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3 Secrets to Cervical Orgasms

The most powerful, pleasurable, life-changing orgasms a woman can have.

The cervix.

Often considered the Holy Grail of female orgasms, this is essential life-changing and good-fuck medicine for all women.

ALL women are able to have these orgasms. 

If anyone tells you otherwise, send them and their vaginas to me.

Since these orgasms require such depth of surrender and heart-opening to attain, they truly embody the idea of “la petite mort” or the little death and rebirth for women.

Once you have a cervical orgasm, you’ll never look back.

In this week’s video, I share my three secrets for achieving cervical orgasms.

These are “secrets” because you won’t find this information anywhere else.

While others may give misguided advice, like trying to have sex when your cervix is lower in the vagina (um, doesn’t matter), these tips are what will truly take you over the edge.

Watch and learn! 


The WFW Salon is now open and begins next week!

The WFW Salon features the Anami Orgasmapedia, featuring my step-by-step guides to achieving clitoral, G-Spot and cervical orgasms. Plus:

– How to create your dream life using your sexual energy

– Inhabiting your feminine energy as your ultimate power source

– My guide to self-pleasuring

– How to create a lifelong spark and chemistry in your intimate relationship

– Body love, and block clearing so you can become the innately sensual, high-libido, vixen you really are

– My hottest tips for oral, manual and anal stimulation on him

It’s the “how to live and love in a female body” education you never—but ought to have—had.

Register now!

~K xxx

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8 thoughts on “3 Secrets to Cervical Orgasms

  1. Sooooo..Ive been listening, watching, learning for about 3 days! Last night my husband says to me “I’ve never experienced anything like this!” and we’ve only hit the tip (pun intended) of what’s to come! 🙂

  2. Hi Kim

    I love your views on being a well-fucked woman, and I love the way you explain these concepts in your videos.

    I have a question. You said that all women can achieve cervical orgasm, however, I had cervical cancer and had to have my lady parts removed (luckily, I got to keep my ovaries!!). Is it still possible for me to have this type of orgasm then?

    1. Yes, it totally is! The cervix becomes like a phantom limb. The energetic qualities of it are still there.

  3. I had to have a hysterectomy due to a very large benign tumor which was causing life threatening bleeding. They routinely remove the cervix, so mine is gone. Do you think there are still nerve endings there that relate to cervical stimulation?

  4. I have enjoyed cervical orgasms for many years. The births of my two children were both very quick. The second was so fast, that from first labor pain to birth was barely 20 minutes. Doctors have told me that because of this my cervix entrance “os” is rather large. I have enjoyed my husband stimulating the cervix os during sex once I am suitable aroused for many years, and they are my most intense orgasms. I become extremely vocal during cervix sex, and my husband uses a penis gag on me to lessen the noise.

    1. That’s amazing about your births! Well, the cervix is the gateway, and if yours is happy and flexible, then all the better!

      Thanks for sharing! Wonderful to hear of more women who experience these and how powerful they are. 🙂