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Squirting to Manifest Your Life

One of the holy grails in the sexual queendom is squirting.

One of the holy grails in the sexual queendom is squirting.

This is a necessary life skill for women and one that ALL women can cultivate.

The Anami Guarantee is that EVERY woman can hit the ceiling with her ejaculate.

Her “amrita” is like cosmic manifesting dust that gets shot over her whole life, imbuing it with a kind of radiance and magnetism that draws everything to her.

Once you awaken your vaginal superpowers, and you “come to” within yourself, the world “comes to you”.

Today’s guest is our youngest ever all-star. She’s 22 and she started this work with me last year when she was 21.

I felt like I was talking to a younger version of ME!  She blew my fucking mind and she’s bombshell as fuck.


She’s dropping non-stop bombs in our conversation. We talk:

  • “I have attracted so many men in my life it’s actually crazy. They gravitate towards me and I do little to no effort.”
  • Falling in love with her breasts and how they grew a cup size.
  • “I can have an orgasm without touching myself.”
  • “My libido is higher than ever. I just feel constantly aroused.”
  • “My income doubled and without really trying or wanting to.”
  • The power and confidence of unfuckwithabiltiy and how it silences the naysayers
  • “I sunbathe naked, in my garden and topless on public beaches and lakes. People are staring, but I simply don’t give a fuck anymore.”
  • Being guided by your “pussy spark” of turn on
And of course, the magical secrets of squirting and how your literal juiciness creates your life.
This is a mind and vagina-blowing episode. Hands down, one of my favorites.

The Well-F**ked Woman Salon is OPEN for registration!

Join your squirting, orgasmic, well-f**ked women tribe.

Tia started her journey with me in the How to Be a Well-F**ked Woman Salon.

In the Well-F**ked Woman, which is my 10-week online Salon for all things female sexual mastery, you’ll receive my full tutorials on:

  • Increasing your feminine magnetism and charisma
  • Enlightened oral, manual and deep throating techniques to make you a champion cock whisperer 
  • The full orgasmapedia of vaginal orgasms: how to have G-Spot, cervical and squirting orgasms
  • Self-pleasuring 101
  • How to transform challenging menstruation, PMS and menopause into blissful portals
  • Breast massage to tone, lift and enlarge the breasts
  • Taoist techniques to convert sexual energy into creative energy 
  • How to use your sexual energy to heal yourself and your body 
  • And much more! 

The salon begins on July 11th and registration closes on July 12th. 

Come and get it.

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Squirting to Manifest Your Life – TRANSCRIPT

One of the holy grails in the sexual kingdom—or rather, queendom—is squirting.

It’s the stuff of legends—legendary vaginas—that has made its way through sexual lore in cultures all over the world, as one of the consummate sexual skills a woman can have.

There are stories of tribes in Africa teaching puberty-age girls to squirt.

There are paintings in centuries-old Japanese erotica of men collecting these heavenly fluid.

And in Tantric traditions, it’s considered to be a great blessing and “anointing”—that a woman bestows upon her man.

The Sanskrit word “amrita” translates to the “nectar and food of the gods” and is also the term for female ejaculate.

We see videos of women squirting their ejaculate across the room.

All true stories.

This is a necessary life skill for women and one that ALL women can cultivate.

Because it’s The Anami Guarantee.

EVERY woman can hit the ceiling with her ejaculate.

Every woman can have multiple G-Spot and cervical orgasms.

Every woman can shoot ping pong balls with her vagina.

The nectar of squirting fluid is the result of intense G-Spot stimulation.

And, a woman’s ability to truly open and let go.

You could have all the finger technique in the world.

And if that woman doesn’t surrender.

No glory.

This is what separates the girls from the women and the clitoris from the vagina—a woman’s ability to truly, deeply open herself and let go.

And when she does, when she takes this cosmic leap of faith, the whole world opens up to her.

Her vagina opens.

Her world opens.

Her amrita is like this cosmic manifesting dust that gets shot over her whole life, imbuing it with a kind of radiance and magnetism that draws everything to her.

The “attracting” becomes effortless.

The main “work” that you do is showing up in your bed and in your vagina.

Once you awaken your vaginal superpowers, and you “come to” within yourself, the world “comes to you”.

We have so many stories—one of which you are about to hear—of women self-pleasuring or having epic sex and then going out in public wearing sweatpants and flip flops, hair hastily tied up in a ponytail and them having men literally run across eight lanes of traffic to ask them for their phone numbers.

The quality of well-fucked radiance couldn’t be masked by their schleppy clothes and messy hair and unmade up face.

It oozed out of them, across the street and across the city, magnetizing everything worthy in its path.

Such is the power of an awakened and well-fucked pussy.


I’m often blown away by our Well-F**ked All Stars.

If you’re new to the podcast, this is a segment where I interview students of mine who have such epic accomplishments in this work and in their lives, that they can be beacons for other people, whatever stage they’re at in their journey.

Their stories have often brought me to happy tears—there you go, me having an all-star gasm—and I’m so proud of them.

Today’s guest is what I believe to be our youngest ever all-star.

She’s 22 and she started this work with me last year when she was 21.

