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How to Talk to Children About Sex

One of the topics I get asked about ALL the time is: “How do we talk to our children about sex?”
This question becomes even more crucial to parents, as they begin doing this work of orgasmic enlightenment.

As they see and feel the changes in their own relationships and lives, they wonder:

“How can we present a different view of sexuality to our kids than we received?”

“How can we make it so that they don’t have to go through all of the de-programming that we have?”

If you aren’t guiding your children and modelling a healthy sex life to them, someone else will.

That will likely be through pornography, or the cultural messages of shame, violation and unconsciousness, or the school “sex ed” messages of “sex will kill you and get you pregnant, now off you go”.

The responsibility for educating your children about sex and how to cultivate a healthy, sacred, powerful relationship with it begins with you.

In this video, I chat with our Well-F**ked All Star Couple of the Year, Mark and Amanda. We discuss:

  • How their relationship changed since doing this work and what their children noticed
  • The ways they talk to their children about sex and handle all their questions
  • How they model healthy intimacy in their family
  • The direct connection between the state of their relationship and how it impacts their children: i.e. the more sex they have, the happier EVERYONE in the family is
  • What their children’s reactions are to seeing their parents passionately into each other

Watch the interview now:

Or download and listen on the go: 


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