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The $100,000 Vagina

Jen Gunter. I Challenge You to a Vagina-Off.

$100,000 USD says my vaginas are happier, healthier and stronger than yours.

We’ll get to our gentle-womanly wager in a moment. First things first.

As the owner of the (second) strongest vagina in the world—you may have seen me and my vagina travel the planet, lifting objects and showing people what strong, empowered and happy vaginas can do—I need to school you in a few things jade egg.

I’m a 20-year-committed practitioner and teacher of jade/yoni egg vaginal strengthening.

You’ve come out with some correct and incorrect statements about jade eggs.

Let’s “wield the lasso of truth”, as you like to say, and set things straight.

“Jade eggs are not meant to be worn all day or night.”


The main reason for using the egg is to increase vaginal strength. If the egg simply stays put without any effort on the vagina’s part, it’s not building any strength or generating any physiological benefit.

Or, if a woman is clenching it constantly, she is engaging muscles that need to rest in-between firing. This isn’t good either.

The best way to practice is to have full, conscious attention on the vagina and the egg for 10-15 minutes a session. Using specific vagina-cises even three times a week will give a woman and her vagina the benefits she is looking for.

The Goop article you based your comments on said to do otherwise. I—like you—take issue with that. I would never give people the advice to “wear” eggs all day or night.

“Jade eggs are porous and harbour bacteria.”

Jade and other crystals used for a yoni egg practice are hard, polished, smooth stones.

Jade eggs are cleansed before and after use and only employed for short periods of time—like 10-15 minutes, as I mentioned above.

There are far more porous and bacteria-laden things out there that go into vaginas regularly:

Penises. Hands. Sex toys.

Does your partner sterilize his penis before entering you?

I have Tantric sex for hours—and I mean hours—on end. Am I at risk for toxic shock???

Like you’ve said before, the vagina is a powerful, self-cleaning apparatus. While we obviously don’t want to over-challenge it, any minuscule amount of bacteria it does encounter from such objects is negligible.

“OBGYNs and ‘experts’ say yoni eggs are dangerous and advise against them.”

Hmm. Really?

Plenty of female health specialists recommend jade yoni eggs to their patients and clients: OBGYNs, general physicians, naturopaths, midwives, doulas and postpartum educators.

You know, people who know vaginas intimately.

OBGYN Dr. Christiane Northrup, NY Times bestselling author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom and probably one of, if not the most, well-known and respected OBGYNs out there, suggests women use jade eggs and endorses my Vaginal Kung Fu Salon (my online course in how to use the jade egg).

She is one of many.

“There is no science behind jade egg use.”

Wrong again.

There’s lots.

The jade egg practice more closely resembles an actual Kegel exercise—the one that Dr. Arnold Kegel created in 1947 to help women with urinary incontinence and had a 90% success rate with—than what incorrectly passes for a Kegel today.

You know how you and many OBGYNs tell women to “Do Your Kegels!” and squeeze their vaginas a bunch of times, randomly flapping them in the wind?

That isn’t a Kegel.

A true Kegel exercise involves inserting a device into the vagina—for resistance and feedback.

Just like lifting weights. You don’t air lift, do you?

No. That would be silly. And a waste of time.

You pick up a dumbbell and contract and relax. The weight provides resistance and feedback, just like one would seek out in any weight lifting regimen.

THAT is correct Kegel exercise. And that is the jade egg practice.

The jade egg workout pre-dates Kegel exercises by 5000 years.

Yes, 5000 years ago, jade eggs were used by courtesans in the emperor’s court of ancient China for strength, articulation and pleasure.

Weights can then be attached on the end of the egg to adjust the level of resistance.

However, most OBGYNs incorrectly tell their patients to randomly flap their vaginas in the wind, with nothing inside of their vaginas.

No wonder up to 65% of women these days suffer from urinary incontinence and 50% of women experience POP (pelvic organ prolapse) after childbirth, according to the Yale University School of Medicine.

These statistics are appalling. Clearly something isn’t working.

Which is why Goop sold out of all of their jade eggs in hours. Women are looking for another way.

One that actually works and is based in fact and science.

Oh, and just because something hasn’t been “scientifically proven” doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.

All it means is that no one has funded a study to prove that it works.

Which brings me to my wager.

Let’s be clear, we already know—and you’ve agreed—that pelvic floor strengthening works for everything from incontinence to improving orgasms, which is what the jade egg does.

But let’s have some fun here. Let’s directly address the jade egg.

Inspired by you, I’m going to commission a “scientific study” to show the effects specifically of the jade egg practice and how I teach it.

I’ve already had thousands of happy vaginas go through my programs, lubricating and ejaculating their way across the planet, but let’s document it. Why not?

