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6 21

Sex Dates Make Cash

If your sex dates aren’t making your rich, what are you even doing? 

If your orgasms aren’t changing your life, are you even having sex?

In Anami Land, your sex dates become sacred, set-in-stone, non-negotiable parts of your life, because you know the benefits they bring.

They are your sanctuary, refuelling station, anti-depressant and anti-anxiety pill, creative inspiration and cash generators all at once.

There is no better all-in-one panacea.

Once you realize that if you are feeling tired, or sad, or overweight, or broke, the best remedy is to orgasm your way out of it, you never go back.

Because you see how your sexual energy impacts every part of your life.

In today’s Well-F**ked All Star interview, we’re speaking with Maureen.

She originally found me because she was looking for an alternative to the menopause narrative and wasn’t interested in taking hormones for the rest of her life.

We explore:

  • Great sex = more cash. Want abundance? Have better, Anami-style sex.
  • HRT, organ removal and menopausal woes vs. being well-fucked and multi-orgasmic in Anami Land
  • Why isn’t everyone having G-Spot orgasms?
  • Sacred sex and God: growing up in the Bible belt and deconstructing childhood beliefs and reconciling being a voraciously sexual woman with the her spiritual path.
  • Passing on healthier sexual ideals to our children
  • Oral sex and swallowing fluids leading to bursts of creative genius
  • Surrendering sexually and spiritually: same same

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You will explore:

  • Reclaiming your sexuality through self-pleasure
  • Becoming a master of your sexual energy, using it to magnetize the most potent opportunities
  • The truth to achieving financial success as a female
  • How ‘cock love’ can transform your relationship and your bank account
  • How to embrace your breasts and bring them back to life as an orgasmic pleasure source
  • All the deeper, life-changing, soul-stretching vaginal orgasms

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