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I Make All My Decisions from My Vagina

Truth-teller extraordinaire.

People talk about our ‘head brain”.

Lately, more and more people talk about our “heart” brain.

And now, people are talking about the “gut” brain.

I assert that there is also a vagina brain!

The vagina brain is a pleasure compass. A divining rod for bliss.

In today’s Well-F**ked All Star interview, we’re speaking with Amanda, of the Super Power Couple, Amanda and Mark.

They’ve both been on the podcast multiple times, individually and together in the episodes:

We love them and I know you do too!

We last heard from Amanda in The Multi-Million Dollar Blow Job episode, where Amanda shared how a series of 90-minute oral sex sessions lead to the biggest breakthrough and uplevel in their business, that’s now led to them moving across the planet into a whole new stratosphere of life.

Like I’m always saying, gourmet sex and an activated vagina gets you rich!

In this episode, Amanda has amazing stories of using her vagina’s guidance to lead her in the right direction in her life, and how the jade egg and breast massage practices I teach in Vaginal Kung Fu keep her in tune with her feminine energy and living a life of perpetual wetness.

We’ll talk:

  • Listening to your vaginal “brain” and voice
  • The greatest nervous system reset and healer of them all: orgasm
  • Using your feminine energy and surrender to get things done
  • Making time to have daily sex—solo or partnered—with six children and a booming business
  • Feminine magnetism and attracting what you want: it all starts in your vagina
  • Being constantly wet

My legendary Vaginal Kung Fu Salon is open for registration!

In this 10-week online mastership of all things vagina, you’ll learn:

  • My guided, step-by-step exercise routine for using the jade yoni egg
  • How to give yourself a healing yoni massage
  • The art of the vaginal hand job
  • How to channel your sexual energy into creative genius
  • How to clear the blockages in the way of you going from numb to come

To check out the free preview video series and to be notified of when we open the doors for registration, go to Vaginal Kung Fu.

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Truth-teller extraordinaire.

People talk about our ‘head brain”.

And lately, more and more people talk about our “heart” brain.

And now, people are talking about the “gut” brain.

I assert that there is also a vagina brain!

It’s a sentient entity capable of making decisions and guiding us in our lives.

The vagina brain is a pleasure compass.

A divining rod for bliss.

It propels you in the direction of the people and opportunities that are most aligned for you, and will bring you the most fulfillment in your life.

There is one caveat though.

Your vagina has to be in tune.





Haha, you know how everyone says “trauma-informed” these days?

Well, your vagina needs to be the opposite: it needs to be “pleasure-informed”.

If the vagina is numb, it won’t be.

Its voice will be silent.

It may be speaking, but you’ve spent so many years—decades even—overriding it by slathering on the lube, and saying yes when you really wanted to say no, that its voice has been muted.

By you.

Or, if you’ve had a traumatic past, full of insults and injuries to your vagina and sexual self, if you’ve taken on a host of limiting beliefs and ideas by the culture at large, from your family, your religion, then the voice of your vagina and sexual self may be muted.

It may lead you toward people and situations that re-create traumatic situations, like a magnet.

These experiences have been hard-wired into your nervous system and until you clear them out, you’ll keep drawing similar things in.

We’ve all had that experience of attracting the same kind of partner, or relationship.

This is why.

The issues in our tissues, as Wim Hof likes to say, REMAIN until we clear them out.

There is a lot of talk of nervous system resetting these days.

And it’s a very valid idea I agree with:

In order to change these patterns that we feel inexorably drawn to repeat, we have to to a factory reset and remove the distortions.

People have all kinds of suggestions for how to do this, from breath work to pklyvagal theory and the list goes on.

Nothing… resets your autonomic nervous system like deep orgasm.


The French phrase – la petit mort, the little death and rebirth, reflects this idea that through our orgasm, we are reborn.

We self-actualize.

My work is all about the deeper life-force potential of our sexual energy:

How can we harness that energy for healing, rejuvenation, transformation and of course, ecstasy?

So the name of the game is to clear away the cobwebs, the debris, the detritus, that obscures our pure expression and flow.

