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Super-Power Couples

Are you unleashing your superpowers? 

When we think of a couple who evokes this term, what are the characteristics they possess?

For me, it would mean a couple who is:

  • Solidly unified.
  • They’ve merged personally and maybe professionally in some way, or at least both of them have solid accomplishments.
  • They’ve both learned and appear to be “em-powered”; as in, they have direction and control of their lives.

Let’s go further than that.

What’s an Anami Power Couple?

First off, the world Anami means limitless. In Sansrkit, this is the highest level you can go, but beyond that. You keep going and growing infinitely.

So an Anami power couple is all of the above, and more.

The big difference between them and let’s say your “average” power couple is that they are consciously utilizing the power of their sexual connection and channeling that energy out into the world.

It’s more accurate to call them “Superpower Couples”.

This is the kind of couple who you can tell are very in sync. They often complete each other’s thoughts or sentences naturally, you can see and feel the palpable buzz of their sexual energy around them. They now have access to an ease and grace and energy that extends to all parts of their lives, from their health to their careers

They are basically geniuses, hahaha.

I mean this lightly, but I kinda don’t.

I often talk about how harnessing your sexual energy makes you a creative genius.

Because you are tapping into source power.

And now using it in your life.

By doing this, and then doing it with a partner, you launch the creative power of the universe. And then though your love, conscious attention and direction of that desire, you are able to create and re-create the universe anew.

Today’s episode features an interview with one of our Well-F**ked All Star couples, Loren and Chris. Says Loren: “I feel like where I am now, in my business, in my health, is because of our relationship. It’s entirely because of the power of our relationship.”


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3 thoughts on “Super-Power Couples

  1. If you would have someone transcribe your blogs you would have your First Hard copy, Bedside Uploads Book! 😉
    Lu Ann

  2. Thank you for another great podcast. It leaves me excited about the possibilities of a future healthy relationship (when ready) and the exploration of myself, sexuality and resolution of blocks/ patterns and rougher edges in the mean time. I want to feel awesome and step into and really own my ‘power’/ greatness before coming together with someone. I’ve never begun a relationship from the right headspace/ right reasons before. It feels truly exciting to be doing things from a conscious place this time, putting in the self care and also now knowing exactly what I want, taking the time to get ready, rather than be seeking and searching because you are not ‘whole’ yet. You need to fill yourself up first, rather than looking for someone to do that for you. When money allows, I look forward to one day taking your courses. <3