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All Women Are Insatiable

It’s the Anami Guarantee.

All women are insatiable.

It’s a fact.

I guarantee it.

All women have high libidos and are ravenously sexual.

I guarantee it.

“But Kim!

Some women just aren’t that sexual!”

“But Kim!

Women have lower sex drives than men!”

“But Kim!

Sex isn’t the most important part of a relationship!”

To which I say:

Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit.

All women are erotically wild with voracious appetites.

I guarantee it.

Once you unlock and turn them on, they keep on coming.

In today’s episode, from our Well-F**ked All Star, Mara:

I always want a cock deep inside of me. I always want something inside of my vagina. Now I know, it’s air and food. It’s something that you eat, you breathe, and you fuck.”


  • All women are naturally multi-orgasmic and have a higher sexual capacity than men (Don’t worry guys. You can catch up, with study).
  • All vaginas lubricate and ejaculate profusely
  • Nine keys to insatiability

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This is my 8-week online salon for all things female sexual mastery. We cover:

  • How to boost your libido, clear your blocks and become a sexually insatiable woman
  • Enlightened blow jobs, deep throating, and manual techniques to make you a champion cock whisperer
  • My full orgasmapedia of vaginal orgasms: how to have G-Spot, cervical and squirting orgasms.
  • Self-pleasuring 101
  • Breast massage to tone, lift and enlarge the breasts
  • Taoist techniques to convert sexual energy into creative energy
  • How to use your sexual energy to heal yourself and your body
  • And much more!

Feeling Insatiable?

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All Women Are Insatiable: The Anami Guarantee – TRANSCRIPT

All women are insatiable.

I guarantee it.

All women have high libidos and are ravenously sexual.

I guarantee it.

“But Kim!

Some women just aren’t that sexual!”

“But Kim!

Women have lower sex drives than men!”

“But Kim!

Sex isn’t the most important part of a relationship!”

To which I say:

Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit.

All women are erotically wild with voracious appetites.

I guarantee it.

Once you unlock and turn them on, they keep on coming.

In fact, women have a tremendously higher sexual capacity than men.

What happens after a man comes?

He passes out. He’s down for the count. Game over.

What happens after a woman comes?

You’ve just ignited her fire.

And she can—and will—come again and again and again.

Women are naturally multi-orgasmic.

They can have 5, 10, 20, 50 orgasms in one encounter.

So why don’t they?

Probably because they listen to sexually inexperienced and underfucked OBGYNS and so-called sex coaches and the like. who say things like:

“Some women just have low libidos.”


“Not all women can orgasm.”

And other ignorance and lies.

To which I say: “Let them eat clit!”

Leave them to their cowardly and underfucked lives, and you can traverse the wild and promised land of life-changing, ecstatic, daily, super-fucked-into-oblivion bliss.

Another reason might be having a steady stream of premature ejaculating lovers—which, truth be told, is 75-95% of all men, since those are the stats of men who come within 3-5 minutes of intercourse.

This makes women feel like sex isn’t even worth it.

And who could blame them?

The truth is, that when a woman begins to get fucked well and often, whether by her own hand or another, and a cock worthy of taking her to higher places, she becomes, as on of our all stars puts it:

“An insatiable sex monster.”

Mara, our Well-f**ked All Star you’ll hear from later in today’s episode, says:

I always want a cock deep inside of me. I always want something inside of my vagina.

Now I know, it’s air and food. It’s something that you eat, you breathe, and you fuck.”

Ah, spoken like a true well-fucked woman.

One who realizes that her true inner power comes from her awakened and insatiable vagina: which is the natural state of all vaginas.

The Taoists have an expression:

They say that sexually speaking, men are like fire: quick to ignite and quick to extinguish.

Women are like water: they take a while to boil, but once they boil, they can go forever.

I often get responses from women as they embark on their well-fucked journeys and they begin to turn on.

Their libidos ratchet up to full tilt.

“Kim! I want to have sex all the time. Is something wrong with me???

This always cracks me up because even though it sounds facetious, they are legitimately wondering, where did all this energy come from?

Is it normal to want to have sex ALL the time?

