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Plagiarists Are Underf**ked

99.9% of people are underf**ked. Does that mean 99.9% of people can’t come up with original ideas?

I was recently tagged in the below posts by followers of mine.

If you’ve listened to my Orgasmic Enlightenment podcasts, watched my YouTube videos, viewed my Instagram and social media posts, looked at my website, listened to podcasts where I’m being interviewed, read my Playboy article from 2012 and any of the countless other places I’ve been using these trademark terms for the past 15 years, you know that these are my ideas.

If I called out every person who used my trademark titles, programs and concepts without attribution, it would be a full-time job.

However, when I see examples that are particularly obvious and egregious, it’s worth mentioning.

And hey, since they clearly want the spotlight, let’s give it to them!

But with some context. And an Anami dose of “GTFO” of here.

In today’s episode:

– Why plagiarists are by definition rabidly underf**ked
– The relationship between being original, well-f**ked and expressing your creative genius
– Why women stealing content from other women is not “women supporting women”
– How people defending plagiarism (bizarre, I know) are also wildly underf**ked and also likely plagiarists
– Why most people truly are not creative and original and how you can be

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