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Meditate, Masturbate, Create!

I don’t do coffee. I do orgasms.

My coffee breaks never consist of coffee.

The involve fingers, cocks and dildos.

And my jade egg sometimes.

Anything I can get near or in my vagina.

That’s the power bank.

The fuel.

The energy source.

You can get all the inspiration and energy you need from your ultimate life-force center:

Your genitals.

So why isn’t every one getting high off of having sex?

For most people, the idea is to climax as fast as possible, by whatever means possible: porn, fantasy, vibrators, unconscious body slapping.

And then pass out.

They’ve been programmed to dump out all of their potent life-force energy and deplete themselves.

I’m here to reprogram you.

My Meditate, Masturbate, Create three-step formula will help you to break out of the habit of using sex as a genital sneeze and sleep aid and instead show you how to rewire yourself to get high, tap your creative genius, and infuse ecstasy into all of your waking life.

The practice applies to singles and couples alike.

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Meditate, Masturbate, Create


My coffee breaks never consist of coffee.

The consist of fingers, cocks and dildos.

And my jade egg sometimes.

Anything I can get near or in my vagina.

That’s the power bank.

The fuel.

The energy source.

The only place I’d put coffee is up my ass.

So I can shit it out again.

You can get all the inspiration and energy you need from your ultimate life-force source:

Your genitals.

So why isn’t every one getting high off of having sex?

Why are most people jerking off and passing out?

Or busting out a two minute pump-and-dump and then schlump?

It’s HOW they are having sex.

One way of having sex GIVES you energy.

The other takes it away.

Not only does having sex—solo or partnered—in the way that gives you energy feel even more blissful and ecstatic, but it enables you to have access to all of the PRO-CREATIVE power that is the true essence of sexual energy.

Apart from the bliss and ecstasy, my favourite thing about sex is how it changes my life.

How it blows it to fucking smithereens—via the obliteration power of the deep and holy fuck.

Where you die and are reborn.

You tap into the pro-creative power of the universe and use it to build your worlds.

And yourself.

You metamorphose into the highest, best versions of yourself.

THAT’S what I really get off on.

The key difference between busting out orgasms—or genital sneezes—vs. transcendent, psychedelic, life-changing, ecstatic rebirthing experiences is your level of conscious awareness.

Using sex to wake up.

Or using sex to put you to sleep.

Most people, through absorbing their cultural conditioning around all things sexual, are operating on unconscious paradigms sexually.

The beliefs of their parents, television, films, religious programming they’ve taken in since childhood—all of this stuff shapes how they see and experience sex.

In Anami Land, we are all about the up-levelling.

To help you to use sex in the way it was intended—as a pro-creative power source and to be vibrating in ecstasy for most of your waking existence.

To get there, we need to rewire destructive and energy-draining patterns.

Most people have been orgasming the same way since they started “doing sex”

For some people—especially men people—they have conditioned themselves to jerk off as fast as possible so that no one busts in on their teenage boy selves.

Or they hurry to the finish line because they are with a woman who has been convinced she’s “just not that sexual” and is having sex just to get it over with.

Women may have bought into the notion that their vaginas are useless and their clitoral orgasms are all they can hope for.

So they furiously rub themselves into a paltry wisp of an orgasm and call it a day.

For most people, the idea is to climax as fast as possible, by whatever means possible: porn, fantasy, vibrators, unconscious body slapping.

And then to pass out.

Ah, mission accomplished.

When I start talking to people about sex being able to heal and change their lives and to rebirth themselves, and self-actualize them, to take them to higher states of consciousness, and give them the most bliss they’ve ever had in their lives that can last for days, and have them feel like they finally belong in this ecstatic and divine body of theirs, they’re like:

“Say what?”

And other times they’re like:

“Sign me up!”

Given that they have the willingness and openness to envision that sex could be something more—that it could be the “be all and the end all”, they need reprogramming.

A great way to start realizing what you don’t know is listening to my podcast and watching my YouTube videos.

When you are ready to practice, this is how you rewire yourself to get high and tap your creative genius during sex:

Meditate, Masturbate, Create.

I came up with this sequence during the last big breakup I had.

I was struggling to process my emotions. It wasn’t a “conscious uncoupling”—it was a very unresolved finish.

So I did what I knew would deliver me:

My vagina.

I did what I always tell other people to do:

“Go fuck yourself.”

So… I went and fucked myself.

A lot.

I decided to up level the “going and fucking” by meditating first.

And MMC was born.


I already have a daily meditation practice I have bene a devotee of for the past 30 years.

So MMC is something I do in addition to that.

The meditation practice I use involves a mantra: The word Hu.

Hu is an ancient name for god, spirit, energy, the universe, whatever you want to call it.

It’s chanted in a long drawn out voice, in any tone you wish, and you can change tones as you chant it.

Like this:


I suggested sitting up to chant, rather than lying down—when you might fall asleep.

Place your attention at your third eye—that spot between your eyebrows, an inch inside your forehead.

Lightly gaze there as though you were watching a television screen.

You can take a few deep breaths to get started and then being to chant.

Go for anywhere from 5-15 minutes.

If you already have another meditation practice, five minutes ought to be enough.

If you’ve had a long day and are feeling mentally distracted and unfocused, or you don’t have a regular mediation practice, then the longer the better, up to 20 minutes.

The sound Hu has a multitude of uses.

It is healing, uplifting, heart-opening and elevates your state of consciousness higher.

Singing it before sex—whether solo or partnered—is a beautiful thing to do together before your sex dates.

It brings you into your body, into the present moment and HELPS YOU TO rise above and BREAK THE PATTERNS you may have been indulging in for years—decades even—without realizing that there even exists a hotter, sexier, more energizing, ecstatic and life-changing way of having sex.