Oh yes, welcome to the life of a WFW.

And really, that of a sexually healthy human.

Yes, this is our food, our power source, our nourishment, our our rebirthing.

This is how it was meant to be: that we tune into this energy daily.

And use is to charge ourselves up.

if we divorce all moral judgment and shame and taboo and the plethora of conditioning that has been thrust upon us, underneath we have the purity of our life-fore energy.

Our own internal generator that we have access to at all times.

So how do we get there?

In particular, for women, who have more restrictions and judgments about being insatiable, being sensual and living a life of full-bodied, orgasmic, moment-to-moment pleasure, how does she unlock this life-force within herself?

Let’s hear from the horse’s mouth/vagina, Mara, today’s WF all star.


Mara Interview

KIM: Welcome, Mara! It’s so great to have you here.

MARA: Thank you.

KIM: So let’s hear your story and the evolution of your vaginal enlightenment.

MARA: As I’ve mentioned, I feel like all of this started with you, which is so amazing. It started probably two or three years ago when I first heard you as a guest on someone else’s podcast. I’d been interested in intimacy topics, sex topics, for a long time. And when I heard you, I said, “Who is this woman? She’s so much better than all the other stuff they have been talking about.” It was more popular sex stuff, vibrators and toys and threesomes and that type of thing.

I think there’s a time and a place for everything, and obviously everyone can make their own choice, but then I heard you, and it just sounded so much better. It was this mind-blowing connective sex and all these different practices. I’m really into holistic living and healing, so I liked that angle to it.

Then I went to your stuff and just devoured it for years. Before that point, I had never really put intention or effort into my sexual journey beyond just what we all feel we’re supposed to do. You have sex; hopefully you have an orgasm, if you’re a woman. The point isn’t even ultimately pleasure. It’s just something that you’re doing because you’re a woman who is in a relationship and that’s what you’re supposed to do and hopefully you get some pleasure out of it.

Fast forward to now. My pleasure is paramount. If I’m not having mind-blowing pleasure from a sexual encounter, something’s wrong. I say that to my partner as well and if it’s not feeling that way, I stop. Sometimes he says, “What’s going on?” But I stop because it’s supposed to be mind-blowing and it can be mind-blowing, and it should be. I should be incredibly into it. I should be screaming. I should be just dripping. That’s how it should be, and so to come from a place where sex was something I felt I had to do to something I wanted to do because I wanted to be connected—it’s been amazing.

I wanted to share intimacy with men, but that was really the extent of it. Now I know, no, it’s air and food. It’s something that you eat, you breathe, and you fuck. It can be this nourishing, amazing thing in your life, and it should be. It was the biggest gap for me and has been an amazing transformation.

Yeah, I would say the first domino was tipped over when I heard you as a guest on someone else’s podcast three years ago.

KIM: Amazing. You’ve given a larger picture of where you were and where you are now, which is great. How would you describe some of the more specific changes that happened for you over that three-year period?

MARA: The first thing that comes to mind is the relationship I had with my vagina or the lack thereof, I guess. Two years ago I had a relationship that felt really disconnected from my vagina. She was something that was for sex. She was used for sex and for a man, but not for me.

I had the experience which I think is common for many women, where penetrative sex was just not that pleasurable. It was pleasurable enough that it was something I wanted to do, but it didn’t really feel good compared to what I now know. It was mostly performative, mostly for someone else. And I wouldn’t say that was where I really got any pleasure. I had no relationship with my vagina. I did not touch the inside of my vagina for pleasure. I don’t think I had ever done that.

Because in my mind, I just had the idea that didn’t feel good for women. Penetrative sex was for men, and the most pleasure a woman could have from sex was from the man touching her clitoris.

KIM: Right. And I’d say that’s really the message out there in a big way, that it’s the clitoris. The clitoris is where the orgasms are. It’s not oral sex, positions that will hit your clitoris, if you do decide to have sex. It’s still about the clitoris. [Laughs] It’s true that even within the women’s world of cheesy sexual advice, it’s still clitoral-oriented and male-oriented. Apart from vibrators, right? Which is still clitoral-oriented.

