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My Stock Portfolio: Cervical Orgasms, G-Spot Orgasms…

Best ROI ever. When people rev up their sexual energy, they inevitably become more creative, they begin to align with their true calling and vocations in life.

And they get rich!

They’ll often say that “Money fell into my lap!” and I’ll say: “Yeah! Because your lap is what attracted it!”

Most people never make the connection between their stagnant sex lives and their stagnant financial lives.

When they’re in flow, living a life of bliss and orgasms—especially cervical orgasms, which we’ll get to in a minute—they not only become CAUSE (rather than effect) in their lives, but they naturally attract opportunities, people and cash.

Energy in = energy out.

In this case, we want the energy going deep within, where it has the most impact and quantum payout: Your vagina. The deeper you go, the more riches you get!

In this episode:

– The connection between sex and money
– Microdosing and nervous system resets vs. cervical orgasms
– Sex as the most powerful personal growth tool there is
– I’ll take my dividends in cervical orgasms and cash please

My legendary Vaginal Kung Fu Salon is open for registration!

In this 10-week online mastership of all things vagina, you’ll learn:

  • My guided, step-by-step exercise routine for using the jade yoni egg
  • How to give yourself a healing yoni massage
  • The art of the vaginal hand job
  • How to channel your sexual energy into creative genius
  • How to clear the blockages in the way of you going from numb to come

To check out the free preview video series and to be notified of when we open the doors for registration, go to Vaginal Kung Fu.

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