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Kim’s Three Favorite Healing Modalities

I’m sure you can guess what one of them is!

These are the most powerful healing practices I know, teach and have used for years.

All of them come down to the same principle: heal thyself.

I truly believe and have experienced that the most powerful healing comes from directly within us. The challenge is that the dominant messaging we receive from all aspects of our lives really is the opposite. We are told we are in need of an intermediary and a source outside of us for any kind of healing, such as that a doctor holds the knowledge or the pills or the knife that will deliver us.

All of my work is about showing people the power that exists within them.

Specifically between their legs.

If I do recommend any kind of outside practices, they are all about bringing you back to yourself.

Anything that brings the power back to you and creates independence and resilience, rather than dependence on an outside entity or a substance, is what I am all about.

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KIM: Kim’s three favorite healing modalities. Well, I’m sure you can guess what one of them is!

In this episode, I want to talk about the three most powerful healing practices I have used for years. All of them come down to the same principle: heal thyself.

I truly believe and have experienced that the most powerful healing comes from directly within us. The challenge is that the dominant messaging we receive from all aspects of our lives really is the opposite. We are told we are in need of an intermediary and a source outside of us for any kind of healing. A doctor holds the knowledge or the pills or the knife that will deliver us—that kind of story.

All of my work is about showing people the power that exists within them, specifically between their legs. Or if I do recommend any kind of outside practices, they are all about bringing you back to yourself. Anything that brings the power back to you and creates independence and resilience, rather than dependence on an outside entity or a substance, is what I am all about.

First off, we have nature. I have had a really beautiful relationship with nature for my whole life. When we were growing up, we lived at the edge of a city, and so our backyard was a wilderness. We had a cabin in the middle of the forest that we would go to in the summer and on weekends.

That was always a really big part of my life and the place where I found sanctuary. It was very soothing and balancing and always provided me with a sense of solace and healing, even if I couldn’t articulate what that was at a young age. It was always a big part of my life.

When I was living in the middle of London back in my early twenties, I remember dating this guy who was a local and just asking him to take me out of the city. Take me into the bush. We just took trains and trains and trains [laughs] until we could get to some little patch of nearly nonexistent forest to soothe my nature-craving heart.

That’s always been an instinctive part of me, and now these kinds of things have received more airtime, where we talk about earthing and actually getting your bare feet into the ground. You create this positive charge in your system and very quickly stabilize or recalibrate yourself through doing this and things like breathing oxygen. There’s not as much oxygen in our air these days, and—this is not natural by any means, but it’s more of an analogy—it’s like going into oxygen chambers to breathe oxygen. What a thought! Or just getting out into places in nature where there is a predominance of more oxygen in the air.

There’s a term in Japanese for forest bathing, shinrin-yoku, I think it’s called, something close to that, where they go out into the forest and immerse themselves and receive healing and balancing from being in the forest. They’ve done studies on how it improves outlook and even health.

We have all of these documented things, even the food that we eat. Having food that’s organically grown or, even better, biodynamically grown, which is like organic growing on speed [laughs], on steroids, and getting the energy from the earth directly.

I remember when I had my son, and we were out in the middle of sort of nowhere. My midwife, whose place I was staying at, had beautiful, huge gardens. Every day my partner would bring me in this bowl of greens that had been picked directly out of the earth moments ago.

I feel like that really accelerated the speed of my healing because not only were these foods organic, but they were directly bringing me the life energy of the earth, the plant in its uncompromised direct state.

Even getting into the garden, getting your feet in the earth and your hands in the earth, I think is very therapeutic. I spend a lot of time on my computer, and I’m very aware of balancing out my days by going for beach walks, going surfing, walking through the bush, and getting into the garden. Picking weeds out—even though weeds could be argued to be medicinal in many cases—cleaning out the gardens, doing anything where I can spend time connecting with the earth; I know that that balances out the time that I spend connected to technology.

I spend a lot of time in the sun, and I deliberately go out in the sun between the peak hours of eleven and two. I harvest my vitamin D, and I don’t book appointments during that time. I try not to have any calls during that time because that is my appointment with the sun.

I expose as much skin as I can, and if I’m not able to expose all of my skin, I’ll wear a bikini. But otherwise, I’m really into breast sunning and genital sunning. Asshole sunning has become rather popular lately! From the energetic or Taoist perspective, you can take in all this yang energy as you’re sunning. I think they’ve even shown that testosterone can be increased through getting sun up your butt. So, all good things.