MARA: Yeah. I think of the way I used to interact with myself. I used to use vibrators all the time, with partners even, because it made sex so much more pleasurable. Which I think just shows how limited the pleasure was. I needed to be having sex with a man, and also using three toys in order to achieve what I thought was enough pleasure.

Whereas now, I get that pleasure from a cock. I only want my partner.

That’s it. And that is so much more pleasurable; it’s a deeper pleasure than what I was experiencing with all this stuff before. I just had no relationship with my vagina. I had no relationship to what she wanted.

Also no respect for her. I didn’t care that she was saying no. I didn’t care if she was saying yes. I was doing what I felt I had to do or what I felt someone wanted me to do for their pleasure. If I touched the inside of my vagina, it was because a man wanted me to; it wasn’t because that felt good to me.

I remember when I was in college, expanding my sexual horizons and whatnot, being nervous to have sex with men because I thought that it would hurt if they were deep inside of me. If they touched my cervix accidentally with their cock, I worried it would hurt me, and it did.

I had that belief because it did. It hurt. So that’s where I started. It’s sad to think about, and it’s sad to think that’s where a lot of people end their sexual journey.

Then some of the specific changes that have come about for me are, first of all, my cervix being a source of pleasure. The best feeling that I can have and what I’m constantly asking for my partner is, “Go deep inside me.” I use a language now that I have never used before. I ask him to fuck me deep. I ask him to rail me. All these things that scared me before. Before I would say, “Please do not fuck me deep. Please do not rail me. That is going to hurt.”

Now I’m thinking, yeah, “I need to get railed tonight,” [laughs] which is so funny to me, but it’s also amazing because that now feels good. When my partner is making me scream the most is when his cock is deep inside of me and I’m fully open and gushing—which is improved for me as well. I never struggled with dryness. I never was not able to have sex. People would’ve considered me a very healthy sexual person. I had always had an abundant sex life with caring partners who wanted to please me, etc.

And from an outside perspective, people probably looked at me and thought, “Whoa, Mara has a great sex life. She orgasms when she has sex,” and all these things, which is pitiful. I was scared to have sex. I wasn’t comfortable with people being deep inside me. Also, I was talking myself into it. I had to sometimes imagine things during it.

You talk about fantasy, and that’s something that I completely have given up. I’ve given up toys; I’ve given up fantasy. No lube goes near my vagina, and those are things that I feel amazing about now.

I think it’s sad that what is considered a good sex life is just not. When my pussy is wet, she just gushes. Just gushes and gushes and it’s amazing. It’s her saying yes! I don’t need vibration. I don’t need these toys. I don’t need these crutches. I want a cock deep inside of me. I always want something inside of my vagina. The pinnacle of pleasure for me before was probably a man licking my clitoris. That was probably the most pleasurable thing I could’ve experienced.

If that was a 10 for me before, now that’s a 3. If someone just is licking my clitoris, it’s like they’re tickling me. It’s hard to even call it pleasure. It can feel pleasurable if they also have their hand inside of me. But if they’re just doing that, it’s not really pleasure.

These things were the best it could be for me before, and those things are so weak now. They’re a precursor, maybe. Just fooling around, if you will.

KIM: Yeah. I love some of those descriptions. That’s hilarious. You talked about how in the past it might take you 15 to 30 minutes of foreplay to become comfortably wet and now you’re, as you say, gushing within minutes.

MARA: Yeah! Which is true. I mean, 15 to 30 minutes, if I wanted to have sex. If I was starting from no arousal, probably longer. Also, having sex where you’re not even completely wet yet obviously is not going to feel good. Whereas now, if I want to have sex with my partner, we are going to have sex. He is a wonderful man who wants to make sure I’m ready, who wants me to feel good.

I found him after I found you. So our whole relationship, we’ve been working on things that you have taught, which is amazing for us. So it’s on a good foundation of what I consider to be healthy practices. I think your practices are the healthy practices, not the old stuff I used to do that would make you “healthy.”

