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Turn On in Bed: Turn On in Life

I always talk about the connection between what happens in your bed, and what happens in life.

Your bed is your recharging station, your sanctuary and your secret weapon.

It is the source of all things.

This is where you can create your entire life from.

Your bed becomes a microcosm for the greater picture of your life.

The couples becomes super-powered.

Not just the “power couple.”

But the SUPER power couple.

Your bed—and each other—become your secret weapon.

But… this only happens when you are united in a deep way.

When you are having regular, quality gourmet sex.

Marathon sex dates, where you go deep, you metaphorically die and are transformed.

THAT is the price of admission.

You shed the old parts of yourself.

And emerge as a more clear, strong, radiant version of YOU.

You harness the power of la petite mort: the life-changing orgasm.

The little death and rebirth.

It has the power to help cleanse you of all you don’t need, and to strip you down to your essence, and then amplify that and let if shine int the world.

If you let it.

If you give yourself over to the power of the holy fuck.

In today’s episode, we’re speaking with an all-star superpower couple who has seen miraculous changes in their outer lives as a result of diving deep into their sex life.

  • They went from having sex 1-2 times a week to having sex at least 5 times a week, 2-3 hours at a time, made possible by his newly acquired stamina.
  • A “quickie” for them is now 45-60 minutes. It used to be 20 minutes.
  • She gets wet by giving him head. This is foreplay for her.
  • Her PMS, period symptoms and skin issues cleared up.
  • He has had epic shifts in his business. My favourite quote from him was: “Did I get that phone call today with an amazing job offer because of the cataclysmic sex we had last night?”

“We shower together the way we did before we had kids, hang out naked whenever possible, and compliment each other/flirt/talk, etc. in passing. It has been an unbelievable experience to have the excitement of a new relationship coupled with the familiarity and closeness of a 15-year marriage/19-year relationship. We are forever fans of yours.” ~ Barbara and Paul

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