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SOS – Save Our Reproductive Organs


We are in the midst of an epidemic.

Women are losing—and voluntarily parting with—their reproductive organs at an alarming rate.

Mostly because they are being brainwashed by OBGYNs that this is the ONLY way to deal with their physical and sexual imbalances.

Here’s an email we received last week:

“My wife is having her cervix removed, not for reasons of cancer but because she has been told by friends she will not have to deal with severe periods……they are swearing by it!

My problem is that I believe she gets very pleasured by the cervix stimulation….I love how it elongates and changes shapes as she is aroused……..I think it will impact us both sexually……call me selfish but I know it will impact me….Please help.”

Betchourass I’m gonna help.

Breasts, cervixes, uteruses.

Are they really so disposable?

In today’s episode, we’re diving into:

  • Is organ removal really necessary? Are there no other ways to remedy these issues? Um, there are.
  • We discuss how you can heal yourself naturally and keep all your body parts.

We’re also debuting some of our new podcast featurettes:

Well-F**ked All Stars: This week, meet 55-year-old Christine. She was contemplating surgery and instead, found gourmet sex. She now takes masturbation breaks before big business presentations, is wetter than wet (no supposed menopausal dryness here) and her partner complains that “maybe that egg thing is making her TOO tight now”.

The “FUKME”: Underf**ked Casualty of the Week Award: Yes. I’m going there. Who on planet earth is the most underf**ked person in the world right now? Who is trying to infect the rest of the world with their underf**kia disease?

I’ll tell you all about it in the podcast.

I’d love all of you to help me out with this. If you see someone out there who is doing their damndest to obstruct sexual freedom, nominate them for a “FUKME.”

I’ll be sure to give it to them.

Sexual Accoutrements: We highlight a holistic sexual wellness product for you.

The party is on my podcast these days.

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Read the full episode transcript:

Welcome to the Orgasmic Enlightenment Podcast. Today, our topic is SOS, Save Our Reproductive Organs, which is kind of like Zorro. We’re going to be Zorro and cut through the bullshit here.

We are in the midst of an epidemic. Women are losing and voluntarily parting with their reproductive organs at an alarming rate, mostly because they’re being brainwashed by OB/GYNs that this is the only way to deal with their physical and sexual imbalances.

Here’s an email that we received last week: 

“Please help. My wife is having her cervix removed, not for reasons of cancer, but because she has been told by friends that she will not have to deal with severe periods. They are swearing by it. My problem is that I believe she gets very pleasured by the cervical stimulation. I love how it elongates and changes shapes as she is aroused. I think it will impact us both sexually. Call me selfish, but I know that it will impact me. Please help.”

He’s highlighting a very, very important issue, which is cervical orgasms in women, and I often refer to these as the life-changing orgasms. They are essential good-fuck medicine for all women and vaginal orgasms in general are the holy grail of orgasms and in particular, the cervix. While it’s possible for a woman to have a cervical orgasm, even without a cervix, it definitely takes a lot more work and energy. And then you’re dealing with the added trauma of having this very significant body part removed from your anatomy.

The cervix is the epicenter of feminine energy and power. In Taoist sexual reflexology, the cervix is the point for the heart. The emotional quality there is love and openness. Cervical orgasms lead you to these very high, transcendent places. The vagus nerve goes all the way up from the cervix to the crown chakra. Women often describe their cervical orgasms as being these “seeing God” type spiritual rebirthing experiences. That’s why I am such a proponent of women having them and not just stopping short at the clitoris. 

That’s a little bit about the cervix. But the deeper issue is that women are being sold this idea that the easy cure for all things reproductive—difficult periods, difficult menstruation, low desire, growths, hormonal shit—is to take out the reproductive organs and—boom—you will no longer have these problems. You will then be forced to take artificial hormones for the rest of your life to correct these imbalances, but no one seems to mind that, especially the OB/GYNs.

The basic prescription from any OB/GYN is either to remove your internal organs or prescribe some kind of hormonal alteration, the way that they prescribe the birth control pill for everything from difficult periods to teenage acne.