Yeah, the sun is a big part of my life and my healing regime. It’s the opposite of thinking that sunlight damages people’s skin. Getting sunburnt, yes. But gradually creating that tan in your system is actually very medicinal and protective. It protects against cancer. It’s not tanning that’s destructive; it’s burning. If you just gradually increase your exposure day to day, then you’re building up your melatonin. You create this beautiful glow, and you are boosting your health and your immune system all through doing that, with all of that increased vitamin D. And it’s yang energy; it’s really powerful life-force energy.

I’ve gotten into sun gazing lately. I don’t know enough to talk about it in an expert way. There’s information out there; it’s rather controversial in some circles, but other people swear by it. There are entire sects of people who are breatharians and have learned how to extract life-force energy out of the atmosphere or the sun or nature, bypassing food in the process.

These are all definitely extreme sides of the spectrum, but I believe that there’s truth in all of these things, and we’ve just been distracted from these powers and ways to generate free energy and instead have become dependent on outside sources.

I mentioned surfing. I love surfing. It’s one of my favorite things to do on the planet, and there is something so exquisitely beautiful and high-inducing about merging with waves. If we think about waves as carriers of energy and power and merging ourselves with them, learning how to be so in sync and in tune that we can ride them; it is just the most ecstatic feeling.

I’ve met guys in their fifties, sixties even, who have had, let’s just say rock and roll, hard-partying lifestyles, but all through it, they were hard-core surfers. They have the clearest—they all seem to be blue-eyed—blue irises. There’s a whole study called iridology, where you can look at the make up of somebody’s iris. The clumps and specks that you find in there, those are map patterns of ailments happening in the body. These guys, all of them, had the clearest, purest, most piercing blue eyes.

I know people who look at the ocean as their medicine. Rather than going to doctors or specialists, they say, “Oh, I’m feeling such and such; I need to get in the ocean,” and they go into the ocean and they heal themselves. These people don’t have connections or dependencies on allopathic or even natural medicine, apart from that they can direct and connect with the ocean or nature in general.

I’m a big fan of this, and I think that this is knowledge that has been very obscured over time, even when we look at the healing power of plants. It appears to me that the remedy for any ailment that we could ever have as humans is available to us in the plant kingdom, even underwater.

I knew some people working on boats being chartered by pharmaceutical companies to go out into the coral reefs in Indonesia and collect specimens of plant life and coral life to test them so that they could basically steal molecular structures and create their own artificially made medications. There are patents that they can get.

The only reason why herbal medicine has been vilified over the last 100-plus years or so is because you cannot patent herbs. If you know anything about the history of allopathic medicine and its Rockefeller roots, there was a major push to take people out of the realm of natural healing and direct them instead to petroleum-based, chemical-based, pharmaceutical, patentable medicine. That has many side effects, is highly addictive, and doesn’t actually heal anything. It just typically band-aids a problem.

I often refer to it as the allopathic MLM or pyramid scheme marketing plan, which is really what it is, right? They’re just band-aids that often lead to other band-aids. Not to mention that iatrogenic medicine, or allopathic medical error, is the leading cause of death in America. They say statistically it’s the third leading cause, but the problem is that you can’t actually prove it sometimes. Somebody might have had a heart attack from taking medication, and so instead of calling it a side effect of the medication, they just call it death by heart attack. The true number is likely to be number one cause of death.

Contrary to that, you have the plant world, which has the remedies for, I would say, pretty much everything. I didn’t grow up that way. That wasn’t the norm in my family. But when I was in my late teens, I started learning about herbal medicine and studying it and then took that on as my primary healing and balancing modality. I raised our son with that intention. Our first aid kit was herbal medicine and homeopathics. We didn’t use Tylenol or anything like that; that just wasn’t the way of it.

Next up would be—of course, you’re going to guess it—my sexual practices. Our sexual energy is life-force energy, and if you aren’t creating babies with this energy, then you can be creating and manifesting everything you want to build in your life. Use that energy as a rejuvenating and revitalizing tool within your own self and exchange that with your partner.

All of the foundations of my teachings are about conscious sexual practices. How do we use our sexual energy in a way that betters us, that makes us into better people? The big barometric question I always ask is: does sex leave you feeling revitalized, rejuvenated, transformed, ecstatic, and like it changed your life? If it doesn’t, it’s because you’re doing it wrong. That’s not a judgment; it’s just to say that there’s a way to have sex that gives you energy and a way to have sex that takes it away. That makes you want to pass out or have a nap.

My work is all about teaching people how to use their sexual energy in this way that’s conscious and uplifting and has a rebirthing quality on their entire lives.

I discovered this energetic, spiritual quality of rebirthing and self-actualization through my own sexual experimentation when I was younger. My sexual experiences led me to this place of becoming reborn.