I am so confident of the phenomenal results that will be shown, I’m willing to bet $100,000- that my vaginas will surpass yours in all of these areas:

  • Orgasms
  • Natural lubrication
  • Ejaculation
  • Sexual pleasure and sensation
  • Overall rejuvenation of their sex lives and thus their relationships/marriages
  • Libido
  • Reversal of urinary stress incontinence
  • Improvement in PMS, difficult periods and menopause

I’m saying if we were to compare client vaginas, my vaginas would kick your vaginas’ asses.

Here are the ground rules though: no cheating.


  • 1) No surgery. You can’t remove someone’s uterus or ovaries and now say that they are having trouble-free periods, when now they can’t even have a period.
  • 2) No drugs, herbs, supplements or hormones. Again, you can’t put someone on synthetic hormones and now claim that you have balanced their hormones.
  • 3) No artificial lubricant. You can’t say that your vaginas are now wet, because you’ve put some KY Jelly inside of them.

$100,000 USD says I’m right.

So put your money where your vagina is.

~ Kim #thingsiliftwithmyvagina

Image: Me and my Oscar-winning vagina on Hollywood Boulevard, symbolically standing on the star of Hedy Lamarr—because beauty, brains and vagina are where it’s at. 

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35 thoughts on “The $100,000 Vagina

  1. Circumcision.

    Don’t forget that OB/GYNs have been mutilating boys and the men they grow into in the land of “liberty and freedom”, the USA for decades upon decades.

    It’s dehumanizing, degrading, humiliating, and traumatizing.

    Any child development savvy person knows that the body keeps the score – the body remembers the trauma. It’s subconscious and somatic, but it can be consciously experienced through Somatic Experiencing, when processing that childhood trauma.

    Foregen is a biotech company that is REGROWING FORESKINS, and fully reversing circumcision.



    The mainstream medical establishment is disgusting hot garbage.

    Boys are treated like slaves to mark, cattle to brand.

    OB/GYNs are nothing but traumatizers and mutilators. Pediatricians, too, and any nurse that assists in the degradation and mutilation of newborn.

  2. YESS!!! Jaya Saxena wrote a terrible article on the eggs as well. She didn’t even use them properly, bleh. @jayasax do you hear Kim? Would love Jen Gunter to take the wager. She would definitely lose.

    Love this part:
    “Oh, and just because something hasn’t been “scientifically proven” doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.
    All it means is that no one has funded a study to prove that it works.”

    Reminds me how everyone said meditation didn’t work and was “woo-woo” and now there have been funded studies, “proving” what ancient traditions have been saying for 5,000 years. The Jade Egg is no different.

    1. It’s amazing how many women out there have no idea how their own vaginas work; especially those deemed to be “experts”.

      Although, maybe we ought to redefine the word “expert” to differentiate between those who have genuine, earned expertise, vs. those who are hired WHO-res, parroting whatever narrative they are paid to espouse.

  3. Thank you, dearest Kim for your TRUTH, your Love and your tremendous caring for all of us that we may know the real knowledge!

  4. KIm, I agree with the work you keep it up. . . Your approach / methods are safe and effective, time tested. It takes science and allopathic medicine decades or longer to catch-up. Be Well, Paul

  5. Go, Kim! Goddess bless you and your clear, strong voice for women’s empowerment. Pelvic floor muscles are meant to be used and engaged. So sad that doctors discourage healthful practices because they are brainwashed and afraid. May the vagina revolution continue. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks Suzanne! Appreciate your continued support of my and the mission! And how you’ve taken up the cause. 🙂 Kx

  6. Thanks, never heard about the jade egg. Total new information. I’ve read about the kegel exercises, but this seems more logical. Not sure if i wanna shoot pingpong balls out of my vagina…….

  7. You’ve laid down the gauntlet but could we get her to print a retraction and correction! I think we should recruit her to take the challenge. Lol I haven’t even started vkf yet but it starts soon and I’m so excited. I’ve been using the jade egg, following things I’ve read or found waiting for Kim’s next Vaginal Kung Fu Salon to start and I’m sooooo excited. Because it’s really so much more than sexual too. It’s just awesome.

    Let’s get these women to collaborate. Get these scientific studies rolling cause until they’re there it will be an impediment to women’s wellness. And this can help women claim themselves holistically. We gotta recruit these women and unify where possible. If that takes a $100,000 bet. Thank you Kim
    For leading the charge. And stepping up to start the first. I know some world renowned psychologists and one of them treats me for my rapes etc. and he’s been witnessing the impact Jade egg practice etc. is having on me. It’s incredible. Just is.

    You’re amazing and I adore you. Thank you so much. This can help victims soooooo much so so so much when provided at the right point in therapy. It’s helping me. Thank you Kim! I love you with my whole heart for doing this for me, for all of us women! And the men who love, cherish as support us. They benefit too. I can’t wait to start your course for VKF. I’ve just used the pre info with a Jade egg so far with added weight and it’s already helping but mentally, spiritually, sexually, health wise, energy wise, comectedness and ownership of self, etc. And physically. Just literally holistically. I can’t wait to start VKF. Because just using the yoni egg with breathing, meditation and weights has been awesome.