When I play back the interview, I laugh as I see myself with my jaw half-open and my eyes half-shocked for the entire thing.

I felt like I was talking to a younger version of ME!

She blew my fucking mind.

This woman has milestone after milestone of well-fucked bombshell stories to share.

If you want to see and feel what a true bombshell really is:

Look no further.

Her confidence, her mastery, her feminine power.

She’s a fucking animal, and I mean that in the best possible sense.

She’s inspiring and bombshell as fuck.

And she’s dropping non-stop bombs in our conversation.

Without further ado, here’s Tia.


KIM: Tia! All the way from Slovenia! It’s great to have you here.

TIA: Hey, Kim! I’m so happy to be here.

KIM: You have so many amazing things to share. We’ll get into all of that. Why don’t you give us a summary of where you were and what brought you into this work? And then we would love to hear about all your amazing breakthroughs.

TIA: I lost my virginity very young, Kim. I was around 14. And I did no self-pleasuring before whatsoever. I’d never touched myself, never touched my breasts, nothing. I was with this boyfriend for two years. I remember I discovered my body with him.

When we broke up, I was around 16. I still never touched myself, because I just got used to, “Okay, if I want to get pleasure, I need a man.” After him, whichever relationship I had, I was kind of dependent on the man to please me. So I was also looking for some unhealthy attachment just to get the pleasure, just to be sexually involved, because I always had a high libido. I was always out there sexually. I was also very vocal about it.

I broke up with my most recent boyfriend in 2021. When we broke up, I decided, okay, I’m going to stop with this. I’m just going to be celibate.

And at that point, it wasn’t conscious celibacy. I remember you talked about that. I was not self-pleasuring at all. It was just, “I’m not going to interact with any man.” And, of course, I was extremely horny. I was aroused, but I didn’t know what to do with this energy.

Then I saw your video on Instagram saying all women are insatiable and are multi-orgasmic beings, and I said, “Fuck, yeah.” I felt that so much. I resonated with everything you said in that video, so I followed you. I got into your podcast. That was, I think, 2023, the beginning of the year in February. I listened to all of your podcasts in three months. There are thousands of podcasts, so I don’t even know how I did that, but I was constantly listening to you.

Then I signed up for the Well-F**ked Woman Salon. I purchased Akasha in April, and she came in June. Ever since I got her, my life has changed.

KIM: What is Akasha?

TIA: Akasha is a glass couture dildo that Kim created, and she is now my lover and my best friend. I just take Akasha everywhere. [Laughs]

KIM: [Laughs] I love that it’s personified. It’s especially for the G-spot. It has a particular curve, so it’s designed to help women have G-Spot orgasms and squirting ejaculations.

TIA: Yes, yes. And I remember when I bought it in June, I said, “Can I take this through the security? Is someone going to say something?” And that day, they stopped me, and the security guard took out Akasha. He looked at me and said, “What is this?” I said, “That is my dildo.” And he said nothing else. Just, “Okay.” He put it back. “You’re dismissed, ma’am.” And I said, “Thank you, bye.”

It was the confidence you get out of self-pleasuring and just being so unapologetic, as you said. I think a year ago, two years ago, I would have said, “Oh yeah, I’m so sorry. Am I not allowed to have …” You know? But I just said, “That is my dildo. Do you want to say something? Yeah, I just had an orgasm in the toilet. What do you want?” [Laughs]

So, in June, Akasha came, and my life changed. The magical love of my life.

KIM: The love of your life?

TIA: [Laughs] Yeah. At the time, I was living in Valencia, so I was really waiting for it to come. And Spanish mail is a bit slow, so I thought, “Am I going to get it? When is it arriving?”

It arrived, and I remember my sister being there. We both opened it together, and she was supporting me on it big time. She said, “Oh my God, look at this penis; it’s so beautiful! And the colors and everything. It’s amazing.” And I just told her, “Yeah, I know that you’re here now, but if possible, just do something in the evening because I can’t wait. I have to dive into this.”

In the beginning, you have to get to know it. First I put it on my chest. I used a lot of coconut oil for breast massage and to get myself into it. I didn’t use coconut oil down there; I didn’t have to.

Oh, the feeling of being penetrated again—because I didn’t have penetrative sex for two years, and I didn’t really finger myself either. I did clitoral orgasms before, and I had one of those without touching myself. It was basically on a chair, and I just came. I was just clenching the muscles and, “Oh!”

Yeah, so I just started self-pleasing. And I just could not get rid of men. I remember my sister and went out of the apartment, and in all of your podcasts, you said, “Men are literally running from the other side of the street just to talk to you.” I was so happy for those women, but I never thought it would actually happen to me.

My sister and I started walking. Valencia’s streets are big, so there were four lanes. The cars were going up and down, and these three men saw us from the other side of the road and called, “Whoa, whoa! Beautiful ladies, wait, wait!” They were our age, super attractive, and they were calling, “Wait, please, wait. You’re so beautiful,” and they ran over to us. “Oh please, stop. Can we have your number? Where are you guys from? You’re so beautiful.” And this was just one of the many things that happened.