I was having cervical orgasms very early on in my sexual experiences, and so that was the benchmark for me. That’s what sex was. It was this complete rebirth and self-realizing. I studied Maslow’s work in high school [laughs], and so I had the terminology for self-actualization. I had these peak experiences that I thought were amazing, and I was having them in sex.

That really set the whole stage for my entire life’s work of what sex is, rather than what we’re told that it is. Then as I learned more about Taoism and Tantra and went through my own deeper experiences, I would have hours and hours of marathon sex and tons of cervical orgasms. I felt that I could fuck my way through my problems, fuck my way through barriers or blockages or traumas that were residually stuck inside of my body or my system or my energy field, and that became a replacement for therapy.

I’m all about therapy and coaching and all kinds of alternative modalities that I’ve explored over the years, but probably one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful, has been conscious sex, sex where you’re harvesting sexual energy, harnessing it, and then channeling it out into your life.

The Taoists mapped out different sexual positions for healing. I talked about that in my video last week on Tantric secrets and what I call Sacred Sexuality. It’s a fantastic video. Go and check it out on my YouTube channel if you haven’t already. Exquisitely beautiful. We found these gorgeous aerialists, acrobatic artists to illustrate a lot of these Tantric ideas, and they did such an absolutely stunning job.

Within that is also the idea of genital strengthening using jade eggs, yoni eggs, men creating pelvic strength through penile lifting exercises; all of that is about amplifying and connecting to the power of your genitals so that they can really work in the fashion that they’re meant to, as your engines, your movers and shakers in life. They become fuelling stations. Your bed is a refuelling station that you use as a couple.

Then your tools, your vehicles, are really your reproductive organs. So many people naturally, because of the way sex is presented in our culture, become cut off from and disassociated from their sexual organs, and that’s why there’s such a focus on reconnection in the work that I do. Because through that disassociation, they can no longer tune into the energies of those things. They can’t properly harvest and use their sexual energy.

The worst-case scenario is they are so disassociated that they literally, physically get these things cut off. Women get breasts cut off or men get prostates cut out or what have you. It’s very common in American life for women to be told that their reproductive organs are disposable. Their uteruses and their ovaries—“No worries, you don’t need that. Your cervix? We’ll just take it out.” I talk about how absolutely not. These are fundamentally important to who we are.

However, if you are somebody who has lost these organs and has been told lies by the medical establishment, you can still tune into the powers of these organs as phantom limbs. I teach techniques to energetically reconnect and heal and still tap those powers. It’s still possible, even if you’ve lost them. I would simply never recommend that people get them removed. There might be some circumstances, but certainly never, ever to the degree that women and men are coerced.

A huge piece is genital strengthening and the whole concept of using your relationship as a power source. I talk about the nature of the “Holy Fuck” and superpowered couples. By applying these principles, then your relationship really becomes this secret weapon, this power source that fuels your entire life. That’s what it was meant to do.

This idea of sex as a minimal part of a relationship or your life is just blasphemy. [Laughs] I would posit that that is an intentionally created taboo and censorship and misinformation that takes the power away from people.

How crazy is that? The most important reproductive power of the whole universe is right at your fingertips, and yet, through the conditioning and the lies and the taboo and the shame and the violations that take place, people are completely cut off from this power source that literally lives within their own body. How crazy is that?

Again, all of my work is about reuniting people with that power. Re-resurrecting people with that power. All of the practices that I do are connected to that, including things like yoni and lingam massage. We have these acupressure point maps all over the genitals and breasts; the cock, the pussy, the vulva, and the breasts are all full of meridian lines and pressure points. By stimulating them, we totally revitalize our entire system. And we heal.

This whole disconnection scenario that I’m talking about, by going through and massaging and reconnecting consciously, both with ourselves and with our partners, we bring these organs back to life and let them integrate and become part of us and the power sources that they were ultimately supposed to be.

Then that leads us into orgasms for self-realization. The deeper, especially in women, cataclysmic, vaginal, cervical, G-spot, ejaculatory orgasms really are essential medicine and a way of becoming who we really are.

Then for men, it’s having expanded, Tantric, hours-long orgasms and learning eventually how to separate orgasm from ejaculation. These are things that are available to every single person on the planet. I always like to reiterate the Anami Guarantee, which is that everyone can. Everyone is capable of having these experiences. It’s not just some select few. It’s the select few that study my work. [Laughs] And a few others apart from that, but everyone, I guarantee, is capable of experiencing these things. They just need the right tools and belief. Then they have to shed the lies and the misinformation and the negative programming that they’ve taken in from the culture at large. And then the whole world is their oyster, sexually, and overall.