Because once we are in tune with that energy, our sexual selves, and the voice of our vagina, it becomes the ultimate decision maker and compass in our lives.

WE come to a fork in the road.

WE turn toward one.

Our vagina pulses and throbs.

We turn toward the other.

Our vagina contracts and falls silent.

We get offered an opportunity.

Our vagina tingles with a rush of pleasure.

WE jump on it.

Or him.

Or we feel nothing.

The vagina always knows.

In today’s all star interview, we’re speaking with Amanda, of the Super Power Couple, Amanda and Mark.

They’ve both been on the podcast multiple times, individually and together in the episodes:

  • Cock Lovers of the World Unite
  • The Well-F**ked Man
  • How to Talk to Children About Sex
  • and The Multi-Million Dollar Blow Job

We love them, and I know you do too!

We last heard an update in The Multi-Million Dollar Blow Job episode, where Amanda shared how a series of 90-minute oral sex sessions lead to the biggest breakthrough and uplevel in their business that’s now led to them moving across the planet into a whole new stratosphere of life.

Like I’m always saying, gourmet sex and an activated vagina gets you rich!

In this interview, Amanda talks about the importance of keeping up with her own sensual practices, even when her partner is there, and also when they’re separated for long periods of time.

She has amazing stories of using her vagina’s guidance to lead her in the right direction in her life, how the jade egg and breast massage practices I teach in Vaginal Kung Fu keep her in tune with her feminine energy and living a life of perpetual wetness.

Amanda D All Star Interview

KIM: Welcome, Amanda, returning Well-F**ked All Star from the Hall of Fame! So great to see you. You look amazing.

AMANDA: Thank you very much for having me back.

KIM: Let’s hear an update. You’ve been on the podcast several times already, talking about everything from multimillion-dollar blow jobs to deep throating as a way of healing throat issues to how you navigate children and sex. We’d love to hear about your latest escapades, especially connected to tapping into your feminine energy.

AMANDA: Yeah, it has been quite the journey, even hearing you mention those interviews from before. Those things that I’ve forgotten about. That multimillion-dollar blow job really led to some big changes in our lives. As you know, we’ll be moving across the world.

There’s been a lot happening in the last 12 to 24 months. I started my journey with you in 2020. And yeah, coming into 2024, there’s been a full scope of activities and growth. It keeps going and going. The depths to which you can explore personal growth are just spectacular.

We’re moving from Australia to America. And as a result of that, Mark has been traveling quite a bit to set up for the move, setting up the business over there, setting up our house. In the last nine months, I’ve spent a lot more time by myself, so the practices from VKF have really come into play.

I started my work with you with Well-F**ked Woman, and I came for the orgasms, to be honest. I came because we already had amazing sex, and I just wanted to have more. I would listen to your podcast and think, “If I can get even better than what I’ve already got, then why not?”

Yeah, I came for the Well-F**ked Woman, and I thought I knew about my own body, but there was so much more to it. Then I realized I needed to do VKF as well.

I found VFK to be such an internal journey. Well-F**ked Woman was more partner-driven. Vaginal Kung Fu is about getting to know yourself and all the parts and places within yourself that are pleasurable, but there’s also pain and sadness and all the emotions. It’s amazing.

With him traveling, the practices that I have from VKF to keep me feeling in my feminine self and in my own body as a woman have been so important to me.

When I have my husband around, he can reset me [snaps fingers] like that. It’s easier working with the polarity when you have that masculine energy there. I find that when he travels, my masculine energy will rev up and I will get into a real “I’ve got to get shit done” mode. There’s a lot to do. I’m here by myself. I’ve got plenty of kids, the business, the house, all the schedules to run.

And so I can get into a very masculine mode of doing, and then I find myself getting a bit frenzied and I feel really up in the air. And then everything is [hands gesturing in the air and making a stressful sound] all the time.

Sometimes I will be at the supermarket, and I can just stand there and bring myself back to my heart center using the exercises you gave us. It’s usually one of those moments where I’m becoming so frenzied that I will think, “When was the last time I did my egg practice?” It doesn’t usually get away from me too much. Probably the longest would be two weeks, but I can feel it in my body if I haven’t used my egg. I will be out of my body, and then I will use my egg, and it brings me back into myself. The exercises that you give in VKF bring me back into myself. They contract me back into who I am.