It’s confusing for him sometimes because he will be trying to ease me into it, to warm me up, and sometimes I’ll get a little frustrated and say, “I want a cock. I want you to fuck me. I want you inside of me.” And he says, “Oh, well, I’m trying to go down on you because that’s nice for a woman,” etc., etc. And I say, “Okay, amazing intention, but also, I’m wet. I’m ready for a cock. I’m ready for you to fuck me.”

It kind of makes me laugh sometimes because he expects it to take longer and is trying to respect that, when in reality, I’m ready. My pussy is open. She’s ready to receive; she’s ready for him to just totally penetrate her deeply.

It also feels amazing to be able to receive, to be an open receptacle in a way that doesn’t feel like I need to coax myself to be open. If I am, that means something’s wrong. There’s some stuck energy or something that needs to be talked about or something that needs to be worked through because if there’s nothing stuck, I am open. That’s how it is. I’m ready to receive him. I’m ready to receive the universe.

KIM: Love it. So tell me about your squirting experiences.

MARA: I love this! I did VKF at the very beginning of this year, in the winter. And prior to that, I had squirted one time in my life. I think it was maybe two years ago. I was using a vibrator—ha ha—and I squirted totally accidentally. It scared me. I said, “What’s happening?” It did not feel pleasurable, and I didn’t know how it happened. I wasn’t trying to make it happen, and it never happened again.

And then, magically, I was doing Vaginal Kung Fu and getting into the practices. I think it was the second week. I was doing the homework and all of a sudden, I squirted, and it felt good. And I said, “Whoa!” And of course, it was when my hands were inside my vagina, which, as I said, I had never done before. It’s mind-blowing that I had never in my life put my own fingers inside my own vagina for my own pleasure. Why would I not have done that? And how unfortunate.

Men touch their cock. They’re taught to touch their cock; they’re taught that it’s okay to touch their cock. They’re taught that it’s good to get to know their cock. And yes, it is good to know your own body that way and to know your own power and pleasure that way.

But women are taught, “Oh, just rub your clitoris and stay away from your vagina. That’s for a man to go into. That’s for a man to explore. That’s for him to do.”


And I think that is just so wrong. Because why, if it’s your own body, wouldn’t you be the first person to know it? Why wouldn’t you be the person who knows it best? Why wouldn’t you be the person who knows where the pleasure is in it and how to unlock that before anyone else?

When I started actually touching the inside of my pussy and getting to know her and helping her open, she was so ready to the point where she was just ejaculating. That was a huge sign. When that first happened, I said, “Oh, something is right. This feels so good. My pussy is responding. She’s saying, ‘Hell, yeah.’ She’s saying, ‘I’m open, I’m ready, this is the right place.’”

It is so pleasurable to squirt, and I think it’s so interesting and funny to me because I didn’t have to learn how. I didn’t have to try. I just had to pay attention to my own body and love her, and she was ready. She wanted to.

I can squirt anytime that I want to squirt now. I can squirt any day that I want to squirt. She just needs some love and then she can squirt. It’s not a big deal. It’s not hard to do. It’s not something I have to try and make happen. In fact, I feel when I want to try are the times that she won’t. If you ever try and force anything out of her, that’s when it doesn’t happen, because she can’t be forced. She has to be loved and taken care of and open and then she’ll do the rest.

Yeah, so that’s been amazing for me. I love squirting. [Laughs]

KIM: I love that. You’ve been practicing with your jade egg or self-pleasuring or doing yoni massage and eliciting squirting. So as you’re saying, just the acts of showing love and being in enjoyment within your pussy—it’s almost her voice.

Her voice is liquid. Her voice is squirting. Her voice is gushing lubrication and she just sings.

MARA: Yeah. Exactly. I’ve had it happen where I’ve used the jade egg and then I feel the build for squirting and then I will touch the inside of my vagina for five seconds. I just touch it and she squirts. It’s not like I have to really focus on it or build it. She’s so ready from getting this love. The yoni massage and the care and the jade egg and all of that have been some of the most important things for me and really life changing.

