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The Holy F**k

The alchemy and the ecstasy.

You know what my favourite thing about sex is?

You might guess that it’s the orgasms.

Or the pleasure.

Or the connection with my partner.

But no.

Those things are great, and worth the price of admission.

But no.

My favourite thing about sex—really, really good, gourmet sex—is how it changes me as a person.

One of my all time favourite passages in a book, is from a Murakami novel called Norwegian Wood.

“‘What happens when people open their hearts?’

Reiko clasped her hands together on the table, cigarette dangling from her lips. She was enjoying this. ‘They get better,’ she said.”

And that’s it.

Fuck them tll you change them.

This is the essence of the alchemical, life-changing, holy fuck.

My big barometric question to people is always: 

“Is sex a deeply pleasurable, ecstatic, transformative and self-actualizing experience for you? Did it change your life?”  

If not, then you’re doing it wrong. 

This idea of “La petite mort”, the French concept of orgasm as the little death and rebirth, spoke to me early on: 

That sex was a place to transform, change, rebirth, “come to” as in, awaken from a slumber. 

Somehow, I intuited this at an early age—that the fuck was my salvation.

That if I truly gave myself to it, I would be delivered.

I trusted the fuck.

And the fuck hasn’t let me down.

There is an art to the Phoenix fuck, the fuck that changes everything.

In today’s episode we explore the coming together of the spiritual and sexual and the divine alchemy we have at our genitals and fingertips.

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