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Sacred Sexuality and Tantric Secrets

Tantra is the 5000-year-old study of the art of sexuality.

It’s where the spiritual and sexual come together.

In our modern culture, sex and spirituality are very polarized. Yet, ancient cultures saw sex as a springboard to enlightenment.

By consciously tuning into our sexual energy, we could use it to help us reach higher states of consciousness.

No drugs needed!

You can tap the source from within.

When I first read about Tantra in my early 20s, these ideas all reflected my own personal experience, where my orgasms were cataclysmic and transcendent.

I felt like the door between worlds opened up, and I self-realized through sex.

All of my, little self parts fell away, and I came out of it having:

Come to.

Come out.

Come home.

And come together.

In today’s video, I have a spectacular visual treat for you: a gorgeous couple who are illustrating these Tantric principles in touch and dance. Plus:

  • The five primary pillars of Tantra
  • Your keys to creating a sacred sexuality relationship
  • Three famous Tantric sex positions demonstrated
  • Full-body expanded orgasms

Watch the video now:



Or download and listen to the podcast version on the go:


In Coming Together you’ll learn: 

– How to create a sacred, conscious, multi-orgasmic Tantric-style relationship
– Techniques to clear long-standing blocks between you
– Step-by-step guided yoni and lingam massage
– How to achieve full-body and energy orgasms
– Male stamina practices to go the distance
– How to move out of the “buddy zone” with each other into “can’t keep your hands off each other” as a way of life
– G-Spot pleasure for her–and him!
– And much more!

The salon began yesterday, but you may still register until Monday night.

Register now and have better orgasms tonight!

See you on the inside!






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