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Asexuality Is Bullshit

“Asexuality” is an invented, fictional term which attempts to “normalize” the idea of having no sex drive.

There are any number of reasons why someone my have a low libido.

Being “asexual” as a condition or way of life is not one of them.

In this episode, we discuss some of the things that block people from realizing their true sexual potential and selves.

We cover:

  • The biggest legitimate reasons for having a low libido and feeling sexually disconnected
  • Are female animals attracted to Beta males?
  • Weak genitals = weak sex drive
  • Chemical sterilization and poisoning
  • Pop singer Robbie Williams would rather eat tangerines than have sex

Listen to the episode now:

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  • Enlightened blow jobs, deep throating, and manual techniques to make you a champion cock whisperer
  • The full orgasmapedia of vaginal orgasms: how to have G-Spot, cervical and squirting orgasms.
  • Self-pleasuring 101
  • Breast massage to tone, lift and enlarge the breasts
  • Taoist techniques to convert sexual energy into creative energy
  • How to use your sexual energy to heal yourself and your body
  • And much more!

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