Believe it or not, you do not have to live like this. Menstruation was not meant to be painful and difficult. PMS is not mandatory, and menopause was not meant to be this shriveling up of all of your fluids and sexual desire. Oh, and birth was not meant to be torturous either. In fact, all of these things actually represent spiritual portals that women have access to in these higher states of consciousness.

For example, in First Nations culture, and in other indigenous traditions all over the world, menstruation has been seen for millennia as the time of a woman’s power where she has access to other planes of existence and states of consciousness.

Sweat lodges have become more inclusive of women now, but they were originally intended just for First Nations men because women didn’t need them. They had their menstrual time as this natural opening to access higher states of awareness, but the men had to go to the sweat lodge [laughs] and sweat it out through this act of endurance to try to reach higher places of awareness within themselves.

The whole Western allopathic model doesn’t actually heal people, especially in OB/GYN circles. There are C-sections—and the American rate of C-sections these days is 33 percent—hysterectomies, which are also high up on the most commonly performed surgeries in the U.S., and of course, let’s not forget penis removal, aka circumcision. These top three genital mutilation surgeries—I’m going to call them that because it’s very accurate—have become commonplace. The fact that they have become so acceptable is a testament to OB/GYN brainwashing, because by manufacturing a problem, they can now offer you a solution.

The problem with OB/GYN and Western medicine is that it’s very crisis-based. They’re good at emergency situations and dire, devolved situations, but they’re not at all good at prevention and general holistic care, general care, and prevention of any kind. Once there’s a major issue, then they can step in. They have a role in that situation. Any time before that, they don’t, but then they basically manufacture problems anyway so they can offer you a solution.

Women, when they’re pregnant, are offered the opportunity to have their uteruses cut open as though that’s a much better solution than giving birth to a baby naturally. There’s this whole system of indoctrination to take women away from their own innate power and self-awareness in all of these situations.

OB/GYNs are literally making work for themselves out of women’s misfortune. The whole concept of women having urinary incontinence, having her vagina fall out through pelvic organ prolapse, having C-sections, having medicalized births, cutting out internal organs, circumcision, hysterectomies, all of these things are among the most common surgeries in America.

Look, we’re not shaming people here, but we’re challenging the idea of what we’ve been conditioned to accept as normal. We need to be able to have these conversations. You don’t know what you don’t know and if someone supposedly in a position of authority is telling you that it’s perfectly fine to do these things, you accept that. We’ve been bred to listen obediently. All of our education system is about teaching people how to obey orders and be very good worker bees. Modern medicine is one of the biggest strong-arms of coercing people into following what they say, so we’ve been trained to just listen to the authority in the white lab coat, instead of consulting our own authority and healing mechanisms. 

Today, I was waiting in my holistic dentist’s office and one of the dentists there had written a book about healing. It’s called Heal Up! by Dr. Sanda Moldovan, and they have a clinic here in Beverly Hills, in California, in Los Angeles. She wrote about this person who had a cancer diagnosis and then went back to live in a very unpolluted oxygen-rich area, was out in the sun and outdoors all the time, and healed his cancer through getting the natural healing that’s available to us.

I know that these cases might seem like exceptions and not everyone can do that, and everyone has different factors involved, but I’m making a case for the idea that we can heal ourselves. We don’t need someone outside of us to cut into our bodies. It isn’t even creating healing; it’s creating more distress.

When I was doing my Sexy Mama Salon earlier, I was quite shocked to see how pervasive this idea of medicalized birth has become.

I had my own pregnancy and birth outside of the system, more of a free birthing-type experience, and I did not know how severe and awful things have gotten in the modern medical system. Most women have medicalized births. They have some kind of intervention that is generated within their birth experience and very, very few women have a perfectly natural birth these days. 

Again, this is not about blaming women, but it’s about realizing that we, as a collective, have fallen into this pattern and belief system that takes our power outside of ourselves and gives it to these other people.

