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8 21

Sexual Healing for Men

We are ALL are innately sexual beings: voracious, orgasmic, libidinous. 

ALL of us. 

What gets in the way of us expressing our true sexual selves are our blocks. 

And in the case of men, the true potential of their cocks. 

When I talk about blocks, I mean UNRESOLVED traumas, negative experiences and even beliefs that we have absorbed from our families and the culture at large, that cut us off from the free flow of our life-force sexual energy. 

Men and women have some of the same sexual blocks, and others that differ based on their sex. 

For example, sexual abuse and trauma can be experienced by both sexes, but circumcision, at least in the Western world, is a block typically experienced by men. 

Statistically, men are abused less than women. But it still happens. And maybe in some ways, it’s taken less seriously. 

Because, ya know. 


They’re strong and resilient. 

And, the effects of abuse may show up differently for them. 

Since men culturally receive more permission to BE sexual than women, the first place they go is over-sexualized behaviour. 

And a smaller percentage of them introvert their sexuality, becoming asexual. 

Either way, sexual abuse and violations—and I include routine circumcision as abuse and a violation—taint our natural sexual expression.

Until we clear these blocks out of our emotional bodies and our nervous systems, it’s very difficult, if not impossible, to build a vital, healthy, transformative sex life. 

Sexual blocks in men can show up as:

  • Premature ejaculation 
  • Impotency and weak erections 
  • Low libido 
  • Porn addiction 
  • Emotional numbness and an inability to identify or articulate feelings 
  • “Growths” or “issues” on the reproductive organs, such as the prostate.
  • Separation between the cock and the heart, which often shows up as:
  • Promiscuity—buying into the cultural narrative that it’s “cool” to “fuck a lot of chicks—or dudes” and not care about them. 
  • Working in a “pay the bills” kind of job rather than a fulfilling career

Depending on the issues, people can need more in-depth healing and modalities, here are five power tools I recommend for men to become self actualized Supercocks, in mind and body.

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