And that was with my sister, so maybe it had something to do with her as well, but when I was alone in Valencia, I think a week after that, my sister left, and I just went outside to study in the park. I just had a dress on, no underwear, of course, and I was walking, and I felt so beautiful. My posture was just confident. This man was walking his dog. He looked at me and said, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, stop, señorita. Can I please have your Instagram? You’re so beautiful. I want to take you out.” I said, “Oh, thank you, I’m flattered, of course.” He was also pretty attractive.

Then the same day, I was walking in the park, and there was this guy running extremely fast. I think he was training. At some point, he saw me. He made eye contact. And he slowed down. He was looking at me, and his head was going like this [turning head slowly to follow]. I just chuckled and kept walking.

And I saw him stop behind me and just look at me. I thought, “Okay, Kim, this is working.” I was just so overwhelmed with everything. I sat down and started studying. After five minutes, this man came over and said, “I’m sorry to bother you, but I just could not help talking to you. What’s your name? Where are you from? Can I please have your number?” He was Colombian, super sweet, super shy. I thought, “Wow.” And he cooked for me the next week. We had a little date in the park. He brought empanadas; he showed me his traditional food. It was so amazing.

Then, a week later, I was biking. I stopped at a traffic light. The man on the right side was also on a bicycle, but I was in my zone. I’d just come from volleyball training. Kim, I was sweaty, and I was wearing sweatpants. I was not my sexiest self at all. I had my ponytail up. I was just going to go home, shower, and call it a day.

He started small talk, something like, “Oh yeah, have you seen this?” He was so beautiful. I said, “Are you talking to me? I’m sorry?” And we completely hit it off. We ended up dating. He was my Spanish boyfriend for the time that I was there.

I described a few scenarios, but there were many more. When it comes to magnetizing things, I’d never thought that I didn’t have to do anything, and men would just come to me. I was always initiating the contact. I was very dominant.  “Okay, he’s cute. Let’s give him some signals or go talk to him.”

I don’t have to do anything like that anymore. And ghosts from the past are also returning. Two of my exes reached out, trying to reconnect. One of them drove from the Netherlands to Slovenia just to see me. He drove all the way from the fucking Netherlands to Slovenia. All I had to do was look pretty, go outside, and meet him. I didn’t have to travel. Because in the past, I would get on a plane just to see a guy. I’d fly out to him.

KIM: This is just monumental, these experiences. You’re describing all these examples that I’ve given over the years, and then some, of what happens when you’re in that zone.

What do you think is different about you? There’s the magnetism, but what do you think that is, and what do you think that they’re picking up on? Did they ever tell you afterward?

TIA: Yeah. I’m completely independent. I’m not dependent on anyone. My self-love just increased so much, and I don’t need men anymore for my pleasure. If I get aroused or horny, I actually fuck myself better. I know that I’m going to have a better session if I do it on my own. If you’re not adding anything to my life, I do not need you. I’m already living my life without a man. You’re just adding to it. You’re not the cherry on top. Of course, when you have a good connection and a lovely partner, then you just grow together. But I’m self-sufficient.

KIM: I love that you talked about the self-love piece. If somebody isn’t going to add to your life, you don’t have any kind of the desperation or codependency that people often find themselves getting sucked into in relationships and things that maybe aren’t as healthy for them, just out of wanting to fulfill a need. Whether that’s an emotional need, sexual, or financial need, people get drawn into these things.

When you know, A) That you can please yourself sexually, and B) That you’re worthy, you step into that Well-F**ked Woman place of, “I don’t give a fuck. This is who I am, take it or leave it. I deserve the best, and if the best is coming my way, great. But anything less than that, get out of my space.”

TIA: Exactly. I was very controlling in the past. I would think, “Oh, this must happen. I must talk to him. I must have something with him.” Now, I’m just much more in the flow. I let things happen as they do, and I manifest so many amazing things in my life. Things are just happening. Things I’ve always wanted to do. I just do them.

I like to wave surf, but I’m not that good at it yet. But you can go strapless behind the boat, where the boat creates its own waves. I always wanted to do that. On Instagram, I would watch those videos of girls doing it and think, “Oh, that is so hard.”

This weekend, I was in Austria. I was just driving to see a friend. And she said, “Do you want to go on a boat tomorrow?” I thought, “Oh, okay. It’s probably wake surfing with the line.”

We got there, and it was this amazing big boat. I said, “Don’t tell me this is the boat that creates its own waves.” They said, “Yeah.” So I did it, and it was such an amazing feeling. It just happened. I didn’t have to plan it.

I don’t know if this is connected, but things are just falling into place. I just came from South Africa because I did my internship there. I’m just being myself and I’m applying for things, and I just get them.

KIM: Explain more about that.

TIA: I just finished my master’s. I’m a psychology student, and I’m going to do my internship at the Curaçao Dolphin Assisted Therapy Research Center. It’s insane. When I found out about it, I said, “Whoa, this is my dream.” I applied, and they called me for an interview. I said, “Oh, you actually want me? Of course you do. Yeah, okay, let’s go.” [Laughs] I’m going in September. I’m so excited.