Here’s a quote from Dr. Hugh Hodge, an American M.D. He references this the idea of trying to get women on board with giving over their power to OB/GYNs. In 1938, he said, “If these facts can be substantiated, if this information can be promulgated, if females can be induced to believe that their sufferings will be diminished or shortened and their lives and those of their offspring will be safer in the hands of the profession, there will be no further difficulty in establishing the universal practice of obstetrics. All the prejudices of the most ignorant and nervous female, all the innate and acquired feeling of delicacy so characteristic of the sex, will afford no obstacle to the employment of male practitioners.”

There you have it: one of the birthplaces of indoctrination.

Ricki Lake, in her films, The Business of Being Born, especially the first one, talks about these OB/GYN smear campaigns that happened when they were really trying to move women away from having home births. Around the turn of the century, in the early 1900s, I think 99 percent of women were having home births. Then that figure went up around 50 percent by the 1950s, and now 99 percent of women are giving birth in the hospital.

They had campaigns in newspapers. They had billboard-type things that would have a picture of some Italian woman with a kerchief bandana over her head, and the billboard would say, “Would you have this filthy woman deliver your baby?” So they were outright trying to move women out of the home and into the hospital.

There’s been a systematic effort on behalf of OB/GYNs to vilify natural and alternative health practices for decades and to make them seem dangerous, to scare women away from doing these things so as to scare them right into the hospital and into a pair of stirrups, which is essentially to give all their power away.

In my field, I’ve watched the rise of jade yoni eggs become so popular over the past few years. About six years ago, you couldn’t find a vendor. There was one vendor of yoni eggs on the internet and then along came me and my vagina and #ThingsILiftWithMyVagina, and suddenly, yoni eggs are everywhere because, A) They were popularized in this major media campaign, or a couple of them that I had, and B) Women are looking for another way, because they know that, intuitively, they can heal themselves.

When women hear about this power that they can tap into within themselves, they intuitively know that it’s correct. The modern OB/GYN remedy for urinary incontinence is not to do strong weight training and PC muscle-building exercises with the jade egg. I have an incredible success rate with reversing urinary incontinence, often within one week of practice. But no, OB/GYNs’ solution is to sew what they call a vaginal pessary, which is this mesh thing, inside the vagina to try to basically pop it back up. It’s fucking ridiculous. It’s as though you were in the Flintstones’ time of barbaric, crazy, you’ve-got-to-be-fucking-kidding-me medicine.

We are going to go right into the next segment of the show, the FUKME casualty of the week.

Here we talk about one of our lost brothers and sisters who stumbled off the path of sexual fulfillment into a devastating, downward spiral of under-fuckedness. Do not pray for them; have an orgasm for them.

My view is that when we aren’t connected to our sexual energy, we’re operating at a deficiency. This becomes apparent in various unbalanced symptoms, such as depression, irritability, anger, intense mood swings, weight gain, and career and financial doldrums, to name a few of the symptoms of under-fuckia.

In this segment, we’re going to be talking about the most under-fucked person that we can conceive of. The most under-fucked person of the week, or let’s face it, probably the whole year, as I doubt anyone will be able to out under-fuck her, is Jen Gunter. Now, she is an internet troll, and I kind of feel like saying her name is an incantation of evil, like Voldemort. We’re just going to call her Volde for short.

Anyway, this woman is apparently an OB/GYN, but I only ever see her trolling people on the internet. Kind of like those people who get hired by Big Pharma companies to go and harass natural product manufacturers and practitioners. 

Anyway, she’s obsessed with Gwyneth Paltrow and GOOP. Gwyneth is really hot. I can see why she stalks Gwyneth on a regular basis. Gwyneth looks amazing; she’s doing great things in the world. But Volde has written no less than 30 articles condemning various health practices over the years that GOOP has featured on their website. She hates yoni eggs; she hates yoni steaming. Basically, she hates anything that poses no risk or danger whatsoever, but actually helps women in their own lives to heal themselves. She makes all of these sweeping condemnations and attempts to shame and scare women away from these healing modalities. She does it with such vitriol and such total hatred. This unbridled rage, which is actual misplaced sexual passion, is a tell-tale sign of an under-fucked woman or person.