The Hu also acts as protection.

I spoke in my last podcast episode “How Casual Is Casual Sex” about the energetic portals that are opened up during sexual encounters.

If you have unwelcome visitors, this is a way to protect yourself from those influences and ensure they keep their distance.

After you chant, you can go the extra mile and set an intention for your self-pleasuring or love-making session.

It could be to:

  • Energize yourself
  • Become more conscious during sex
  • Get to know your body
  • Explore different orgasms
  • Build stamina
  • Heal – you can leave this open and general, or you can imagine sending sexual energy to parts of your body that need repair, love or attention. Even if it’s just a body part that you don’t like very much—you can send your sexual energy there to enliven it.


Masturbate rhymes with “Meditate” and “Create” but I prefer the term “self-pleasuring”.

Masturbation conjures up secret, furtive “jerking off” sessions rather than using self-pleasuring as a loving ritual and its own form of meditation.

The purpose here is to consciously self-pleasure so we can liberate and direct that energy.

We want to HARVEST it.

Most people eject all of this rich, high-quality, potent energy out of them.

But not you.

You are going to grab it and paint and create your life with it.

THAT’S the big “secret” to manifestation: mainlining that energy straight from your genitals.

You do this through slowing down, and breathing.

Instead of taking the fastest path to your end point, especially if it’s path you have taken many times before, experiment with a new path, or at the very least. stretch out your sessions.

The longer you self-pleasure or have sex for, the more energy your cultivate.

You do this in tandem with deep breathing.

Most people hold their breath a lot or breathe really shallow during sex.

All this does is curtail the flow of sexual energy and get you to orgasm much faster.

Instead, breathe deeply throughout your sexual encounters, but especially as you are nearing orgasm, and even all the way through your orgasm if you choose to have one.

That’s another good point: for MMC—you don’t necessarily need to orgasm to get the benefits—in fact, you may get more benefits by NOT orgasming.

For most, going over the edge of orgasm is is going to be depleting to some degree.

You can experiment with building your energy up, breathing, and then having an orgasm.

Or, building the energy up to just before your peak, breathing, breathing and then going to do something else.

That’s the “CREATE” part of the equation.

We’ll get to that in just a moment.

I also suggest you “edge”.

Edging is when you build up to the cusp of orgasm—nearly there but not yet over—and pause.

Breathe a few rounds of long, steady, deep breaths all the way down into your belly and pelvis.

Do at least three times—full inhales and exhales—let yourself subside a bit, and then build up to your edge again.

Pause. Breathe.

Do this a few times.

The sweet spot where you harness the most energy is as close to orgasm as you can possibly get, without actually having one.

If you are having vaginal orgasms, you can have as many as you like.

Make sure you breathe up to and through them.

You can self-pleasure for anywhere from 5 to 45 minutes.

Remember, the more time you spend, the more energy you can harvest.

If you’ve only got a short window, then you can still mainline that stuff.

Like snorting a line of life-force.

I was on a plane when I was writing this, and I would go to the bathroom and finger fuck myself wildly and squirt all over the bathroom for a few minutes, and then come back to my seat and keep writing.

Works like a charm.


Freud and Jung talked about “libido” as being our life-force energy.

It’s how we express and individuate in the world.

There is also a concept they spoke to called “thanatos”, which is the death instinct.

I would argue, that with every UNconscious sex act, every useless ejaculation or orgasm, we’re imprinting upon ourselves a kind of devaluation, a destruction.

In Freudian theory, thanatos is the opposite of Eros.

Interesting, yes?

Some of the most perversions that I think have happened in religious texts are around sex.

The idea of some kind of moral condemnation is inaccurate, I think.

I surmise that it became this over the years as a control mechanism—that the truth and techniques about sexual energy were clearly outlined.

But these texts and teachings were then diluted, altered and misshapen to create this whole narrative of fear and shame around all things sexuality.

The insanity of this is that people are terrified, or simply have no idea, of the power of their own bodies.

Your sexual energy wasn’t designed for just baby making.

Though that is one of its highest purposes.

So. You’ve gathered up all this sexual chi, you’ve been breathing and recirculating it throughout your body.


Get the fuck out there and get some shit done!

You can do any of the classically creative things like draw or paint or write.

I LOVE writing.

It’s one of my main creative outlets, in addition to sex itself.

And surfing.

Speaking of, surfing counts as a creative activity!

Any kind of working out or exercise does.

Gardening, building something in your yard, playing with your kids, even cleaning your house.

All of this counts.

The important thing is that right after your self-pleasuring and breathing session, you go and channel that energy.

You don’t have to consciously THINK about channeling it.

You just need to get your ass in gear.

What you are doing, is training your body and psyche to know that THIS is what we do with our life-force energy.

WE create. We build. We manifest our visions in the world.

We don’t dump it into some scrunched up tissue and flush it down the toilet.

We HONOR our life-force and use it.

We don’t desecrate it—even though those are the main messages we are constantly bombarded with—encoring people to desecrate their sexual energy.

Do you know what desecrate means?

Desecrate – to ignore the sacredness of. “To treat a sacred thing with VIOLENT disrespect”.

So…treat it as sacred.


I speak a lot  about  how I’ve created my business, my brand and my whole life:

Through my vagina.

By learning to harness my sexual energy and USE it as a creative power source, I’ve built and manifested the life I want.

This power, this skill, is the essence of what I teach in all my salons.

Your sexual energy is your super power.

Whether you are single or coupled, you can tap into it.

And, whether you are single or coupled, you can use Meditate, Masturbate, Create.

The name of the game is harvesting and channeling that energy.

The side bonus is that the more you build your sexual energy, the higher you reach in bliss and ecstasy, to the point where these become your default states.

No “plant medicine” necessary.

Just the power that lies at your own fingertips.

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