Because I feel like my whole life, my pussy was just starved for love. And I think probably 90% of women’s pussies are because I don’t think 90% of women are doing a weekly yoni massage. And I think that’s what we need. My partner gives them to me mostly now, which is amazing. I love that he does that and loves to do that. And I think that’s what we need. I think we need a weekly yoni massage. I think that’s what she deserves. Otherwise how can we expect our pussies to be juicy and gushing and open and receptive to our partners if we’re not taking care of them? And I think we can’t. We can’t expect that if we’re not taking care of them. It’s obviously a no.

I did the yoni gazing, too, and just giving her respect. She wants her time in the spotlight. She’s been waiting; she’s been shoved away, buttoned up in pants and ignored. And she wants to shine. She wants to be open. She wants to blossom into the flower that she is.

Yeah, that’s a message I got from my yoni during the course. “Give me my turn. It’s my turn to be in the spotlight. It’s my turn to have attention. It’s my turn to express myself.” And she’s right. I think that all our yonis deserve that.

KIM: I love the way you talk about that, the spotlight. She’s been hidden away in pants.

MARA: [Laughs] I just think of that, too—literally buttoned up, layered. Don’t look at her, hide her. And then just take her out when a man wants to have sex. How rude. How abusive. If I was doing that to a person, no. That would not be appropriate at all. So we do that to ourselves, which I think is not appropriate.

KIM: Yeah. It’s amazing to look at it that way. I really the way you’re talking about that, really reframing your body and your vagina, especially, it sounds like for you, from an other-centric ownership of it. Right? Where it was almost not yours. It was all oriented toward somebody else.

So what happened with your squirting adventures? How much fluid were you emitting and what kind of measures were you required to take? Because this is often part of the narrative when people have prolific squirting experiences. [Laughs]

MARA: Right. [Laughs] I’ve had times where I squirt multiple times back to back. I just feel like she needs to keep going until she’s done. When she starts squirting, I’ll help her and then she just keeps squirting as I’m inside of her. She’ll just keep squirting and squirting until she’s done.

And it’s typically a lot. It’s not just when a male ejaculates and there’s this blub that comes out. It just keeps going, and it can be powerful, too.

I remember one time my partner was down below me and I squirted and it hit him on the arm. He said, “Whoa! What’s that?” [Laughs]

It’s like when you put your thumb on a garden hose, you know? And it just squirted like that. I think it’s so amazing. I have figured out that I can fold a towel four times and put that underneath me and even that won’t stop it from getting through to the bed. Because one measly layer is obviously not enough [laughs] if you dump a cup of liquid on it. So I have to fold this towel into a brick, basically, [laughs] and put it under me to stop it from getting the bed wet.


KIM: Describe the feeling after you’ve squirted that many times. You were saying that your yoni feels like it wants to keep going. And how do you feel after that?

MARA: I feel almost a sense of inner peace and this deep satisfaction. And even more openness. It’s kind of like after a great orgasm, where you feel blissful and peaceful and pleasant. Satisfied, as well as open. After that, I’ll want to have penetrative sex with my partner.

It’s a post-orgasm glow, I guess, and it feels like self-care. Like maybe some woman goes and gets a pedicure and she feels really good after that. “Oh, I just took care of myself.”

For me, it’s kind of that feeling after squirting. “Oh, I really did this for me. I’m now feeling so much more peace and harmony and pleasure and satisfaction because this is time that I used for me.”

Yeah, it feels like a form of self-care and it’s super arousing. [Laughs] It feels amazing after, and I feel aroused and just peaceful and loving.

KIM: So you walk around afterward feeling more aroused as well? You’re in a sensual, exotic, erotic-type place?

MARA: Absolutely, yeah. Because I feel it’s such a deep form of connection with my pussy. I am connecting with her. She is releasing her waters for me. I’m trying to describe the feeling that I get from her. She almost expresses this gratitude for me putting that time into her, because it’s what she deserves.

I feel like a sensual goddess walking around after that. Yeah, I love it.

KIM: What would you say to any of the naysayers? There’s still a surprisingly large contingent of people who believe that female squirting is just urine. What would you say to those inexperienced people?

MARA: I mean, that’s bullshit. I remember you reposted something on Instagram from someone who shared a post that not all women can orgasm. It’s a lie. All women can orgasm, obviously.