In contracting myself back in, I am able to be calm and more expanded to everybody else. When I’m getting into that masculine mode of doing all the time, I’m so up in my head that I’m not connected to anything. I’m just busy checking the things off my list and getting it done. It’s not calm or peaceful; it’s chaotic. Then I will come back to doing my daily practices and feel like I’m home in my body again.

KIM: You have a very passionate, loving relationship where you have a wonderful place to be able to really live in that feminine energy with a beautiful complement of a masculine partner. But if you’re in a unique situation where he’s away a lot, then yes, it can be easy to animate more of our masculine to stay on top of things and keep the engine of our lives going.

I think the challenge for women is to realize that there’s a way to be productive and effective, even when they’re in their feminine energy. I think we default from whatever programming we see at large in the culture, thinking that the only way to get things done is to hustle, take assertive action, be in motion.

The magnetic feminine is a very different way of cultivating and building that feminine energy, that inner connection, and our sensual vaginal connection is a really key part of that, noticing that we have a different kind of flow out in the world. We’re able to magnetize and attract things to us. We’re more productive when we’re in that energy space, rather than overextending. When we’re in harmony, we actually bring things to us easier.

There’s a flow and a synchronicity that happens. That’s the challenge for women, overcoming that idea that we need to be actively looking like we’re busy [laughs] to get things done and instead go inside. The best inside is the vagina because, as we’re having that deep sexual connection, it naturally spills out into that trust.

A big part of that is a sense of trust and ease in the world, so you’re not in that adversarial “taking on the world” mode. Instead, you think, “No, the world and the universe are working with me and for me.” As long as you can sync up with that flow, it’s like catching a wave when you’re surfing. Once you get on the wave, if it’s powerful enough, it’ll propel you forward.

AMANDA: Exactly what you just said. The connection to the universe is incredible. I can meditate, holding the egg, and the feelings wash through my body just from the energies of the crystal itself. When I put that inside me, it’s almost like a switch comes over me and it’s galactical. I feel like my pussy is the galaxy and the universe itself. Everything that’s out here comes into me, and the flow that comes from that is such a state of peace and calm and knowing.

I feel like there’s this beam of connection between source and my spirit. Things will go missing at work, and when I’m doing my practices every morning, I listen to my pussy, and she will tell me where to go to find the missing item. It’s like a pleasurable pulsing that I can trace. “Oh, it’s down this way.” I know it’s going to be down there, and then it will be.

When Mark is home, it’s easy to forget to do the egg work. But the connection changes again. Just because I’m working my femininity against his masculinity, it’s not the same as being connected to my feminine within my own polarity.

When I’m using my own tools, there’s a depth of connection to myself, a depth of trusting my own self, trusting that the universe has me, compared to when I’m trusting him and he’s got me. I can sort of let things loose and let things go, and we have an incredibly active sex life. When he’s home, we love to have sex in the morning, but I also do my practices in the morning. So when he’s home and we’re having sex every morning, sometimes it will reach eleven thirty or noon, and I’ll realize, “Oh, I didn’t do my egg,” because I did him. [Laughs]

KIM: [Laughs] Right.

AMANDA: [Laughs] It’s easy to forget, but I only forget for a few hours and then I realize, “Oh, I need to go back and do that,” and I will make the time.

When I remember, it’s because it’s like a message from the universe or my inner knowing that I need to come back to myself. I’m not feeling fully embodied in the feminine, so I need to do my practices to help me get back there.

It’s kind of counterintuitive because it is a need to do these things, but it’s not coming from the masculine. My mantra for the year is to allow, open, and receive. Whenever I find myself feeling that frenzy and tizzy, I just stop, take a breath, allow, open, and then receive. That is basically what the egg work is. It’s allow, open, and receive all the goodness that comes from it.

I keep referring to the egg, but it is the whole salon itself. There’s so much goodness in there.

It’s part of my morning practice. I’ve always been very into fitness. I really love getting my exercise done, and it’s a nonnegotiable. My inner dude gets me out of bed at four thirty in the morning. We’re up, we’re at it, we’re going. It takes me a couple of hours because I do different workouts, but I always like to finish with a walk.

