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8 26

How to F**k Your Woman into Oblivion

This is one of my main purposes in life: to see that as many women as possible get fucked into oblivion.

What does this even mean? To get fucked into oblivion?

It’s to get fucked so well, so thoroughly, so artfully, so heart-fully that it blows away all the pre-conceived, false notions of who you are, and leaves behind a more true, authentic and beautiful version of you.

Yes, all that and more from a good f**king.

If you’ve followed my work at all, you know that in Anami Land, a good f**king isn’t some version of superficial sex.

It’s deep mind, body, soul penetration.

It’s been seen and held at the deepest level of who you are, having anything that isn’t true or real in your life, blown to smithereens.

THAT is the true power of good-f**k medicine.

So how do you get there? HOW DO you fuck a woman like that?

Today’s all star Jim is going to share with you exactly that, how he went from wanting to end his marriage, to being more in love with his wife than ever, and giving her life-changing, God-seeing, multiple orgasms.

In our vulnerable and often hilarious conversation, we talk about:

– “The number of orgasms has increased along with the type of orgasms. Our highest number for Meg is 6 in one session. 2 cervical, 2 G-Spot, 1 clitoral.”
– Masculine dominance as a key to f**king your woman into oblivion—all hail masculine men
– Salvaging a marriage from the brink of “splitsville” by going all in
– The power of the radical-est radical honesty and the aphrodisiac of truth. Hint, the seemingly hardest truths to tell get you the most wet, hard and orgasmic.
– Witnessing a successful, Fortune 500 company “bulldog” of a woman find the bliss of her feminine flow
– Falling deeply in love with your partner after years of disconnection

Watch the episode now:

Or download and listen to the podcast version on the go: 

We cover ALL of this in my legendary 8-week online Sexual Mastery for Men Salon, where you’ll learn:

  • How to last longer in bed: my massively effective techniques to eliminate premature ejaculation permanently and extend your staying power for as long as you want.
  • Orgasms without ejaculation.
  • How to achieve the deeper, vaginal orgasms for women.
  • Cock lengthening and strengthening exercises.
  • How to occupy your masculine power and dominance to embody the alpha male energy that all women want.
  • How to use your sexual energy and relationship as a power source in your life to bring you more cash, business success and overall life abundance.
  • And much more!

The salon opens for registration next week!

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One thought on “How to F**k Your Woman into Oblivion

  1. Great content, Kim. Videos are fantastic and at times I feel like your teachings are counterintuitive because of years of the wrong programming! I look forward to the class!