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6 Tips for Beautiful, Orgasmic Breasts

Activate your breast potential!

In an ideal world, a woman owns and loves what she’s got!

Her breasts are responsive and pleasurable and can even produce nipple-gasms!

However, in a world where most people are very disconnected to their sexual energy and sexual selves, this also shows up as a disconnect in their bodies.

People often are cut off from their sexual power and can feel numb and dissociated from their breasts, vaginas and reproductive organs.

Creating beautiful breasts is a mix of physical and energetic practices.

In this video we explore my top tips for cultivating radiant, orgasmic, pleasurable breasts.

Episode highlights:

02:55 How to increase breast size by 25%
03:58 Breasts are the windows to female orgasm
04:48 Kim’s favorite breast massage oil
05:43 How to sunbathe your breasts for maximum Vitamin D
9:40 Detoxing the breasts
11:53 Best prevention to keep breasts lifted and firm

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