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Rewilding Sexuality

How to rewild your sex life. Remove the artifice and reconnect to the primal.

Before I heard the term, “re-wilding”, I used to talk about the process of “de-civilizing”, which I defined as removing all of the false, super-imposed layers of conditioning we’ve taken on over the course of our lives, and leaving in their place, a purer, more authentic version of the self.

So there’s two parts to this journey then:

  1. Removing what isn’t natural and pulls us out of sync.
  2. Adding back into our lives and routines what brings us back into flow and harmony with ourselves and nature.

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you’ll see that I don’t recommend ANY artificial interferences in the sexual realm: that includes lube, Viagra, hormones—whether you want to call them “bioidentical” or not—and all ph-Harma_ceutical drugs.

I believe that pretty much anything can be healed naturally, through a combination of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual work to find the energetic root cause.

In this episode:

  • My top recommendations for what to remove from your sexual repertoire
  • What to add in for optimum sexual health, hormonal balance and life-changing orgasms
  • General rewilding practices I recommend
  • Things I’m especially into right now that I incorporate into my daily routine

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One thought on “Rewilding Sexuality

  1. Kim ~ this has been THE MOST enlightening podcast/talk I’ve ever heard!!!!! Thank you, THANK YOU for speaking so much truth, exposing the manipulation and psych-ops around so much we’ve been told we “should” be doing to our bodies, and sharing how we can be healthy and thrive by just going back to basics – the way we were designed to. Truly thankful for you, especially in these times. o