Someone who is under-fucked is channeling all of that repressed energy into random and misplaced direction.

If she truly wanted to help the world and the vaginas in it, a few better places that she could actually channel this energy would be helping women keep their uteruses and not prescribe the birth control pill, which is a Group 1 carcinogen, according to the WHO, placing it in the same class as asbestos and radium. Instead, she could truly find ways to heal women from the inside out, as I do, and as GOOP and Gwyneth Paltrow are attempting to do.

But instead, she chases harmless practitioners and modalities and then tries to scare women into cutting out their body parts. I’m guessing that maybe her uterus removal numbers have gone down and she’s freaking out, thinking that she’s going to be out of business.

I think it’s awesome that Gwyneth Paltrow uses her platform to promote alternative and renegade health and wellness practices.

In contrast, Volde has been trying so hard to prevent women from accessing information to govern their own reproductive health. 

Yeah, she’s our number one under-fucked person of the week and probably for all of 2019. 

Two years ago, she went on this psycho rampage against the innocent little yoni egg. I mean, how many people has the birth control killed or given cancer to? How many people have suffered from the HPV vaccine? But, oh no, let’s not talk about that. Let’s talk about the innocent little yoni egg [laughs] that’s only ever helped women in their bodies and their sexuality.

She came out guns flying two years ago, criticizing the yoni egg, trying to tell people it was a bad idea. And actually, it’s the equivalent to the Dr. Kegel-invented exercise of using a device inside the vagina. It’s actually OB/GYN endorsed and scientifically proven.

I issued this Volde woman a $100,000 wager that my vaginas could outperform whores—whores?! [Laughs] Hers! [Laughs] It probably could outperform whores, not that I have anything against whores, but whatever, slip of the tongue. I said that my vaginas, if we were to do a side- by-side comparison of her clientele or patients and my clientele/patients, would excel in every area from libido to lubrication to orgasm to menstruation, menstrual PMS, menopausal issues, to overall satisfaction in their sex life, all of these things. Urinary incontinence, POP situations, I said all of my vaginas would do so much better and I was willing to bet $100,000 on it, but she never took me up on the bet.

My work actually works. I have seen this over and over and over again, women healing themselves naturally; getting their power back; reversing urinary incontinence, often within a week or a few weeks of using the egg; increasing their libido and their lubrication; going from being nonorgasmic or only having clitoral orgasms to having regular, on-demand, G-spot orgasms and ejaculations, cervical orgasms, anal orgasms, nipple-gasms, and energy orgasms.

I’ve seen women have easy and pleasurable childbirths where midwives comment that these were the easiest births they’ve ever seen. I’ve had women save their marriages and have easy, pleasurable, and symptomless menstruation and menopause, which brings us to—

Well-F**ked Woman All-Stars!

In this segment of the show, we interview someone who has truly done the work of internal sexual transformation. So much so that we’ve placed them in the Well-F**ked Hall of Fame! This week we have Christine, who is a mother of five. She’s in her fifties and she is definitely qualified as a Well-F**ked All-Star.

Christine is a legendary member of the Well-F**ked Hall of Fame! We’re going to talk to her today about some of her experiences. Welcome, Christine.

CHRISTINE: Thank you! 

KIM: Tell us about yourself. How old are you?

CHRISTINE: I actually turned 55 this week.

KIM: Congratulations! Happy birthday!

CHRISTINE: Thank you. Thank you. I’m divorced. I’m in a relationship. I hold a pretty significant position at work. And I use sexuality to my advantage.

KIM: Awesome. How would you say you do that? First of all, I know that you were married for a while and then you became divorced. How long were you married for and when did you divorce?

CHRISTINE: I was married for 13 years. Then I went through an ugly divorce. I met you along the path of going through a divorce. You got me using the jade egg and with that, I really started to own myself again, thinking, “This is my body, myself, and what am I going to learn from this?” It was quite an amazing adventure.