At the end of that, I take a shower, do a meditation, and then I’ll do my egg work or have sex with my husband, and that brings me back into my flow of being, able to join back in with the family in the mode that I feel best, which is my preference to operate from, which is calm. I like to be graceful, I like to move, and with that magnetic field, I like to bring things to me rather than having to go out and get everything done.

That’s the reason why, every morning, it’s breast or egg work or usually both.

KIM: I love something that you said before about your pussy becoming a compass. We talk about the head brain, the heart brain, and people talk about the gut brain, but I would say there’s also the pussy brain. There’s this part of us that has real sentience and is an independent entity once we wake it up, which can act as our guidance system.

Especially when we wake up the whole orientation toward pleasure in our lives and realize that we can allow, open, and receive pleasure, and we are built for this, then it becomes our navigation system. That compass starts guiding us more and more toward things that will bring us pleasure versus things that will not.

Is there anything more you want to say about this internal vaginal compass that you’ve got going and that voice that you’re obviously able to hear and listen to?

AMANDA: She very clearly will let me know if something is right or wrong. Actually, she speaks all around, so I will know because I’m in tune with myself, and that comes from having done your work. She’s perpetually wet, basically.

But if something is not right for me, a couple of things will happen. It will be very difficult and very challenging for something to come through, at which point I start to question, “Well, is this meant to be? Because it shouldn’t be this hard.”

You do have to put in the work. But when she speaks and lets me know it’s a yes, things will flow quite easily from the universe. She will be dripping wet, but also comfortable. She’s just soft and sensual and has her own essence, really.

She will direct me to certain lingerie. I will feel prettier in certain things. And she allows me to wear a skirt without knickers. She speaks up and says, “Not today. I’m not putting that on me. I’m not putting that in me.” When you’re in tune with yourself from doing the work, you hear it loud and clear. It’s like that galaxy.

KIM: Yeah, I love that analogy.

AMANDA: Yeah. The expanse is there. I am amazed when the egg or my husband is inside me. Everything fits. She’s nice and tight in a good way. Muscular. She’s done the work. But the depth and broadness of how much there is to offer inside looks like a galaxy to me of how far she has to expand, and she points me in the direction of where to go.

But as I said, for me, it’s like a pulsing sense of pleasure and it can be directional. We have a large factory. We have a large warehouse, and occasionally things go missing. I will be sent on the hunt to go and find them because the guys at work say, “Mandy will be able to find it.”

Mark has asked me, “How do you find it?” And I just genuinely ask her, “Okay, tell me which way to go. Show me when it feels good.” I just have this game, this play on pleasure, and it’s kind of self-masturbation where I’m walking through the warehouse, feeling her throb and pulse with pleasure. I just follow it. She’s with me.

KIM: So you go down aisle eight and it pulses even more? Or you go down aisle six, and the pulsing gets dimmer? Is that how it works?

AMANDA: Yes. I will actually say, “Okay, tell me …” And then I will play with it and walk a bit this way and a bit the other way, and then I will know which way to go, judging by the pleasure.

KIM: Like hot, cold, wet, dry, bliss, numb?

AMANDA: [Laughs] Yeah.

KIM: Like a totally different navigation system.

AMANDA: I always say thank you. She’s her own sentient being, and I’m so grateful to her, so there’s always the practice of saying thank you. Thank you so much for showing me. And she rewards me by giving me that pleasure.

But also, I can use her for car park situations. “Show me where to go so we can get a space. I want to get in and out of here as quickly as possible.” And she’s there for me.

The kids giggle in the car because I’m saying, “Thank you. Thank you very much.” [Laughs]

KIM: Do they know you’re thanking your vagina?

AMANDA: The 19-year-old does, yes.

KIM: That’s amazing.

AMANDA: She loves your work as well. She’s edging toward exploring VKF herself.

KIM: And you’re redoing VKF with your sister?

AMANDA: Indeed I am.

I’ve always been quite sexual, even as a young child. I masturbated probably from the ages of seven or eight. My siblings would tease me about the way that I self-pleasured.