Basically, I’m going to be the right hand of the therapist there, and we’re working with children with disabilities. It’s dolphin-assisted therapy, so it is psychology, but it’s also animal therapy. It’s absolutely insane. I’m reading books about dolphins now and what amazing creatures they are and how many healing powers they have.

KIM: Yeah. Did you listen to the episode I have with Elena Tonetti Vladimirova, who was the midwife in the Black Sea? Or actually, the dolphins were the midwives, and she was just there helping along [laughs] the women giving birth in the Black Sea.

TIA: I listened to all of your podcasts, and I actually think that is how women should give birth, in the sea with dolphins swimming around.

I thought I didn’t give a fuck what other people thought before. But after this salon, I really don’t give a fuck. I’m just my authentic self to my parents, to my dad, to anyone.

I showed Akasha to my grandmother. And then she told my uncle, and then everybody knew about me having a glass dildo. I said, “Yeah, I’m fucking and you’re eating. It’s a basic human need. We’re all doing it. Why should it be a taboo? I’m 22. I’m a sexual being, and so are you. You created me with this energy, so what’s up? Why are we thinking, ‘Oh, sex, oh my God!’” Yeah. I don’t fuck with that mentality.

But anyway. We were in the Netherlands, headed to my graduation, on a train. My whole family. It was 20 people. My cousin is a medical student, and somehow the conversation turned into one about birth, and she said, “Yeah, you need to do a C-section …”

I thought, “Should I be quiet, or should I say something? Because I’m not really resonating with this.” My father was sitting right next to me. He was on his phone. And I said, “I’m going to do a home birth.” I just screamed it. Everybody heard.

My father dropped his phone. He looked at me and said, “No, what? What do you mean? Statistics show that if you do a home birth, you can die.” And I said, “What statistics? Show them to me. I want to see them.” And he didn’t have an answer. I said, “Dad, I did statistics for four years.” I’m a psychology master now. I don’t talk with statistics. Statistics is not everything. There are other things.

KIM: You can bend over and pay for science for a certain amount of money. It’ll bend over, and you can shove money up its ass, and it’ll do whatever you want it to do. Yeah. Very special.

TIA: I just finished my master’s thesis, and my results changed three times. I said, what is this? I can just manipulate it, and then I can suddenly support it? But yeah, so basically, we were talking about that, and I just told him I’m going to do a home birth. “Yeah, and if possible, I’m going to go to Hawaii or the Caribbean and do the dolphin-assisted birth.”

He was shocked. But if a person is talking from such a confident place, people pick up on it. There was nothing they could say because whatever was said, I had a comeback. I already had an argument. And that was my dad. I love him to pieces. Of course, he’s my idol. But they were just raised in this traditional way of, “Yeah, you have to go to the hospital and give birth there.”

Basically, Kim, I was just talking about how I believe that our bodies are conscious beings that know what’s best for them. I definitely know that I want to do it at home, and I don’t want anyone cutting me down there, and I don’t want any fucking doctor telling me what to do.

My mom is more holistic, but I think even she thought, “Okay …”

But I’m 20. I’m going to say what I think. If I don’t agree with something that’s being discussed at the table and if you ask me for my opinion, I’m going to share it. I’m not going to people-please anymore. I’m not going to sugarcoat things.

This is just one of the other examples where I was brutally honest and—poof.

KIM: I love what you said about how, when you’re in that energy, it’s its own protective force field around you. People can sense that you are so firm and unwavering in your own truth that it is kind of pointless to try to bully you into submission or peer pressure you into conformity.

Like you said, even with your father, you didn’t actually have an argument. He actually didn’t know the facts. He was just repeating something that he’d been indoctrinated with. That is the reality for most people in all parts of their lives, but especially in all things medicine and healing. Most people are operating from a very limited, very programmed paradigm.

TIA: 100%. That’s why I confronted him. “What statistics? Where? You just have this subconsciously ingrained in your brain. You don’t even know what you’re talking about. You just think that’s the truth, but it’s not. I’m your first-born daughter. Knock-knock. I’m here to put a mirror up so you can look into it and see some things. I had to unlearn what I’d learned and learn again.”

KIM: Right. I love that. You’ve said that your libido has been voracious. Higher than ever. You feel constantly aroused. What is that like?

TIA: I wrote that, I think, in September, when we’d just finished Well-F**ked Woman. Yeah, so then I moved to the Netherlands, and it was still sunny outside. I was wearing dresses all the time.

I was biking, Kim, without my underwear. If someone sees my cooch right now, I don’t care. People don’t make eye contact there anyway, so I don’t think anyone is watching, so it’s fine.

I just remember I woke up and said, “Okay, where’s the Akasha? Where is she? Is she okay?” I just checked on her immediately. “Good morning, baby. How did you sleep?” I literally developed a relationship with her.

I remember walking through the street and just feeling so in flow and so peaceful. So content, calm, and just constantly aroused. But I was not aroused, Kim. I used to walk the streets and constantly search for men. “Ooh, he’s hot; I could, you know …” I could be bad. But my breasts and my punani are just there. I feel her, and I hear her. It’s so beautiful.