I call it pussy power. When I got to court, I totally owned my internal self and my external self. If I think about what’s inside of me and what it can do, that just gives me total control over a situation. When I actually went to court, I felt powerful. There was clarity; I was connected; I was confident. It gave me courage. That’s how that part started. 

KIM: How do you draw that parallel between your vagina and the egg and your sexuality and you?

CHRISTINE: I’ve always had a strong exterior in the sense that people always thought I was so confident. But really, I was weak inside in terms of my insecurities. And once I was using the jade egg—and it took a little bit of time because I had to make time for it—I could actually connect my inner to my outer and the energy that was produced from my mind to my soul to my fingertips to everywhere.

KIM: Beautiful. That’s how we talk about sexual energy, as being this tangible source of energy that revitalizes your body and your emotions and even your psychological output and your spirit. Once we get in touch with it, we can actually feel that in ourselves. That’s fantastic.

CHRISTINE: Yeah. That is absolutely so true. When I first met you, I wondered, what is this? Is this hocus-pocus? But just going through it, it is so real. Even to this day, before I have to give a speech at work to hundreds of people or if I’m going into a real tough negotiation, I will masturbate just to get that power.

KIM: [Laughs] I love it! The secret weapon of The Well-F**ked Woman! Same thing. I know that if I have a speech or a presentation, I’ll spend a few minutes and stimulate myself and then off I go to the races.

CHRISTINE: It’s amazing!

KIM: Yeah, that’s fantastic. You were telling me another humorous anecdote about using the jade egg. I love this especially because you’re a woman who is in her early fifties, and a lot of women think that by this stage, they’ve had children, and their vaginas are a lost cause. That’s pretty much the dominant paradigm of their culture. You were using the egg and a partner had a particular complaint. What was that complaint?

CHRISTINE: I was getting too tight. [Laughs] 

KIM: [Laughs] 

CHRISTINE: And that is very true. Actually, in my late forties and when I was starting to use the egg, I had actually considered surgery in the sense of having a pelvic bladder sling put in because of coughing leakage. When I ran I would always leak. But after using the jade egg, it’s 100 percent gone.

KIM: That’s fantastic. We hear that so much from women, that even just a small amount of practice with the egg will eliminate urinary incontinence. I’ve had women eliminate it within a week of using the egg, where they’ve had it for 20 years. It’s miraculous. I think it goes from zero conscious use to conscious use and it’s that radical of a result.

CHRISTINE: Absolutely.

KIM: I remember you sending me an email where you said, “Okay, there’s this thing that’s happening when I’m having sex and I start to cry, and nothing is wrong. It feels more like a release, but my partner is worried about it and I don’t know what’s going on.” What did I write back to you on what was really happening with you there?

CHRISTINE: Well, there was nothing wrong. That was a cervical orgasm that was occurring, rumbling through my entire self.

KIM: Right. Through all of this work and focusing on sexuality, I talk about cervical orgasms as being necessary daily medicine for women. This is something they really need to connect to that deeper part of themselves and tap into that powerful energy. I just had to chuckle when I got that email from you when you were a bit worried. I said, “Girl! You’re having a cervical orgasm!” [Laughs] 

CHRISTINE: Yes, totally. Now, with my partner, I said, “You have got to do this, so I have this kind of orgasm.” At first, with him it was also, “Are you okay?” Damn right I’m okay. Let’s keep going! I look forward to it now.

KIM: I have this little axiom. I say “when she cries, fuck her harder.” If your woman is crying during sex, you need to keep going and make her cry harder and then you know that you have fucked her tremendously.

CHRISTINE: Totally. It’s like a spiritual cleanse. It’s amazing.

KIM: Yeah. I wanted to just circle back to that story because you had that courtroom experience and you said you felt really empowered and you were also actually victorious in that. You said you felt that helped you to get to the place of victory in that situation.

