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Well-F**ked Beauty

Radiantly well-f**ked: beauty from within.

Bye bye Botox!

I talk a lot about the concept of the “well-f**ked woman”.

How this is a tangible quality of radiance, sensuality, confidence and loving oneself that is seen—and felt—by others.

It’s magnetic.

People are drawn to it like moths to the flame.

They may not know exactly what is drawing them, but they are moved nonetheless.

Men gallop across parking lots to get near to it.

People fly across continents at the drop of a hat, to be close to it.

It’s that compelling and attractive.

Even though I dubbed the term “well-f**ked woman” to apply to women, especially, it also applies to men.

Men also radiate—or not— this energy.

Your sexual energy is so powerful that it writes itself all over you.

It can alter your face and your body, more powerfully than any kind of plastic surgery or injectable can.

Your sexual energy is so powerful that it writes itself all over you.

Over the years, I have seen breasts swell, cocks grow, bellies flatten and frown lines disappear.

Women have stopped getting injections like Botox after using their jade egg.

I have seen stubborn weight evaporate off people they had been trying to lose for years fall away in weeks.


The combustion, the fusion of your sexual energy, combined with the love, emotion and surrender, creates the alchemizing power of the HOLY FUCK.

The greatest transformer, changer, up-leveller of energy that we have available to us on this planet.

Here are 9 dimensions of well-f**ked beauty, Anami-style. 

Or download and listen on the go: 

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