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Squirting 101


In ancient cultures, the act of squirting was considered to be a divine gift bestowed upon a woman’s partner.

She anoints him.

Her very essence, mined from deep within, and only coaxed out by the most sensitive and skilled hand and cock, was a gift.

In fact, the Sanskrit word for a woman’s squirting ejaculate is amrita, which also translates to: the food of the Gods and the nectar of immortality.

To bring a woman to a squirting orgasm (or to squirt without an orgasm—either is possible), is no easy feat.

Not only is a certain phsyical dexterity required, but to access the inner, vaginal heart of a woman, to release that geyser of wildness and fuck within her, is nothing less than an act of consecration.
The Sanskrit word for female squirting ejaculation is:


  1. the food of the Gods
  2. the nectar of immortality

This was known as a potent elixir and one well-earned.

There are a lot of mysteries about squirting.

What is it?

Where does it come from?

Is it just pee?

Can any woman do it?

To learn all about the ancient art of female ejaculation, watch this week’s video: 


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