CHRISTINE: Absolutely. I had the sense of vaginal empowerment, the pussy power full on, and going into the court, it was just so solid. I was so strong and there were a lot of ugly accusations. I just stood my ground. I had a woman lawyer that was with me and we were going against my ex and a male lawyer. The two of us together, it was just girl power. 

I remember stimulating myself in the bathroom right before. I thought, “I’m going full-on here. We have got it, this is it! I’ve got one chance—let’s go, girl!”

KIM: [Laughs] Amazing! I love it! Is there anything else you want to throw into the mix for people to know about what’s possible for them and what you can achieve through your conscious sexual direction?

CHRISTINE: Absolutely. I think how wet I am. I’m going to be a 55-year-old woman, and when I stimulate, lubrication is zero problem. I could probably produce a liter of liquid sometimes.

And in the past three years, I’ve been squirting. That was new for me. It was like, whoa! Look at this! This is totally fun!

KIM: Fabulous! She’s now a squirter as well.


KIM: That’s one of the big things we say: circulation equals lubrication equals ejaculation. Most women have under-functioning, weak, flabby vaginas and so when they strengthen them with the jade egg practice, then the circulation gets flowing, the oxygen gets flowing, and so the fluids get flowing. When you have that stronger vagina, you can actually push out the ejaculate as well. Well done, Well-F**ked All-Star!

CHRISTINE: Thank you. [Laughs] 

KIM: I love it. And in your fifties, to boot. That’s absolutely wonderful. I love hearing this.

CHRISTINE: I can hardly wait until I’m 60! Who knows what I’ll discover by then!

KIM: That’s amazing. And would you say you’ve had any issues with menopausal symptoms?

CHRISTINE: No. I went through menopause, and no. It’s amazing. I probably had some sweats, but otherwise, I didn’t have what I’ve watched so many of my girlfriends go through. Absolutely not. 

KIM: All right, lady. Keep up the awesome, awesome sexual exploration and good work. Thanks for being here and sharing this with us.

CHRISTINE: Thank you!

Now it’s time for the Notorious EGG.

By the way, I saw the Ruth Bader Ginsburg documentary on the plane the other day. Wow, that’s amazing. I’m in love with her. What a true renegade spirit. Not that she’s a sexual all-star but she’s fighting for these rights and freedoms, which is incredible.

Anyway, in this section of the show, this is where we highlight sexual wellness products to lubricate and accelerate your journey to gourmet sex. Of course, this week it’s all about the egg. You know that Notorious EGG that’s been lighting up Instagram over the last few weeks? I light up vaginas all over the world. Yes, the jade yoni egg.

When you see me lifting these objects in various locales all over the world, I’m using a jade yoni egg that’s inside the vagina. There’s a hole drilled through the egg. A string comes out through it. The egg goes up inside my vagina. The string comes down and that’s where I attach any number of objects to it, from chandeliers to coconuts to papayas and mangos. I really have a thing for tropical fruit. Mangos, pineapples, anything that I think would be fun and interesting to lift with my vagina.

That campaign came about four years ago now and it got global acclaim and so much positive feedback all over the planet because women are hungry to reconnect with the sexuality and their vaginas.

As I’ve mentioned, the yoni egg is actually the original Kegel exercise, which is meant to be performed with a device inside the vagina. When women are told to do their vaginal Kegel exercises by flapping their vaginas at random in the wind, that isn’t actually a Kegel exercise. The original exercise used a Kegel perineometer, which was a device that went in the vagina to provide feedback and resistance, just like any other weight-training exercise.

That’s what the egg does and the way that I teach it, because of my holistic slant, I’m always looking at the whole dimensional picture, so physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual. When we look at all of those areas, that’s when we actually effect permanent healing.

For years, as all of this fanfare was happening about the yoni egg, we would get people emailing us every single day looking for eggs and I refused to sell them because I didn’t want to just sell an egg by itself and have people running around with misinformation about how to use it, which is basically what happened. That scandal about the egg that happened a couple of years ago was because some information that was put out wasn’t super responsible, telling women to wear the egg all day or to sleep with the egg inside them. The only people who tell you to do that are people who don’t know much about how to use the egg and are just trying to make their quick $50 or whatever it is.

