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When You’re Anal, Have More Anal

All the ifs ands and butts.

We’ve all heard the expressions:

“Tight ass.”

“They’ve got a real stick up their ass.”

This is legit urban slang meets deep psychological truth.

These people actually DO need something shoved up their ass.

Anal orgasms are very similar to cervical orgasms in women.

They are transcendent, deep and cosmic.

In men, the G-Spot is the prostate gland, conveniently located in the ass.

It acts as a turbo-booster, deepening the pleasure and the physical—and emotional—intensity of orgasm.

In Anami Land, we look at how to use sex acts as ecstasy AND consciousness-expanding vehicles.

In today’s episode we chat with Well-F**ked All Atar Natalia from her native Poland.

She was a woman who didn’t think The Anami Guarantee, which is “All orgasms for all women” would apply to her.

She was wrong.

In this episode:
  • Anal sex as meditation, to amplify creativity, confidence and flow and the ultimate public speaking tool
  • Falling in love with cock: “Oh my God, I really want to give him another blow job!”
  • The pussy barometer and GPS guiding you toward all things good
  • Cervical orgasms and deep emotional release. Who needs therapy?

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