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She Comes First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth…

It is the golden rule of female orgasms.

She comes first, second, third, fourth and fifth.

Once your woman has been thoroughly, artfully, heart-fully f**ked into oblivion, then you can come.

And if a woman is only having one orgasm—or one paltry clitoral orgasm—then I guarantee that not only has she not been well-f**ked, but that she will be significantly UNDERf**ked and sorely lacking.

In today’s episode:

  • Why jizzing all over the place like a teenage boy at the slightest provocation makes your woman stop having sex with you (“The Come Fairy made me do it!”)
  • How the more unfaze-able you are, the more f**kable you are as a man.
  • Why stamina is the most important sexual skill you can cultivate
  • Why one is never enough for women

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Podcast – She Comes First, Second, Third, Fourth…

I put up a post this week on Instagram talking about the 5 Universal Laws of Female Orgasms.

I’ve done a full podcast episode on this topic, which you can find in Season 3, Episode 33.

Law #2 is: “One is never enough.”

As an aside, the other four laws are:

  • Law #1: Every woman can have every kind of orgasm
  • Law #3: An orgasm a day keeps all things shitty away

  Law #4: All the good stuff is in the vagina

  Law #5: Let it go

You, as a man, are governed by your own set of Anami Sexual Laws.

I’ll do a full episode on this in the future, but one of the most important sexual laws for you is:

She Comes First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth…and so on

I’ve often said, that the most important sexual skill a man can cultivate is stamina.

Stamina is emblematic of all that a man is:

– His ability not to crack under pressure

– To go the distance sexually, physically, emotionally and spiritually

– And just keep coming.

Or not.

Only when he chooses to.

And… only once his woman has been thoroughly, artfully, heart fully fucked beyond recognition into an ecstatic goddess.

Then you can come.

And if a woman is only having one orgasm—or one paltry clitoral orgasm—then I guarantee that not only has she not been well-fucked, but that she will be significantly UNDERf**ked and sorely lacking.


What to do?

Remember the golden rule of female orgasms:

She comes first, second, third, fourth and fifth.

And then you can come.

The problem with YOU coming first, is that unless you are already a certified, bona fide Anami Supercock, and have mastered the art of orgasm without ejaculation—which means that you can have as many orgasms as you like and you keep on going—once you come, it’s game over.

Your erection is gone. Never to return—or to return in an hour or so, so it may as well be gone forever.

Your woman is going to be increasingly underf**ked and resentful towards you for coming—especially when she does not.

It’s not only selfish, but it shows a lack of control.

And if anything as a man, you wan to be continually reinforcing that you’ve got this. You’ve got her.

That you can take your woman to some otherworldly places of deep surrender and abandon.. only to pull the rug out from under her at a crucial moment, when her legs are open, her heart is open, her pussy is open and BOOOP! The Come Fairy is here and it’s all out the window.

Your woman is going to make you pay for that one.

You might not think that her nagging at you, chastising you in front of your friends and family, or burning your dinner that night, or… suddenly needing a plethora of root canals every time you want to have sex with her, are related.

But they are.

*SHE* might not even know they are related.

But they are.

She’ll lose respect for you, that you can be so easily and flimsily conquered because her ass was all up in the air in doggy style and you. just. couldn’t. handle. it.

And you jizzed all over the place like a teenage boy.


Man the fuck up, learn to build your stamina, become a rock solid fucker, and make sure that she is well-fucked into oblivion before you tap out.

A little more on stamina.

How you do one thing is how you do everything.

Stamina and having full control over your orgasm/ejaculation is the goal.

The more you cultivate this sexually, the quality of steadfastness, of utter un-flappability, this spills out into your daily life and into everything you do.

You are unfaze-able.

And the more unfaze-able you are, the more fuckable you are.

A man who can have all the shit of the world thrown at him and he remains strong, gets us wet, wet, wet.

If a pair of tittles are gonna throw you off your mark, you don’t have much to offer the world or your woman.

The name of the game is deep endurance and internal strength, and the ability to meet all of life’s challenges head on.

And cock on.

Are you starting to see why your cock power is an in-dick-ator—ha, did you see what I did there??—of your life power?

Your value to your woman is all wound up in how deeply you can penetrate her.

How consistently you catch her when she falls.

How much she can trust you to be there and to help take her to the most open, vulnerable, cataclysmic places of heart and pussy openness.

How much you can fuck the shit out of her—literally fucking the demons out of her—so that she can be the joyful, soft, flowing and easygoing radiant goddess of fuck that she truly wants to be.

So long as she comes first, and many.


So why does she need a lot of orgasms to be well-fucked?

Because women are naturally insatiable.

I just did an episode on this a few weeks ago: All Women Are Insatiable. (Season 5, Episode 15).

Naturally, meaning, underneath any kind of societal conditioning telling them they are not very sexual, they are actually powerhouses.

They need to be sexually satiated on the regular.

NOT being so is truly the root (if you are Australian, you’ll get that one) of her suffering.

Once you begin to open a woman sexually, she’s an inexhaustible well.

She needs daily, deep, powerful, regular, mind-and-body blowing orgasms, to keep her open and fulfilled.

One orgasm is just a warm up.

A tease.

An appetizer.

It’s blowing on the kindling.

She’s nowhere near an open, roaring fire.


So what does she need???

“Another one. Another one. Another one.”
~ DJ Kahled

A minimum of three is a good rule of thumb.

Or cock.

You can pop off a clitoral orgasm to get the party started.

But then.

You must head into the vagina.

Into the sacred, promised land where all the orgasm bounty lives.

G-Spot orgasms. Cervical orgasms. Squirting orgasms.

One of these is worth about 30 clitoral orgasms.

But actually, they can’t even compare. They are in a class of their own.

And a much faster track to her being a well-fucked woman.


Be orgasm economical.

Seek out the good stuff of the vagina.

These are the life-changing orgasms that will fulfill her much more deeply.

And even so.

I’d still suggest giving her a few.

You might wonder if you are going to have to spend all your time giving your woman orgasms.

For one thing, the more consistently well-fucked she is, the faster she’ll be able to get there.

And for whatever amount of time you don’t spend f**king her well in bed, she is going to *f**k* you mercilessly outside of it.

Meaning, she’s going to make your life hell.

She’s going to nag, criticize and humiliate you relentlessly as a punishment for abandoning her in bed.

Whether you are a two-pump chumper, and you come within minutes before she’s even vaguely close to an orgasm, or you don’t understand the golden rule of female orgasms, which is that they ought to come in threes, she’s gonna get ya.

Whenever I hear a guy talking about his clingy, whiny, naggy woman, I immediately know that he isn’t fucking her well enough.

Otherwise, those symptoms of FUKME would evaporate.

It’s well worth your time to ensure your woman comes multiple times, because the impact on your sex life, your relationship and your entire world, is enormous.

And trust me, by the time your woman has had three or more delicious deeply satisfying orgasms, she is going to be so open, so utterly surrendered to you, that it is going to be some of the best sex you’ve ever had in your life.

You know what they say:

Well-f**ked wife, happy life.


The Supercock: Sexual Mastery for Men Salon is coming in September.

This is signature 8-week online program for men.

In it, you’ll learn how to :

  • Achieve superstar stamina and be a marathon f**ker. 
  • Learn to separate orgasm from ejaculation 
  • Give your woman multiple G-Spot, cervical and squirting orgasms 
  • Build a Supercock with exercises to increase strength, length and girth 
  • Occupy your alpha, dominant masculine power and take charge in bed and in life
  • And much, much more!

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