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My Vagina Healed That!

Heal thyself.

Last week I hosted a LIVE online event called My Vagina Healed That! which featured me and three of our favourite Well-F**ked All Stars sharing on how their sexual energy healed everything from their reproductive ailments, to landing them life-changing multi-million dollar business deals.

True vagina stories.

Each day featured a different topic and all star, and started with me talking about these concepts, and then leading a guided visualization about them, and then had the All Star share their story and take questions from our listeners.

We went much deeper than we usually do in a public forum and the set up gives you a taste of what my online programs—which I call salons—are all about.

Katie was our all star guest for the topic Alchemizing Sexual Trauma into Creativity and Cervical Orgasms.

She shares falling madly in love with herself and her vagina, all of which translated in the healing of her crippling endometriosis and painful period.

In this episode:

    • How Katie went from not even being able to touch her own vagina, and with small, incremental steps overcame her history of abuse, leading to ecstatic orgasms
    • Eradicated her crippling periods and endometriosis through using the VKF healing practices and the jade yoni egg
    • Falling madly in love with herself and her vagina.
    • Experience my guided visualization on “Connecting the Heart, Cervix and Orgasmic Enlightenment”
    • Differences between G-Spot and cervical orgasms
    • Sexual energy and cash: ”We have so much money now we don’t even know what to do with it all!” ~ Katie
    • My experiences having dolphin-gasms. Yes, it’s a thing! At least for me it is. 🙂


My Vagina Healed That! FREE Event. Listen to the Replays.

Quantum Visualizations and Well-F**ked Wisdom

If you missed our rare LIVE and free event from last week, you can still watch the replays of each day’s session. You’ll hear our reality-bending conversations on:

  • Radical self-healing—including cysts, tortuous periods and endometriosis—through using the jade egg and deep throating. We kid you not.
  • Releasing a lifetime of sexual trauma through baby steps of self-exploration
  • From orgasms a few times a year to daily cervical orgasms
  • Manifesting a dream man and dream career with your vagina
  • Evaporating pounds of body weight and “baggage” through orgasms
  • Landing a life-changing multi-million dollar deal through several days of 90-minute oral sex sessions.

All thanks to their vaginas!

These stories are the antidote and inspiration to thinking you’re “just one of those women who can’t.”

If they can, you can.

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