    I’m fully invested to start Kim’s class because it’s already working. So I can’t wait to learn from her and work with her to see what other heights this will bring not only sexually but holistically with sexuality an important part of our whole. Thank you Kim. You’re awesome! Love to you all!

  8. I’ll volunteer for your study. I’m a sexual assault/rape victim, domestic violence victim, sexual harassment victim who was punished for reporting rapes by everyone. And I survived csa. Lol My vagina couldn’t have been more disconnected from me and numb. I just started following Kim and using a Jade egg I bought using exercises I’d read about online, etc. Having done the Jade egg now o my own for 3 months probably and followed Kim’s advice on other techniques. Last night I squirted and shot a heavy gemstone yoni wand from my vagina a good 8″ or so too. It didn’t just get pushed out or fall out it got ejected. And I’m the past 2 weeks I added weight like Kim said. 2 weeks in I added more weight. It is helping me reclaim my ownership of all things me including my vagina and my sexuality violently stolen from me in rape. So, I’ll happily volunteer for your study Kim. Please sign me up. We need peer reviewed scientific studies on these things so we can protect, re-educate and help women and girls (and even men) through healthier women all over this planet and world to take ownership of their lives, body, personhood, energy, spirituality, sexuality, and bodies that includes their reproductive rights and orgasms. All I know is with what Kim is teaching me it’s helping me in all ways to return to myself and grow in heAlthy self love ways, which reunites me to others despite our corrupt pos patriarchal fucking le and govt. and rape culture. Anyone tries to rape me again. By all means proceed. I’ll put him in the hospital with my awesome super Pussy. Because a strong vagina in a fully empowered woman who owns all of herself including her sexuality isn’t someone to fuck with! Let’s do this Kim! Thank you btw! Giant hug. I fucking love you. Just do. You’re spot on Kim! I support you 100% hard charge awesome woman! Hell yeah!

  9. Kick her “vagina” Kim. I’m with you even though I don’t have one. I agree with your perspective on health, fitness and happiness.
    To the good fight!

  10. Go gettem Kimmie!! Don’t let her put a good egg down! My wife used one for years, right up to when she passed away 2 years ago. I cannot bear to part with it. Not only did it improve for her, all the areas that you discuss; but for me as well. Strength, longevity, sensitivity, desire, focus and attentiveness to provide pleasure to every inch of her body be it through a playful touch or an all night and sometimes all day love session. Right to the very end. Fyi,,. We were both 55 years young. I can only hope to meet another as open to the practice as she was……If you ever need a male testimonial, you’ve got it. Go kick her ass ( or vagina as you say!). You ROCK Kim. Thanks for all that you do.
    Egg less in Atlanta.. Steve

    1. Steve, that is so beautiful. I’m sorry for your loss. It sounds like you had many incredible years together, and I’m so happy to hear that. And, that her vagina was a powerhouse!

      Thank you support and for sharing!



  11. Kim, you are amazing! I am with you all the way! I have done VKF and it was the best thing EVER! I am yet to open a beer with my vagina lol but I can certainly lift a bottle of nice Pinot, not to mention best orgasms ever… everywhere:)) Go girl! XX

  12. I was so angry when I read these misinformed rubbish about the jade egg in the mainstream media which scarily so many women will think is correct and miss out on so many wonderful benefits. A week or so before, I’d had my first earth shattering cervical orgasm using my jade egg (I did VKF) so I’m even more in love and trusting of my egg than before! ?

    1. That’s so awesome, Sarah! I know who hard you’ve worked and followed you truth in all of this!

      Thanks for sharing your experience here. The more women speak out and call out bullshit for what it is, the more women can learn the truth about what their vaginas can actually do.


  13. Yes! I LOVE when information is challenged esspecially when someone is giving WRONG information! She’s going down!

  14. Yes! I’m team Anami and Jade Egg all the way (I’ve been using my jade egg for years and love it). Jen Gunter is going down. Keep up the awesomeness, Kim!

    1. Everyone keeps talking about this woman “going down”. Is the collective unconscious trying to give her a message?

      1. YES! Don’t care that she’s a gynecologist — she’s clearly disconnected from her own pussy. She needs to spend some quality time downtown. Poor woman is pleasure deficient.

  15. Love how you are always “being the change you want to see” and providing information from a place of love & truth instead of self-serving propaganda which comes from a place of fear & doubt (shout out to Gary Zukav and his ‘Seat of the Soul’ book, one of my other favorite purveyors of wisdom – you two have a lot in common, non-genitally speaking). You had me at SMM, grateful you keep shining your light to help illuminate the dark misinformation out there. Cheers!
    IG: @bryantboon