I have only ever sold the egg as part of my eight-week Vaginal Kung Fu Salon, which is a whole sexual, emotional, psychological, spiritual, physical rehabilitation, where you’re guided step by step in how to use the yoni egg and heal. Sexual stuckness manifests as blockages and symptoms like PMS, difficult menopause, low libido, and lack of lubrication. Part of this stuff is physical, but a much greater amount of it is actually energetic, where you’ve had trauma in your life, and you haven’t healed it.

The egg works on the physical component, to actually create more strength and circulation in the vagina, which is the number one physical reason why women don’t lubricate, especially as they get older. They’ve got less and less muscle tone in their vaginas and lubrication is from circulation. When you have blood flow and oxygen flow, all of your hormones flow better, and your fluids flow better. 

That’s the number one physical benefit. That and preventing and reversing urinary incontinence.

When Kegel had his practice, he had a 90 percent success rate in treating urinary incontinence using his device. And as soon as he stopped using the device—no, not him, but other people who soon adapted the exercise—the success rate fell by 50 percent immediately.

Using the egg is actually the original exercise and I did another podcast/video on this recently, if you want to go and check more about that.

The way that I work with the egg is by doing guided .mp3 exercises with women every week. We look at how to activate your ovaries, your uterus, your cervix, your breasts, all as part of this full expression of your sexual energy. As I always say, if you’re not tuned into your sexual energy, then you’re operating at a deficiency and you become one of these under-fucked people who have constant road rage and bitterness and anger about things. It’s like the example of the woman I mentioned earlier, the incarnation of evil, who is trying to stop women from having this power, which is just shocking to me.

But those are the symptoms of this imbalance of sexual energy and it comes out in all these awful ways, which we’ve seen in people in religious circles who are prevented from having any kind of sexual expression. So it comes out in all of these untoward, completely inappropriate ways.

I sell the yoni egg through the eight-week Vaginal Kung Fu Salon, which is actually available right now. It’s open for registration until the end of next week, which would be February 1, and then after that, the program shuts down until next year. I only offer that once a year.

Because of that and because I got frustrated with seeing so many people not having access to proper instructions, I decided to create a mini Salonette. You can buy the egg kit and it comes with five different videos of instructions and information, three or four guided mp3 exercises on how to use the egg, and three different guided visualizations to help you energetically connect to your sexual power. We sell it in my Anami Alchemia online shop. 

You can purchase that anytime and if you then later decide that you want to take the full eight-week program, you can get a $200 credit towards the program when it runs, so say the following year. You can study by yourself in your own time with the egg kit in the Salonette in my Anami Alchemia shop, or you can sign up for the eight-week salon if you do so in the next week.

Ultimately, the egg has become one of the most powerful tools in my regimen and clearly it’s caught fire because it’s become such a global icon [laughs] for becoming more in tune with your own body, getting to know your own vagina, strengthening yourself, and getting in tune with your sexual energy. The egg is incredible for all that, and of course, all of the attendant exercises that go along with it.

In conclusion, in terms of today’s topic, which is Save Our Reproductive Organs, if you want to see more evidence of people who have had radical success stories, go to KimAnami.com/loveletters. I have hundreds of stories of people who have healed themselves through getting in touch with their sexual energy, taking a good, clean, honest look at themselves, and committing to the process of healing.

All of these things that I’ve spoken about, reversing PMS and difficult menstruation, women who are menopausal and gushing like Christine in the story that we heard earlier, they are having incredible results. Libido increasing, marriages being saved, women who are able to start their own weight-lifting practices, reversing urinary incontinence. All of these things are highlighted. You can select a filter to check out the different qualities of results and pull them up and see the people in the flesh who have had these experiences.

All this to say that there are other ways of healing yourself. I’ve experienced increasing censorship around my work and around sexuality over the past few years. Facebook censors sexuality heavily and because Facebook bought Instagram, now Instagram is quite heavily censored. I’m hoping that here on iTunes or in my podcast, I’m going to have a more free and open platform to be able to speak about these things, because I’m getting cut off in other places.

