively shitty orgasm, or not at all, and expand that out so that it lasts for hours, and then also permeates every area of your life.

You infuse this delicious, nectar, sensual, orgasmic energy into every thing you do.

In today’s episode:

– The importance of marathon f**king
– Harvesting sexual energy as a creative power source
– The relationship between “fast sex” and sexual trauma
– 3-day sex dates
– Enlightened sex acts like yoni and lingam massage, in our all star interview with Jim and Meg

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  • How to achieve the deeper, life-changing vaginal orgasms for women: G-Spot and cervical
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