I went to a very fancy restaurant with my aunt and my sister. Of course, I did not wear underwear, but I had a dress on. We went to the restaurant, and on that day—I feel beautiful every day, but on that day, there was something. Probably I was ovulating. I was just feeling so beautiful.

We sat down, started eating, and I was sitting like this [indicating with hands a being seated on a chair] and my ass was here. My dress was a bit longer, so it covered my ass, and it went to the knees. I just felt my juice flow down to my anus. And it, of course, left a big stain. I had a stain like this [using fingers to indicate a small circle], but it was my juice. I said, “Oh, okay.” And what could I do? It just happened.

Then I stood up and my sister said, “Tia, you peed yourself.” And I said, “Oh, no, that’s my juice. I’m just so wet.” She said, “Don’t you have underwear? We’re in a fancy restaurant and you’re not wearing underwear?”

I said, “A) No one knows. B) I can shout that I’m not wearing it. I own it. Who invented underwear? Why do we even have it? I need her to breathe. Yeah, now you can see it, but so what? I can just say it’s sweat, but I’m going to say that it’s my wetness, because that’s what it is.”

Then I was just walking around with this big wet stain. It was a green dress, so you could really see it, but I didn’t care. I was walking around this fancy ass restaurant. There were many important Slovenian people there. “Oh, but they can see you.” I don’t care. They should fuck each other as well.

That is how it is. I’m just fluid everywhere.

KIM: Overflowing with confidence and love for yourself, really.

TIA: Yes, 100%.

KIM: What are the bodily changes? You said that your chest grew?

TIA: Oh my God, yes. I almost forgot. Okay. Let’s talk about breasts first. My whole life, I was more connected to my ass. I’m just very gifted in that area. She’s just really big. And my breasts were just there. Not the biggest, not the most beautiful, I was told. But, you know, just there.

But when I started massaging them, I saw how beautiful they were, and I also attracted a partner. And the first thing he said when I got naked was, “Your breasts!” and I said, “I know, right?” The focus isn’t on the ass anymore.

Yeah, they just grew. They’re just more there. My nipples are just hard more often throughout the day. I massage them every day, but if I don’t, they are knocking on my door. “Yo! You forgot. Hello, we’re here!” I cannot get on with my day if I don’t do it. They’re constantly talking to me. I literally feel them wanting to be touched and wanting to get attention and be massaged.

I fall asleep holding them. I’m cuddling with my own breasts. I’m so connected with them now and I’ve never been before.

I try to do the massage twice or three times a day because I just feel so much better. Once you touch them and start massaging, it’s like you’re massaging your brain too. It’s all connected, of course, but yeah, I feel more peaceful when I do it. It’s the first thing in the morning. I have my coconut oil next to my bed. “Okay, no one bother me. I’m massaging my breasts right now.” And it takes as long as it does. When they say it’s enough, then I stop, but it’s not like I’m rushing it.

KIM: And they grew, you said? They grew a cup size?

TIA: They grew. Well, I don’t know, because I don’t wear bras. But when I touch them, it feels like there’s more to hold. I don’t know how I can describe it, but you have the underboob here. I used to have a big empty spot here. They were just not full. And now, this spot is full. The left one was always bigger, but now they’re both fully full and firm.

KIM: Self-actualized.

TIA: Yes, exactly. I’m quite tall. But I weighed 82, and I was okay owning my weight and everything. But I thought that in South Africa I would gain even more weight because the diet there is just not as healthy as here. I was also unable to get fresh vegetables and fruits. I came back and now I’m 74 or 73.

And that’s in three months. That was the recent weight loss. But maybe that contributes as well. I also met a boyfriend in Africa, and we were just having sex every day all the time.

KIM: Yeah. What about orgasms and G-spots? Because you are having such a great relationship with Akasha, what are your G-spot orgasms and squirting ejaculations like?

TIA: Yeah. It’s so interesting because whenever I start dating someone new and I squirt, they say, “Whoa! What’s happening?” And I say, “Yeah, this is how women should be. Is this the first time you’re seeing this? Everyone should squirt like this, but they don’t.”

I remember I was with a Frenchman, and we got intimate for the first time and I just started squirting. When I’m lying on my back, it literally goes up and down. And he saw this and was astonished. Like a fountain, you know? [Laughs]

It really looks like a fountain. It just goes up and then down and it’s so much. It depends on the day, of course, but my recent orgasms with my partner were liters of water. Whether he’s penetrating me or I’m penetrating myself with Akasha, it doesn’t really matter. I feel it, and I say, “Okay, pull it out now. Pull it out. I can’t do this anymore. I have to squirt. I have to release.” Then I’m just releasing for a good two minutes. It doesn’t stop.

And I always have my water ready because sometimes I get a bit lightheaded because I lose two liters of water, Kim. Sometimes I have to chug water after and then say, “Okay, I’m ready for more. Let’s go.”

Now I have attracted an amazing partner who’s also loving it. He’s always saying, “Oh my God, squirt more.” Because the boyfriend before would shame me for it. “Oh, now it’s all wet and we have to do the sheets.”

KIM: The laundry, yeah.