Do you have to be open? Yes. Also, do you need to be treating your body in a way that’s respectful and that feels good to it? Yes. If you’re not doing those things, no, you won’t orgasm. With squirting, you have to take time. You have to be invested in getting to know yourself. You have to really care about your body and not force it to get there, but just allow it to happen. If you’re not doing that, it won’t. Or maybe it will, I don’t know. Magic happens.

But I think, yeah, that’s bullshit. Women squirt. I squirt. It just is what it is. And I also agree with you that every woman can. There’s nothing special about me that enables me to squirt while someone else can’t. I had never squirted. I squirted one time completely by accident. I was very confused. I said, “Is this pee?” And it’s not. My partner likes to watch me squirt, and I think the first couple of times he was investigating. [Laughs] “So what is this?” I think he might’ve even smelled it. “Oh yeah. It smells like come. It’s not pee; it smells like come.”

You can go pee beforehand and then make yourself squirt if you’re really skeptical, but yeah, I think that’s all bullshit. Everyone can.

How unfortunate it is that people who haven’t experienced something yet place that limit upon other people. Saying just because I haven’t done something means that you can’t do something, or it’s not possible for some reason. I think it’s sad and just displays how limited thinking often is. And I think it would be better if we all support each other in pursuing these endeavors because they are possible for all of us. Women who can squirt should be able to, and I think that anyone who wants to should be encouraged instead of told that they can’t.

KIM: Yeah, exactly. So you’ve had this whole sexual awakening and blossoming and outpouring. How would you say that you fuck your partner into oblivion? What’s the impact on him?

MARA: I think he’s mind blown. He said, “You were good in bed before, and now you’re so much better!” [Laughs] Yeah, which is perfect. It’s a good compliment.

I think I blow his mind. He feels like I blow his mind, and I hope I do. He deserves it. We all deserve it. And I hope that I can take care of him, take care of his cock and worship his cock and give his cock the love and attention and care that it deserves. I hope that serves him, and I know it does. He’s obsessed with it. When I give him lingam massages, they’re his favorite thing on the planet.

I know that just by being more in myself and having more sensation in my vagina, I’ve gone from a cock not really being pleasurable, even hurting half the time, to being able to feel my whole pussy and have it be receptive and ready and juicy and flowing and engorged. Because that’s how my body is now. Obviously, that is amazing for him. He feels that difference. He feels how wet I am, how aroused I am, how much I am enjoying it. Also, how much I’m enjoying having a cock deep inside of me. And I think that also blows his mind. He loves it; he’s obsessed with it. [Laughs] Which I love.

KIM: So how do you notice the shift in your everyday life? Pre these shifts or pre this evolution and now?

MARA: I would say I’m a better person. [Laughs] I think that I interact with the world differently when I am well-fucked and when I’m not. And I even notice it on a day-to-day basis. If I am not giving myself the love and attention I deserve, or not having mind-blowing sex for a couple of days or whatnot, I notice the difference.

I am more irritable, and my temper is shorter. All these things that also were more common before. I feel like having mind-blowing sex and getting fucked deep and hard enables me to show up as a kinder, more patient, more loving, more open person with the rest of the world. And I feel that benefits me in all aspects. That benefits me in my job, in my relationship. I view these things as essential. I view them as things that I need to happen because if they don’t happen, then I’m not going to be my best self and I’m not going to be the person I want to be, the best version I want to be.

So I need to get fucked regularly; it needs to be deeply satisfying, and I need to take care of my partner. I need to take care of myself. And I think it’s essential. I said in the beginning, I think it’s food, air, and sex. I think it’s one of our basic needs that helps us to show up in the world in a much better way. I feel so much more feminine and powerful as well. I feel more power from my feminine core and core as a woman, which is my pussy. I feel that power in my life, more empowered to make decisions or to hold boundaries.

All of that emanates and stems from these sexual practices.

KIM: Beautiful. Tell me about being able to give your partner a vaginal hand job.

MARA: Oh, hell yeah. Again, he’s obsessed. My partner is obsessed with my pussy now. Someone should be obsessed with all our pussies.

KIM: Exactly. I was going to say, as it should be. Always.