The third tool would be meditation. I have practiced meditation for the past 30 years, and I first was taught it through the use of a mantra. There are different styles of meditation. I have primarily used mantras, using different words with high vibrations. Most people are familiar with the word “ohm,” and my number-one tool, my go-to word, is Hu. H-U is an ancient name for God, spirit, energy, the universe, whatever you want to call it. It sounds like the name “Hugh” or the color “hue,” as in [chants Hu].

I’ve been using that word as a mantra and chanting it pretty much every day for 27 or so years.

To me, it’s nonnegotiable. I typically meditate in the morning because that’s easiest to just get it done; it sets the stage for my day, and there’s no way to feel like the day got by and it slipped through my fingers. I tried sometimes doing my primary meditation at night, and I found that it was too easy to let it just kind of fall to the wayside. So, I’ve had that as a habit.

I usually don’t have a very regimented life in terms of places I have to be, but I always leave time to meditate. I don’t leave the house until I meditate.

Lately, over the past year, with all of the craziness going on, I’ve upped my meditation to three times a day now. I do an evening meditation, and then I do a midday meditation. Usually when I go to the beach for my midday suntan, vitamin-D-harvesting break, I will meditate for a while as I’m lying in the sun.

I like to sit up when I meditate, though, so that I don’t fall asleep. But because I consider that middle of the day meditation a bonus round [laughs], I’m okay with lying down. If I drift off a bit, that’s fine.

I have found that this has really helped over the past year for me to keep a really positive outlook on things. I’ve upped my connection to nature in the last year, and I’ve upped my meditation practice. The sexual practices are about the same as they typically are.

Yeah, that has been profound for me. A sidenote here: I think of life as being a spiritual adventure, and the ante has really been upped over the past year-plus.

How do we deal with that? What are the tools we have? For me, that’s upping my game and these practices that I know bring me into the highest parts of myself, give me fortitude and insight, help me to see a bigger picture, and help me to know and remember that there is always a solution. There’s always a solution, and it’s just up to us to find it. Meditation is one of the most amazing ways to open up that inner channel. Whether you consider that you’re connecting to nature or God or the universe or some kind of positive flow and energy that exists, it’s like dipping into a well.

There’s a wonderful story I love about meditation where somebody likens it to this analogy of a Stradivarius violin found hidden in the walls of a home that was being demolished. The violin was centuries-old—are they really that old? I can’t remember—and they put it under this powerful electron microscope and looked at the structure of it.

They looked at it before anyone played it. Then they began playing it daily, and they watched how the violin’s structure changed. When people would miss a day playing it, it would revert back to the structure it had after not being touched for a while.

They used that as an analogy for the power and the benefit of having a daily practice of meditation. Something that continually maintains and ups your game.

You don’t need to spend hours and hours in meditation; my belief is that you can get in and get out and carry on with your life. I was taught that 20 minutes a day is enough. Then ideally, do something before bedtime to really clear and purify your state of consciousness to take you into the dream state in a more positive frame of mind.

That’s how I like to do it, in the morning, and then something in the evening. Maybe not right before bed, but at least a few hours before bed. That also replenishes me for the evening, for that next section of the day. Then I’m doing that suntanning, vitamin D time, as well.

But there are different kinds of ways to meditate. I’ve primarily used the mantra way. I have a whole lexicon of Sanskrit words that I play with and choose from to bring on different qualities that I’m working with in my life, and I’m a huge fan also of guided meditation, guided visualization. Going inside and doing something so that you aren’t just passive in your meditation practice.

Even when I chant, after I do the chant, I will go inside and do something. It’s this concept of creating your world. You start out by raising your vibration, elevating that state of consciousness, and then use your imagination to visualize what you want to bring into your reality.

That’s a big part of what I do personally and in all of my salons and programs. I work a lot with guided visualizations, and I create them and give them to the people in my courses. Even with our crystal elixirs, when you buy one of our Anami Crystal Elixirs in the Anami Alchemia online shop, every one of them comes with a guided visualization to really amplify the power of that elixir.

The Secret, and those books on creating your own reality, are really about how we  have to spend time consciously visualizing what we want to manifest in our lives. If you combine that with revving up and being able to tap into and harness your sexual energy, that potent creative force that we all have—gangbusters. That is the magical combination of how to really get things done in the world.

