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SOS – Save Our Reproductive Organs


We are in the midst of an epidemic.

Women are losing—and voluntarily parting with—their reproductive organs at an alarming rate.

Mostly because they are being brainwashed by OBGYNs that this is the ONLY way to deal with their physical and sexual imbalances.

Here’s an email we received last week:

“My wife is having her cervix removed, not for reasons of cancer but because she has been told by friends she will not have to deal with severe periods……they are swearing by it!

My problem is that I believe she gets very pleasured by the cervix stimulation….I love how it elongates and changes shapes as she is aroused……..I think it will impact us both sexually……call me selfish but I know it will impact me….Please help.”

Betchourass I’m gonna help.

Breasts, cervixes, uteruses.

Are they really so disposable?

In today’s episode, we’re diving into:

  • Is organ removal really necessary? Are there no other ways to remedy these issues? Um, there are.
  • We discuss how you can heal yourself naturally and keep all your body parts.

We’re also debuting some of our new podcast featurettes:

Well-F**ked All Stars: This week, meet 55-year-old Christine. She was contemplating surgery and instead, found gourmet sex. She now takes masturbation breaks before big business presentations, is wetter than wet (no supposed menopausal dryness here) and her partner complains that “maybe that egg thing is making her TOO tight now”.

The “FUKME”: Underf**ked Casualty of the Week Award: Yes. I’m going there. Who on planet earth is the most underf**ked person in the world right now? Who is trying to infect the rest of the world with their underf**kia disease?

I’ll tell you all about it in the podcast.

I’d love all of you to help me out with this. If you see someone out there who is doing their damndest to obstruct sexual freedom, nominate them for a “FUKME.”

I’ll be sure to give it to them.

Sexual Accoutrements: We highlight a holistic sexual wellness product for you.

The party is on my podcast these days.

Listen and comment here or download on:



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14 thoughts on “SOS – Save Our Reproductive Organs

  1. I am in tears wishing that I would have found you 2 months ago. I’m 39 and this past December I had a total hysterectomy and regretting my decision every day and more and more as I listen to your podcast and watch your videos. I ordered the “Golden Vagina” cleanse and can’t wait to start using it.

    1. Welcome! I am so glad you are here! My philosophy is that everything is heal-able, even after a situation like this. Meaning, it’s possible to recover and reclaim one’s sexual energy, identity, sensations and orgasms. The key is healing whatever led to the condition to begin with.

      That’s so awesome that you ordered the Cleanse! Let me know how it goes! xxxxx

  2. Hi Kim, as usual you have absolutely nailed it with these podcasts – loving it to the max! Burst out laughing when you called her “Voldy” (being a major Harry Potter fan, I appreciate the reference 😉 Love how you keep it real, honest, and hilarious (I seriously think you can do stand up comedy?!) You are such a natural 🙂

    Anyways grateful to you and your work, and for continuing to share this powerful message and empower women all over the world. Thank you – lots of love and gratitude xox

    1. Haha! Thank you so much! Your love and support means a lot and I’m so glad to hear you are enjoying the podcast. xxxxxx

  3. Greetings Kim,

    Hope everything is going well as expected. There is much here about young people’s sexual health. However, I see very little about older people’s 50+yrs, health. Also, is there any solutions for painful sex post hysterectomy? Inquiring minds want to know??

    1. Did you listen to the podcast?

      The interview featured in it is with a 55-year-old woman who was going to have surgery and instead used natural methods to overcome her issues. Mainly: sex and the jade yoni egg.

      I address these issues all the time and cover them in-depth in my salons, like Vaginal Kung Fu:

  4. Love the content. Yay! Yay! Yay! Thank you soooooo much for being REAL. I will pray for the OBGYN Lady to find peace with her pussy. Keepin’ it Juicy in TX. VKF class of 2018
    Lu Ann