MARA: [Laughs] Yeah. From doing the jade egg work and everything, I got so much more in touch with my pussy and with the musculature. Even before we had that terminology, he was saying that it was a thousand hands giving him a hand job or something at the same time when I use my pussy on him. I love being able to do that. It feels like a secret weapon, and I can see it in him, too, where we’ll be having sex and I’ll be flexing my pussy, squeezing different sections. And I can see it in his face and in his noises, everything; it just drives him crazy. And it’s usually then that he needs to take a break and take some deep breaths [laughs] because it makes him want to orgasm just from my pussy tightening and releasing and touching his cock. I love that. It feels amazing to be able to do it, and that also feels powerful.

And it feels healthy. The pussy is a muscle, and I think a healthy pussy should be able to move. We should be able to control it. Just like we should be able to do with any other muscle in our body.

So yeah, I think it’s so positive and I love it and my partner just loves it [laughs] almost a little too much. [Laughs]

KIM: I think it’s a really important point, too, because people think of their yonis as being really passive entities. They lie there and they take it versus squeezing and pulsing and, we say, play the flute. And that’s it, in its element, doing what it’s meant to do. Having this conscious palpation and musculature in it that articulates and gives you pleasure and gives your partner pleasure. And that’s a fully different idea. What you’re saying is how it empowers you in this way. You have this entity that you are in control of, and it’s creating so much pleasure and power within your immediate and outer universe.

MARA: Absolutely. You’re an active participant. And that, for me, is so important. I feel like in past sexual encounters, I was passive. I was just there. I was just taking it. He was going to go down on me, then he was going to fuck me, whatever he was going to do. Whereas now—and I talk about this with my partner as well—if I’m passive for too long, I don’t like it. I need to get up. I need to move around. I need to do something. I need to be on his cock, to be an active participant, to be using my body and in control of that and be contributing to this energy that we are alchemizing and building together. It’s not just him putting energy into me while I just take it. That’s not it. It’s us putting energy into each other and us both taking it so we can create something new together.

KIM: So beautiful. Is there anything else you want to add that you think we haven’t covered yet?

MARA: I would like to remind people that it’s not all at once. It’s not all or nothing. You don’t wake up one day and then all of a sudden you can squirt, and your pussy is sleek and toned and you feel connected, and she starts communicating with you. I think that it’s easy for people to look at things and say, “I couldn’t do that. I’m just not like that,” or “That’s too far away.” And again, I think that’s bullshit. I think that’s an excuse to not try something, to not get started on something. There’s nothing different between me and anybody else. I had no extra skills. I didn’t wake up having these experiences. I didn’t enter the sexual world this way. I had different types of sex and less good sex for years and years and years. There’s no difference.

And I think that is important to say because it can seem far away. It can seem hard to get to. But it’s taking the initiative and committing to one thing at a time. Okay, well, I’m going to start loving my vagina. I’m going to start looking at her. I’m going to start building a relationship with her, or I’m going to give her a massage. Or I’m going to do the egg once, whatever. But it’s the little things that make changes over time, and I think that it’s just so important to put one domino down and start doing things. Because as your body begins to wake up and you begin to wake up, you don’t want to turn around. You’re not going to go back to having shitty sex after you have mind-blowing sex. It’s not going to happen. You’re not going to want to do that.

So just do one thing, knowing that you can. Knowing that all these things are achievable for anyone and everyone.

I’m still working on plenty of things. My life has already been changed, and I know that there’s more change to come. But I think that it’s so important to just take that first domino and put it down. And then just see what happens, instead of allowing the fear and intimidation of how hard it seems to stop you. Take one thing and do it. And I would suggest a yoni massage. [Laughs]

KIM: I love it, Mara. Thank you so much for sharing this. Sounds like you’ve cultivated an epic super pussy.

MARA: [Laughs] Hope so!

KIM: Amazing.


There are some epic quotes in that interview!

To recap, how DO you get there? How do you unlock that insatiability within yourself? Within a woman?

1. Know thyself.

Touching, exploring, self-pleasuring, getting to know your own vagina

Like Mara was saying, she had a very external orientation to her vagina.