On YouTube, we had a video that was age restricted because we talked about sexual healing foods. [Laughs] So, go figure. But the onslaught is there and my view on why it’s there is because people who are truly in touch with their sexual power become a force to be reckoned with. You self-actualize. You become more of who you really are. You don’t give a shit. You start to self-define in a way where you throw off the conditioning that you’ve been raised with. It’s been imprinted upon you and you become more of your true self and occupy more of your true power. If we have nations and countries and civilizations where people are doing that, they’re not just obedient worker bees anymore. They have thoughts and independent minds and the ability to forge their own destiny. 

I might sound a bit conspiracy theorist, but once you start to see the level of censorship that’s going on out there—then you know. I see over and over again the kind of results that people get when they occupy their sexual power, and it’s radical. They go from being contracted, repressed, suffering, self-inflicted, or self-acknowledged victims, to fully empowered, confident, achieving, out-there, expressive beings. That’s what my work is all about, is people tuning into that power.

The work really goes within. The whole paradigm of allopathic “medicine” is about Band-Aids. Holistic work is about peeling off the layers and trying to get to the deeper root cause of what’s going on. My work is all about looking at the body and sexuality as a metaphor. If a woman is not lubricating in her sexual expression, where is she not in the flow in her life? Where is she not flowing? Where has she stopped that expression? What has she curtailed in her emotional expression or her sexual expression and her life expression? There are these incredible parallels between your outer way of being and who you are in bed—or the couch or the kitchen table or the back of the car, wherever you want to be.

Those are the sorts of perspectives that I look for and that’s the great joy that I get in my work, helping people find those things and then lifting them to become the people they’re truly meant to be.

Thank you so much for listening. Subscribe and also leave a review, then send someone else the gift of a healthy libido and an off-the-chart love life by sharing this episode with them. We’ll be back next week. In the meantime, many happy orgasms.

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14 thoughts on “SOS – Save Our Reproductive Organs

  1. I am in tears wishing that I would have found you 2 months ago. I’m 39 and this past December I had a total hysterectomy and regretting my decision every day and more and more as I listen to your podcast and watch your videos. I ordered the “Golden Vagina” cleanse and can’t wait to start using it.

    1. Welcome! I am so glad you are here! My philosophy is that everything is heal-able, even after a situation like this. Meaning, it’s possible to recover and reclaim one’s sexual energy, identity, sensations and orgasms. The key is healing whatever led to the condition to begin with.

      That’s so awesome that you ordered the Cleanse! Let me know how it goes! xxxxx

  2. Hi Kim, as usual you have absolutely nailed it with these podcasts – loving it to the max! Burst out laughing when you called her “Voldy” (being a major Harry Potter fan, I appreciate the reference 😉 Love how you keep it real, honest, and hilarious (I seriously think you can do stand up comedy?!) You are such a natural 🙂

    Anyways grateful to you and your work, and for continuing to share this powerful message and empower women all over the world. Thank you – lots of love and gratitude xox

    1. Haha! Thank you so much! Your love and support means a lot and I’m so glad to hear you are enjoying the podcast. xxxxxx

  3. Greetings Kim,

    Hope everything is going well as expected. There is much here about young people’s sexual health. However, I see very little about older people’s 50+yrs, health. Also, is there any solutions for painful sex post hysterectomy? Inquiring minds want to know??

    1. Did you listen to the podcast?

      The interview featured in it is with a 55-year-old woman who was going to have surgery and instead used natural methods to overcome her issues. Mainly: sex and the jade yoni egg.

      I address these issues all the time and cover them in-depth in my salons, like Vaginal Kung Fu: https://kimanami.com/vaginal-kung-fu/

  4. Love the content. Yay! Yay! Yay! Thank you soooooo much for being REAL. I will pray for the OBGYN Lady to find peace with her pussy. Keepin’ it Juicy in TX. VKF class of 2018
    Lu Ann