She came to me about three weeks ago and said, “I’ve got this medication that my doctor has recommended for hormone replacement therapy. But I was thinking I might use coconut oil instead.” She had a list of things that she had been looking into. She really didn’t want to do HRT. I responded with, “Look, this is what I’ve done. I would not recommend anything else.” I sent her the link to your pages and told her to watch the three videos of VKF.

She said, “Would you get the egg, and would you use coconut oil?” I said, “Just watch these videos.” Because coming from me, it’s not the same as hearing it from you. So I said, “Just watch it and see what you think.”

She registered today. She sent me a screenshot of that to say, “I’m fully in.” So that’s super exciting. She also ordered the salonette of the egg kit so she could get started on that.

As soon as she knew she was going to do it, she watched those three videos, spoke to her husband, and the shifts that are already occurring feel incredible to her. They had their first two-and-a-half-hour sex date on the weekend. She said, “I’ve never experienced anything like that.” She’s devouring all your videos like I did.

Her life has already shifted so much, and you haven’t even started this round of VKF.

KIM: That’s just amazing.

AMANDA: You’ve got her gushing already. Yeah. I said I would do it alongside her just so we can chat to each other. And it’s fun to redo it.

KIM: I love that. Tell me more about your morning practices. You mentioned the jade egg and the breast massage. I think the jade egg, I would even separate that out from self-pleasuring and using any of the dildos, the Holy Trinity, and then breast massage. What would an average, let’s say a three-times-a-week practice, look like? What are your top practices that you feel are the most helpful for bringing you into that feminine energy?

AMANDA: I start out with the Hu chant meditation to bring me back to where I want to be after I’ve done the workout.

The whole family knows, because I work out from home, “I’m available, and you can interrupt. Try not to, but you can.” But as soon as I go downstairs, back to my sanctuary in our bedroom, and the door is closed—it’s just Mom’s time. I usually need about half an hour of meditation, just to come back to center. I will then start massaging and feeling my body, just to let myself know I’m there. I’ve got myself.

Sometimes I will do that in the mirror if I’m feeling like I need an extra dose of self-love because I’m feeling a bit out of control. Frenzied is the word that I use quite often. I’ll get quite frenzied and have to get everything done.

So yeah, I will speak into my own eyes and hold myself. I will then do the egg work, which the kids have all come down and interrupted. Now when they come down and they see that I’m lying on my bed, all I have to say is, “I’m doing my egg work,” and they say, “Oh, okay, sorry,” and they leave the room. I have my hand between my legs, holding the string, and the egg is up inside. I’ll say, “I’m just doing my egg work.” “Okay, Mom.”

KIM: It’s like doing abs at the end of a workout. You go workout, abs, egg work.

AMANDA: Yeah. It’s the final, nonnegotiable piece of the morning routine to bring me back, and then I’m good to go for the rest of the day.

But yeah, I always start with the self, coming back in, and then I will use the egg to rev things up. I always have an orgasm after the egg work. Always. I know sometimes in your work you say to just use the egg work to rev it up.

For me, I get the rev up, and I always finish with an orgasm in my morning practice because I feel reset. I feel like, “Okay, now we can go and do” when we get 70 questions every hour from four different children. [Laughs]

KIM: The greatest reset of all.

AMANDA: Every day. Whether it’s with Mark or with the egg or both. I also have two of the dildos; they’re amazing.

KIM: Do you have a favorite? You’re talking about the Holy Trinity.

AMANDA: I don’t have the third piece, so that’s on the list of things. Seva is on the way. Is Anahata the cervical one?

KIM: Yes.

AMANDA: Yes. The Anahata is my favorite. G-spot took longer to come to, but the egg really helps me get there. I can set the egg in the spot that I now know is my G-zone, and that crystal energy will rev up my G-spot and I can work from there. Before VKF, my whole vagina was quite pleasurable, but I wouldn’t have been able to articulate between areas. I would’ve just said sex was amazing. I actually remember saying, “What was that?” Just knowing it was epic and amazing.