TIA: The laundry, yeah. I said, “Are you kidding me? Be happy that I’m doing it. I’m probably one of the only women you’ll ever meet who does this—unless Kim, of course, spreads her knowledge all over the globe,” which you are doing.

I first squirted when I was pretty young. I was around 17. At that time, I had a boyfriend, and he was just a sex god, like you described some of your previous partners. He opened squirting for me, and what happened was I was on all fours, and he penetrated me very deeply from behind. He pulled it out and there was —okay, that’s my fridge, yeah? [Moving the camera toward the refrigerator.] But let’s say that’s the wall. Do you see how far away I am from it? It’s a solid meter and a half.

My ass was a meter and a half away from the wall. This man pulled out, and I squirted all the way to the wall. It was not one spurt; it was a whole fountain. It was just waves [motioning squirting with her hands], and he just looks at me and the next second, he’s there on my ass, drinking it, “Ahhh,” and swallowing it. I said, “Whoa, what’s happening? Why are you drinking this?” Because I was 17, and I’d never had this experience. He said, “You’re so young; give me more, give me more.” When I stopped, he wanted to make me squirt more and then he went under me just like I was his amrita. He was drinking it instead of water, and he couldn’t keep up because there was so much.

That was my first encounter. Then I kind of lost it because I didn’t fully embody squirting. That’s also, I think, why I attracted a partner who did not love my squirting.

In Africa, I met my last boyfriend, and I was just so set. But it’s because I found myself and my sexuality, and then you attract a partner who has also found himself and who is going to carry you and be there for you. If you fall, he’ll catch you, as you always say. I’ve been caught many times now. It’s great.

One time he was fingering me from the back, and he was choking me a bit. Don’t try this at home, kids. But he was choking me from behind and I think he cut off my oxygen flow, so I fainted. Just a bit. He was behind me, holding me.

When I woke up, I was in his arms and I said, “Oh, this is how it is when you fall and a man catches you. Like literally.”

KIM: Aww!

TIA: You know? He made me faint, but he caught me. I thought, okay, so I can fully surrender myself to you because if I fall, you will literally catch me. And this has been shown in bed now many times as well. I cry every time. I’m just releasing everything.

My previous partner, the one that didn’t like squirting, if we did missionary, he would always look down. He would focus on my pussy and him being inside of me.

But the partner that I have now is so focused on my face and on my eyes. If it gets too weird for me, I look away, and he’ll say “Uh-uh, I’m here. Look at me; we’re lovemaking right now, we’re connecting.”

Wow! I’m inhabiting this energy now, and I’ve attracted a partner who is as well, and that’s just beautiful. My friends say, “Oh, there’s no good men out there.” I tell them, “Apparently, you still have work to do. There are amazing men out there. You just have to first be your best self and then you’re going to attract the men that you want.”

KIM: That’s so amazing. Is there anything else that’s come to mind that you want to share?

TIA: Yeah. In the beginning, I mentioned that two of my exes came back. One drove from the Netherlands to Slovenia to see me. And before I left for South Africa, another ex-boyfriend reached out to me. “Oh my God, I heard you’re going to South Africa. When can I see you?”

He came to my city the day before I left. He helped me pack. He helped me paint the house, because I was moving out. He took me to the airport.

I saw he was looking at plane tickets. I said, “What are you doing?” “I’m going with you. I want to be with you more. I can’t just let you go right now. I can’t describe it, but there’s just something about you. How could I ever let this go? You’re just so …” You know men are not that good at describing sometimes, but he just could not let me go.

When I’m inhabiting my full feminine energy, men go into their masculine and say, “Oh, can I have more of this?” And I say, “Well, if I decide to, maybe. Let’s see.”

I also want to talk about period pain. Oh my God, Kim, I’ve always had such painful periods. I would faint. I would burn myself with a hot water bottle because my cramps were so bad. My breasts hurt. I had a backache. I puked every day; that was just standard. The first day of my period—blah. Everything that I consumed was just out there.

I got my period when I was 13. For many years I would take painkillers because I could not do anything for three days. I felt out of touch with my body. When I got into your work, I just put the painkillers away because I learned pain is communicating something to me. I have to listen to it.

Now I can also connect this to not giving a fuck anymore about my school project, my honors program, and my master’s. I actually did an exhibition about talking to your inner organs, orgasm, and massaging your uterus to decrease pain. This was my honors exhibition program.

Before I introduced the topic to my professors, I thought they were going to expel me because I was talking about orgasms and sexual energy. But I presented it with such confidence that they picked up on that confidence and said, “Yeah, Tia, this is what you should do. I think more women should do that. You should talk to your uterus and massage her.”

It’s been, I think, an eight-month journey since I’ve been talking to my uterus, massaging her, self-pleasuring, doing breast massage. I can go through my cycle without having a hot water bottle. That is such a success already because I used to swallow three painkillers just to be able to survive the day.

I even had one cycle where I felt absolutely nothing. I was bleeding, and I had no cramps, and I said, “What is happening? This is not my body.” Because I always had such bad cramps.

