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The Holy Fuck: Part Two

Get on your knees and pray.

The holy fuck: All of my work is about this.

The ultimate alchemical union.

The place where we toss everything into the fire and are reborn.





And wetter.

As Carl Jung says about alchemy:

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.” 

This is the poetry and mantra of my life and my work.

And all of it comes together beautifully in the marriage of sex and spirituality.

In today’s episode we chat with well-fucked all-star couple Andy and Olga.

Andy is an Episcopal priest who adores his wife’s oracle pussy. This couple went from having a disconnected sex life to truly cultivating the power of the holy fuck. We had an amazing discussion on the merging of the sexual and spiritual.

We explore:

  • “His hands, his cock, are magic wands healing me”
  • Worshipping at the altar of your partner’s genitals
  • Sex as a healing prayer
  • The misinterpretation of sex in religious scripture
  • Making love to all creation
  • Healing the past and future with deep, conscious sex
  • Their peak sexual experience during the labor of their child and subsequent free birth

Listen to the episode now:

Or download and listen on the go:


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