People who don’t know this are really operating at a deficiency. That’s when I think life can become very difficult because you’re creating based on unconscious patterns and beliefs and ideas, and that’s what’s manifesting in your reality, instead of going inside and being the architect and the creator of whatever you want. Then you have the added power and bonus of your sexual energy as the engine, the absolute super fuel to power everything that you want to do in your life.

I realized early on, nature’s this massive detox mechanism. I remember I was living in the city. It was early in the days of coaching, and I was working a lot and wasn’t taking enough time off, balancing out the work and the play. I grabbed my son and one of his little friends and said, “Look, we’re going out into the country for the weekend.” And we did; we just drove out to this cabin. We got there, and I felt my whole system unwind. For the first day, I could barely move. I was just kind of sitting in the cabin, trying to get them to do indoor things [laughs] because I was exhausted.

But then the next day, I felt this surge of energy and we went out doing all kinds of fun stuff in the woods. Just total resurrection. By the time we went back into the city the next day or maybe the day after that, I just felt totally rejuvenated. I didn’t even have to do anything conscious to detox or cleanse myself. All I had to do was be out in nature.

We went to this little island and right into the wilderness, pretty off the grid. The further off the grid you can get, I think the better. I live someplace that’s not off the grid, but it’s fairly remote. But I always make a point throughout the year of getting fully off-grid in terms of no internet, cell phone, going out on surf trips, on boats, or going out camping into the wilderness where we don’t have signal, and totally getting out of that space, not being around electromagnetic waves, not having that dependency on technology. Not checking email or messages or Instagram, all of that kind of stuff.

I’ve created this lifestyle where my livelihood is connected to the internet, really, but ultimately, I love being able to unplug and get totally out of that realm and back to nature. The natural state of the human.

I believe that nature can pull emotional and physical toxicity out of us like a poultice, like osmosis. It just pulls it out without us having to consciously do it.

All of these things are, I think, are vastly underrated. Meditation has received its due with Harvard studies of reducing stress and its health benefits, which is great; it’s awesome. I don’t know that people fully appreciate it for the dramatic healing or life-changing ability that it really has. Some people do! Probably people who practice it do.

But especially the sexual practices and nature, spending time in nature, I think, are vastly underrated as healing modalities in the modern world. On the contrary, there’s been a massive effort to portray them as incidental or even nasty, to cut people off from the natural world, to downgrade the natural world, or to cut people off from their sexual energy and make it taboo and shameful and yuck. “Oh, that’s disgusting.”

Of course, things can be used in a way that is more base versus a higher, enlightened view of these things, but overall, these, to me, are the gold. The wonderful thing is that they’re all free. Maybe herbs, in the modern day, you pay for them. But they’re all grown. They’re all found in nature, growing for free. All of these things can be done for free.

That’s pretty amazing, and to think that we have access to all of these things if we clear away any barriers that prevent us from really tuning in.

I’ll end on a spiritual parable I was told, which is called “The Acres of Diamonds.” A farmer sets off to find his fortune. He hears about a magical place where there’s buried treasure, and he’s got an inkling where it might be, and so, he sells his land and sets off on this journey. He’s away for years and years and years, and in the end he comes back to his land, I think—I don’t fully remember—and the person who bought his land ends up digging and finds acres of diamonds.

Of course, the lesson there is that it’s all within us or within our reach, even if we get these stories telling us that we need to go on far-flung journeys and do things outside of us and outside of our realm. All that power and those healing tools are directly available to us. We just need to open our minds to the possibility of how to tune into them.

These really are my three biggest go-to tools. I really upped the game with my meditation practice and spending time in nature this year, and I get that for people who haven’t done these things, it might not seem that big a deal. A friend of mine says, “I’m a city girl; I don’t get out into nature,” and I say, “Well, you’re missing out!” [Laughs] Well, I don’t say that; maybe I think it. But they just don’t know what they don’t know.

Because I grew up having those experiences, I know. Then I’ve had them reinforced throughout my adult life as well.

Those are my best suggestions, and some of them need a little bit more direction, like how to use a yoni egg or yoni and lingam massage. It can be great to have some pointers with that, and you can always check out other podcasts of mine, as well as my YouTube videos, where I’ve got instructions on yoni and lingam massage, and of course, the jade egg work. There are lots of videos. My programs go deeper into that, as with all the relationship and sexual stuff.

But other stuff, you can just get your buns out, get your genitals out, or get your bikini or bathing-suit-covered body out and go for nature walks. Go as far out of the city as you can get and go barefoot. Practice going barefoot. Even go out into your yard and do some gardening or walk around or lie in the yard and get into the earth.

The more you do it, the more you just constantly up the level of how good you feel so that that becomes your natural default state, living in ecstasy and bliss.


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