I free bleed sometimes. I touch my punani and she’s bleeding. I put it on as a face mask and smell myself. I just love myself so much, so how can other people not pick up on that and love me for it as well?

Yeah, I graduated from my honors program by talking about talking to your inner organs and decreasing period cramps.

KIM: That’s amazing. Oh, my goodness, that is so incredible, Tia.

TIA: Thank you, Kim. This is academia, you know? We’re talking about science, but you are able to penetrate there as well if you come in with confidence and with the right intention. So many women came to me. They said, “Oh my God, I almost faint when I have cramps. What can I do?” I said, “Just grab your uterus, if possible. I can send you the video. I also posted it on my Instagram story.

For the final exhibition, you had to show a product, and I filmed myself talking to my uterus, crying. A year ago, I never would have shown this to anyone. This was exhibited at our university, and it was an open exhibition so anyone could come. People would come in and out, and they would see me talking to my uterus and crying. One year ago I would have thought, “Oh, people are probably going to think I’m crazy.” But now I think they can just fuck off.

And I got so much positive feedback about it. We have a little WhatsApp group now called Talking to Your Inner Organs, and sometimes we text each other tips about what to do and how we’re feeling.

I’m just so much more in tune with my body, Kim. It’s insane. I listen to it. I was really disassociated before, not touching my breasts, not self-pleasuring. How did I go from fucking for six years to not touching myself for two years? I don’t understand. Because I was always dependent on a man, and I always had a penis in my life. I had long-lasting relationships.

But then when I suddenly lost it, I said, “What now?” I was 20. I’m 22 now. So, for two years, I just had nothing.

Then I met you, my queen! [Laughs] You changed my life, Kim. Really.

KIM: Wow, Tia, you’re blowing me away. You have so many incredible stories. Is there anything else? I have a few more things I can ask you about, but I love that you just brought up periods. Because that wasn’t even on my list of things. Is there anything else that you think is really important to also bring up? You mentioned your income doubled without really trying to make it happen.

TIA: Yeah, yeah. When I say income doubled, I was still a student when I joined your salon. I was babysitting on the side. Before I started the Well-F**ked Woman, I got around €8 per hour. I was also younger, and I was just doing it for fun. I had two families.

I started Well-F**ked Woman in June, and in August, I had 18 families texting me. “We would love for you to take care of our children. Please, can we meet?” I ended up being a babysitter for five or six families for €15 per hour, and some of them even paid €20. I had to reject families. But everybody wanted me. It was just insane.

Everybody was reaching out to me, and I was just babysitting full time. I was earning around 1,500, which is a full-ass salary already, you know? And I was studying full time.

I remember when I purchased Akasha—

KIM: That’s a big investment for a student. A $300 dildo.

TIA: Yeah. I remember when I signed up for Well-F**ked Woman, I thought, “Wow, this is a lot, but hell, yeah, I’m in.” But then after, when I signed up for Vaginal Kung Fu, I said, “Yeah, why is it not €2,000? It’s not even enough.”

Also, your attitude toward money changes. You’re attracting it to your lap, as you always say.

And another thing—I don’t know if this is connected—but I’m somehow always on time now. I used to always be late, but I cracked the code. I’m always on time now. I’m ahead of time. I don’t know how. But I always somehow have enough time.

KIM: I think that’s something about checking out or disassociating. But I think maybe it’s the opposite when you are fully present, and that applies to everything in terms of being on time and being in full command of the whole space-time continuum. You said that you get less sleep because you’ll self-pleasure and you’ll stay up and now you don’t even need as much sleep.

TIA: Sleep, oh my God, Kim. Sleep. Okay. I was always a sleepyhead. Eight to 10 hours per night. Eight hours minimum. Ever since I started doing it, I feel so alive. I feel so creative and so motivated for life that I don’t want to pause my life now for a few hours. I just want to keep going.

I had two moments where my partner and I were having sex and we’d gone for an hour already, but I wanted more and more and more, and he could not satisfy me. I just got more and more energy. I said, “Okay, this can go on for six hours, but it’s four in the morning already; we have to wake up at seven. Maybe we can just stop now.” I had to consciously stop, otherwise we would just not have slept.

I just don’t need that much sleep anymore, because what is sleep? It’s really just regenerating, which you can regenerate through sex as well. You can regenerate through sex and rest and get all the energy that you need for living this fucking life, which is awesome.

In the beginning, when I started self-pleasuring, Kim, I had a lot of one-night stands with myself because I wanted to rush it. My friends and I always say it’s a one-night stand if you don’t really self-pleasure fully and don’t feel better after it.

In the beginning, I said, “Okay, let me just put these fingers inside of me, fuck myself, squirt one time, and that’s it.” A one-night stand with myself.

But when you really have self-pleasure, I’m talking two or three hours, being with yourself, and you have closed eyes and just focus on that area, focus on yourself. You expand, and you just feel that your person is present a meter away from you.

Then you really don’t need sleep. It’s like massaging your brain so you’re just rested after it. “Okay, fine, I’ll sleep. Whatever, but I’m going to continue in the morning.”