But now, with the egg work, I get to explore. Contracting onto the egg tells me where parts are in my vagina. I can close my eyes, connect with the egg, and really see my vagina from inside, which is also really helpful when I’m connecting with my partner. I use that same process sometimes.

If I’m up in my head and I need to get back into my body, I close my eyes and I can picture his lingam inside my yoni’s different spots.

I even said to him last week, “I found a new spot. The egg has opened some portal over here.” [Laughs]

That’s why I say it’s a galaxy. It’s just so expansive. You’ll open up what must be the tiniest little piece actually inside you, but it feels like oh my gosh, this is huge and so expansive and ongoing.

So yeah, I always finish my morning routine with pleasure. Always. Sometimes I will use my fingers or the dildo or my husband. Yeah.

KIM: What about breast massage?

AMANDA: I get a bit slack with that because Mark adores my breasts, so he makes me a bit lazy because he does it all. But I can tell when I have not been giving them enough attention. They’re very sentient on their own as well. When I am doing the breast massage, you can see how much I love the galaxy of the pussy because I’m always going toward the need to do more work on the breasts. But when I do the work on the breasts, they speak as well. They are very guiding, and they will plump up and appear younger or perkier. They’re more alive when you give them the attention that they deserve.

KIM: Beautiful. Is there anything else you want to add that we haven’t covered?

AMANDA: No. I feel like we’ve covered everything. It’s been four years, and it’s been a journey. The egg is always beautiful. I know my sister is about to start the work, and I said to her, “It’ll knock you for sex. What you’re coming in for, you get a different deal.” And she said, “What do you mean?” And I said, “It will amaze you what comes up that you thought happened in the past, and you thought it was dealt with. But then you do the work with Kim and you realize, ‘Oh, it’s still in there.’”

From that part of VKF, doing the work to let go of what’s still really in there opens her up to flower and open, allow, and receive. The more you let go of it, the more you can bring in all that beauty and squishiness and softness.

KIM: I love that. To reiterate, you talked about how you guys have a big move coming up. For those who haven’t heard the Million-Dollar Blow Job podcast that Amanda is the star of, they went on a multi-day oral sex date commitment. That was a step on the journey she’s on now, which is a cross-planet move to a whole new country and a whole new life.

AMANDA: That was a 90-minute blow job for my husband. Is blow job even the right word?

KIM: Pleasuring, worship, cock love. [Laughs]

AMANDA: I use cock worship as much as the egg from the bringing-back-your- feminine perspective. Nothing beats filling yourself up with your man whether he’s in your mouth or your vagina or you’ve got your egg. Being filled up really opens that feminine portal.

KIM: That’s a really good point to mention. There is something in our voids as the feminine—I think that yin/yang happens of extra yin, and then it propels back into yang somehow.

AMANDA: I think the word void, too, that you just mentioned, is my frenzy. When I’m not actively embodying that feminine softness and I’ve fallen into the void, I’m just cascading. I’m falling, tumbling, trying to catch myself, and there’s so much effort going into, “What do I need to do? What do I need to get back on track?” Usually it will be all this external stuff. I’ll need to work out more or I need to eat better or not drink. But because that void exists, it needs to be filled. Once you fill the void with some form of energy, whether it’s your partner’s masculine energy, or you use the tools from the tool kit you help us with in VKF, you can come back home.

KIM: That’s absolutely beautiful. I love that, Amanda. Thank you so much. It’s so great to have an update from you and hear even more about all the depths that you guys have covered together in your journey. Thank you so much for sharing, as always.

AMANDA: Thank you. I can’t recommend your work enough. I do recommend it, and it’s so sincere. And I can’t wait for my sister to get on board with the journey and hear about all her adventures. And everyone else’s.

I know you know this, but I always listen to the call-backs. I come back every year because the questions stay the same. It’s surprising how we’re all asking the same thing year after year, but you still get a sense of where people are. It always reminds me of where and how I want to be in the world. It brings me back to center, just listening to it.

The replays are so fun. I love the questions. There’ll always be something in there that makes me realize, “I wanted to know that too.” It’s awesome. Thank you.

KIM: The collective vaginal unconscious.

AMANDA: [Laughs] It’s amazing. Thank you, Kim.


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