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Real Cures vs. Obsolete OBGYNs

Who is really peddling snake oil? The origins of “quack” medicine. Holistic options like the jade yoni egg trump anything OBGYNs have to offer.

Who are the real “quacks” these days?

“Quack” is often the term given to describe unscrupulous, deliberately fraudulent, or too-lofty-and-not-justified claims from some kind of health product or service.

Who is really peddling the snake oil?

In this episode, we examine the holistic approach to preventing and remedying women’s health issues such as urinary incontinence, lack of lubrication and POP (pelvic organ prolapse) and the allopathic methods used to deal with these issues.

It’s a face off:

Jade egg vs. whatever your OBGYN has to offer.

Want to place wagers on who wins?

I’ve already bet $100k, so if you are a betting person, you’ll put your money where your vagina is.

In this episode we’ll talk:

  • How women, in being shut down, patronized and their symptoms not listened to by their allopathic care providers/OBGYNs, turn to holistic medicine to actually receive healing—not Band-Aids, or worse, irreversibly damaged bodies.
  • The current movement and smear campaigns against holistic alternatives and ACTUAL healing to try and distract people from the truth of what is happening in OBGYN “medicine”, and hence protect their profits when the natural health business is BOOMING and expected to reach $196.9 billion by 2025.
  • Hundreds of thousands of class action lawsuits against faulty female reproductive procedures and devices that are not properly or EVER tested, and knowingly brought to market by pharmaceutical companies; and the millions in damages these companies end up paying—one woman was awarded $57 million dollars.
  • The very, very dark origins of the OBGYN profession, and how we still see echoes of this massively unethical behaviour today.

I generally aim to keep my focus on the positive: personally and professionally.

My work is showing alternate ways of physical healing and self-realization.

And getting to the root cause, so we can have permanent results.

Occasionally, I dip my toe in, to see what other genres are doing, and how they purport to address women’s health issues.

Today’s podcast is the summary of one of those deep dives.

The good news is, women and people in general are waking up all over the world, and realizing that there are holistic, natural, ACTUAL solutions.

One of my life mantras is: There is always a solution.

It’s just up to our creative imaginations to find it.

Listen to the episode now.

Or download and listen on the go:

Here is the petition to have the Scientific American article written by Jennifer Block reinstated.

You can read the original article here.


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16 thoughts on “Real Cures vs. Obsolete OBGYNs

  1. Thanks so much for a great and informative listen!

    I’m very much interested in seeing if you have resources you’d recommend for me to research natural remedies for recurrent bacterial vaginosis with which my 17 year old has been struggling. We’ve reluctantly made several visits to a local OBGYN who, surprise surprise, has prescribed several antibiotics with no long-term relief…

    Thanks so much for everything you do!!

    1. My pleasure! Have you ever seen a naturopath? From a physical perspective, they can treat these things naturally through diet, supplementation and other health suggestions.

      In my work, we address any kind of emotional or psychological root cause. My Vaginal Kung Fu Salon is beginning at the end of January. This would be an excellent place to start! Is also a great introduction to how are our bodies are actually supposed to work, in all their glory. Wonderful for a teenage girl. 🙂

      You can watch a free video preview series here, as well as sign up to the list to be notified when we open registration:

  2. I’ve seen an occasional sniping, when I’ve been sharing stuff like steaming or jade egg work: this vehemence which is evidently shameful rage around the whole subject – but directed via an Us versus Them polemical thinking, like Stockholm Syndrome. I’ve always approaching this in a loving, gentle way – or a clear-boundaries way when folks step over the line and get super-aggressive. It astonishes me that woman can get so powerfully riled up *against* the very forces that could heal them and others… At least, I’ve had several conversations where the venomousness has been abated, and even if the person hasn’t been opened completely to the possibilities, at least they’ve calmed a little in sabotaging the natural or in perpetuating propaganda without thinking… Every positive action counts!

    1. It is 100% Stockholm Syndrome. People don’t want to believe that someone sold them a lie. So they fight for that lie to be true.

      The funniest one though is when women fight for the right not to orgasm.

      1. Gosh, yes, it really is absurd beyond belief – but yes, it does illustrate the extent of the delusion… It is so important to be aware of what we have to combat and transform – the scale of it <3

  3. This makes me feel so strongly, that we have plenty of well-documented study of (as described in Grantly -Read’s Birth Without Fear book) the clear connection and dynamic negative force between fear-pain-tension – so we should be putting significant efforts into illustrating how the conventional medical system uses this dynamic literally as a weapon of mass destruction against nature and women.

    Working with the opposite, spiralling-upwards dynamic is obviously at the core of what we’re all doing, but we might also be able to get a global campaign together, based on this simple ‘conspiracy’ – this basis of all western medical interventions: how inappropriate and self-fulfilling-prophecy it is. <3

    The gyno troll mentioned here seems such a perfect example of how hysteria and ignorance are being peddled as expertise – and causing real damage.