My pussy is my radar. 100%. I’m so in tune with her now. Before I met this boyfriend in South Africa, I was dating another guy. We were just getting to know each other. We were dating for about a month, and when we started getting intimate, my pussy didn’t get wet. She was just not wet. I said, “What’s happening? There are no excuses. If she does not get wet, it means something, you know?” We were not having penetration; he was just trying to finger me. Then he wanted to go down on me to make me wet and I said, “Nuh-uh. If she ain’t wet on her own, then you’re not making her wet,” and then we just stopped.

I ended up breaking up with him, just calling it off after two days. And then I manifested this amazing man in my life. When I saw him, Kim, I was gushing. The first time we met, I said, “I have to go to the toilet.” Sometimes I get so wet that I feel it to my knees. It’s really dripping, and people probably think that I peed myself. But I just have to go wipe it.

In South Africa, there’s not a lot of toilet paper anywhere, so I said, “What can I wipe this with? Fuck.”

It’s another thing when you inhabit your sexual energy; you attract relationships. The women that I interact with now are just fully inhabiting their sexual energy. But I came back to the student housing and said, “I saw the name of this guy today and I was just so wet. I need to know, who is this man?”

And one of the girls just sitting there said, “Yeah, pussy spark. Your vagina always tells you. If it’s pussy spark, go for it.”

And yeah, we ended up dating, and I ended up moving in. We lived together for a month. I was living with him, and we were just fucking every day and it was awesome.

To conclude, you’re also manifesting people who are inhabiting their full sexual energy. I’d always been friends with this girl, but now she’s just more tapped into her sexual energy as well.

This weekend I came back from Austria, and I was visiting her, and she has a boyfriend. They’re also living together. They’re so adorable. And you know in those late-night conversations with your girls, of course, sex is on the table. She said, “Tia, we’re fucking seven times a week.” And I said, “Yeah, you attracted a man who’s fully living his life, and that’s why he’s so hard and can fuck you all the time.” She said, “Yeah, but you know when people tell you, ‘Oh, yeah, I had sex four times in a day,’ and everybody says, ‘Oh wow’? I had sex seven times and that’s the bare minimum. We fuck every day.” I said, “Yeah, thank you. I don’t even have to explain myself because you’re already saying it.”

Oh, it’s just so amazing. Like everything, Kim. Much love and much gratitude.

KIM: Well, you’re vibrating at such a high frequency that you are just crazy magnetizing all these things that are so much more in alignment with you in every part of your life. It’s incredible. You’ve just done such an amazing job, Tia.

TIA: Thank you, Kim. Another thing is I’ve always been a planner and now I don’t plan anymore, and things just happen. My father, of course, wants a five-year plan. In December, I’m going to come back from Curaçao. It’s a three-month internship. So in 2025, I have no idea, but with this energy, come on, what can happen? Good things are going to come my way and I know it. Yeah.

And my gut feeling and intuition are higher as well. I just know when people come to me. I can read their aura and their energy and say, “I’m not talking with this person. I’m not even going to interact.” Even though I’m very bubbly and very extroverted and I usually socialize with everyone, “Yeah, no, not my cup of tea.”

If an opportunity comes along, I say, “Yeah, this resonates with me, but this doesn’t. No, moving on.” I know better ones are going to come. I don’t have to settle for something because I know a better option is always going to come.

I don’t have fear anymore. Because what is fear? Fear is just an illusion of the future that may or may never happen. You can’t live in fear. That’s not the way.

Oh my God, Kim, I have to keep talking to you. [Laughs] It was so amazing. I think I mentioned everything. There’s so much more, but maybe I can just write you an essay and send it to you.

KIM: We can talk to you again in a year and get an update. Probably in three months you’ll have tons of updates to share. This has been incredible. Thank you so much for sharing all of this. It’s just such an amazing, legendary example of what this life can look like when you’re really being guided and harvesting your sexual energy so that you’re creating your entire life with it. It’s bringing these things to you. All you’re doing is spending this loving, nurturing, sensual time with yourself, and then life and this energy take care of the rest.

TIA: 100%. And I think you’re uplifting other people with it as well. People pick up on that. “Whoa! Wow! Life is beautiful. You can live that. Look, she’s a living example of it.”

Just yesterday I had a taxi driver who said, “No, no, life is …” No, life is beautiful! I was just telling him, “You have to see the beautiful things. Put your rose-colored glasses on and see the world for the beautiful things. Don’t focus on the bad.”

KIM: And go shove this thing up your ass and breathe while you’re masturbating at the same time.

TIA: Oh my God, I also wanted to talk about the anus, but yeah, another time, I guess. [Laughs] The partner that I met in South Africa said, “Baby, can I …” And I said, “This is an erogenous zone for you too. Come on, relax; you’re going to love it!” [Laughs]

A year ago, I would never have put my fingers up someone’s ass.

KIM: Amazing, Tia. Thank you so much.

TIA: Thank you, Kim.

KIM: Keep us posted on all the updates and adventures.

TIA: Yeah. I’m going to text you. Thank you so much for everything. You changed my life. And to anyone listening to this, sign up, guys. Sign up. Invest. Invest in yourself and do the work. It’s not just theory. You have to do it in practice as well. [Laughs]


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