She saw it more as an object for men to interact with, rather than herself.

Once she claimed that part of herself and got to know it, she owned its power—and pleasure.

For her.

2) Yoni egg

One of the absolute best self-reconnaissance tools you can use is a jade yoni egg.

It helps you to strengthen and awaken your vagina, increase sensation and your orgasmic potential, and gives you a full acupressure treatment every time you use it.

I recommend ALL women use a jade egg on the regular.

Outside of my Vaginal Kung Fu Salon, you can purchase the Yoni Egg Kit and Salonette in the Anami Alchemia shop, year round. And then when the VKF salon opens in January, you can apply the cost of the salonette toward the VKF Salon.

3) Committing to sexual practices.

Devote yourself to becoming a Well-F**ked woman. Like anything to master, you need to put in the time and energy.

I created my Sexual Savnat Salons to help and guide people through this process, with step by step exercises to connect you to these parts of yourself that exist in every woman.

4) Removing interferences and distractions.

Mara talked about using no lube, vibrators or porn.

Ultimately, if you want to unveil your true power within, you need to let go of all the things that slow you down.


And even though these things might seem like they get you there faster in the moment, where they take you is very limited, with a low ceiling.

If you want to reach the promised land of the WFW, you release your crutches.

For more on my no-lube policy, check out the episode Toss Your Lubes.

5) Having vaginal orgasms.

A woman will never be well-fucked if she’s only having clitoral orgasms.

I guarantee it.

The clitoris is literally the tip of the iceberg: 90% of all the sexual power and pleasure a woman can experience is within her vagina.

G-Spot, and especially cervical orgasms are essential good-fuck medicine for all women.

They are healing, cathartic, rejuvenating, transformative and bring her levels of ecstasy she might have previously only thought possible with psychedelics.


You can go way farther, deeper and wilder through your own vagina. 

my cervix being a source of pleasure. The best feeling that I can have and what I’m constantly asking for my partner is, “Go deep inside me.” I use a language now that I have never used before. I ask him to fuck me deep. I ask him to rail me.

By orientting to her vagina, by reclaiming, owning and inhabiting this part of herself, she unlocked her true power and insatialbity.

women don’t be come sexually akwaened through their clitoris.

That can only happen via the  vagina. .

6) Falling in love with cock and realizing its power to open you.

The Sanskrit word for cock is “lingam” which means “wand of light”.

A good cock is medicinal.

It opens, heals, illuminates and alchemizes all your dross into gold.

7) Listening to your vagina.

Says Mara:

When my pussy is wet, she just gushes. Just gushes and gushes and it’s amazing. It’s her saying yes!”

Because Mara IS NOT overriding her pussies yeses and now with lube, she can now clearly see and feel them.

And when you listen to and honor a pussy, it gets very happy.

It gushes and squirts all over the place.

She’s wet all the time and she ejaculates across the room.

“Because I feel it’s such a deep form of connection with my pussy, I am connecting with her. She is releasing her waters for me.”

8) Vaginal hand jobs.

Every pussy ought to be able to shoot ping pong balls and play the proverbial flute.

Which means to have so much skill and dexterity, that you can grip your man’s cock with your vagina, as though it’s your hand—you have that much articulation and control over it.

Mara talked about being able to give a handjob to her partner with her vagina.

Yes, this is in the domain of every well-fucked and alive vagina.

Rather than being a passive recipient, it’s an active, directive force to be reckoned with.

Just like the well-fucked woman is.


My legendary Well-F**ked Woman salon opens for registration at the end of June. This is my consummate guide to all things female sexuality and well-fuckedness.

In this 8-week online program, we cover everything from:

  • Self-pleasuring 101 – my step by step routines
  • How to achieve the deeper vaginal orgasms: cervical, G-Spot and squirting
  • Ditching your lubes and finding all the wetness naturally from within
  • My Cock Whisperer guides to the ultimate hand jobs, blow jobs, deep throating and tapping into your cock love genius.
  • And much more.

You can signup to be notified when the salon opens for registration, as well as receive my free preview video series for the WFW and take the quiz: Are you underfucked?

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