    1. There are more and more people out there taking a stand against this misinformation and rampant violence against women engineered by the OBGYN profession. As more people wake up to the truth, they can make choices that create healing, and not a lifelong dependency on drugs and hormones as a supposed answer/business model.

      1. YEEEESSSS!!!! And I for one am just glad that all my seemingly eccentric, intuitive and uncompromising refusal of any medical treatment from a very young age, is now proved to have been absolutely appropriate, and not wrong at all! So many times in my life, I questioned whether I have been too extreme in walking such a different path
        from the mainstream, and abandoning the whole western medical system – but your work gives my backbone the righteousness alignment, Kim! ;-D

        1. I had the same intuitive aversion. After visits to doctors when I was growing up, I could see that these people had no real answers, and could never find a root cause—in fact, they didn’t even care about that. They were the inspiration for me seeking out natural alternatives as a teenager, and learning to heal myself.

  4. I absolutely LOVE your podcasts! Often laughing in response to your comments. I am a Dental Hygienist who, like every Dental Hygienist, was taught that when bone supporting teeth retracts away from the teeth due to periodontal disease, it will NEVER grow back, ever, end of conversation, don’t think about it, I’m the teacher, it is a fact!

    That is a lie.

    What dentists are using to diagnosis the problem are measuring sticks and whether not the gum is red and bleeding. Normal gum height is considered 3 mm or less. If the pocket measurement is greater, there is a problem. Not treating the cause, the measurement would get deep enough to require surgery. The “problem” is considered the pocket. In surgery, bone is removed so there is not a pocket. This reduced even more, the bone around the tooth, so much so that there was excess gum. So the gum was then cut away to match the new height of the bone. After the anesthesia wore off, the newly exposed tooth root surfaces are extremely sensitive to hot, cold, speech, everything. So the tendency is, that patients having surgery to a quadrant of their mouth, would not go back for any more surgery because it is so painful. And it is always painful all the time.

    I have always questioned authority I was faced with. From grade school, high school to college I was always questioning authority. This would sometimes cause me problems, I almost didn’t graduate from high school. As a very active, outdoor, kid (I raced downhill skiing) I had several broken bones and they all healed. In eight weeks you could walk again, you could use them again and they were just fine. But when I was told in hygiene school that the bone in the mouth would not heal, I thought, these teachers are very convincing and maybe there’s a difference in the mouth why the bone doesn’t heal so for the moment I accepted that.

    Very early on in my career as a Dental Hygienist I found out what that difference was and why the bone would not heal in the mouth. The reason the bone would not heal had nothing to do with the bone or the fact it was in or near the mouth. The reason was that no one in dentistry across the United States was treating what was causing the bone loss. This concept is really astonishing, really surprising, when you think about how from the beginning of dentistry, dentists have been talking about the bacteria in the mouth. Bacteria in oral biofilm were first detected under the microscopes of Antony van Leeuwenhoek in 1680! Since then oral bacteria has been studied in a gazillion ways by thousands of learned people. To this day there are only 1% of dentists in America who are treating the causative agent. These are the dentists using a phase contrast microscope to determine what kind, how many and levels of activity in order to reduce their numbers, facilitating healing. The manner of treatment is primarily in the hands of the individual patient. The dentist merely facilitates that by doing what is necessary to treat the “wound” in a manner the patient cannot. But the truth is if the patient is not enlisted and does not learn how to properly care for their mouth, the healing will not occur. Dr. Paul H. Keyes studied this for years proving the body would heal, even without the intervention of a dentist. By teaching the patients to provide appropriate care, healing to normal healthy levels would take longer, but it would happen.

    That lie about bone not healing I personally have seen disproved by everyone we treated who’s bone did grow back. We enabled and facilitated our people to be successful in improving their own oral health with the use of one key instrument, a phase contrast microscope. Used to determine what kinds of microorganisms were causing a persons poor oral health. A microscopic evaluation was quite simple, comfortable, and results were ready for viewing in five minutes. The prepared slide of the person’s oral sample was mounted in the microscope and a TV monitor connected to the microscope allowed the person to see the microorganisms present in their own mouth, live and in person. A powerful and often shocking sight for someone who had been told by other dental professionals they were doing a good job keeping their mouth clean. Every dental professional should use a microscope to evaluate peoples oral health.

    My Dental Hygiene career is now focused on increasing the number of dental professionals using a phase contrast microscope to 100%. It starts with the schools. Dental schools, Dental Hygiene schools, Dental Assisting schools. Teach the use of a microscope in schools and no one will want to practice with out one.

    Sadly Dr. Keyes died February 7, 2017 at the age of 99. Our office had Dr. Keyes visit and provide valuable training. He was the most generous and knowledgeable mentor I ever had.

    So I am here supporting what you have to provide, and say for the health of all women. I love women, I even married one. But she’s been gone now for four years so I’m beginning my search for another. When I have found her, we will be learning to live the Kim Anami “Well Fucked Lifestyle.”

    1. Thank you for this fab info Gary! It totally confirms my intuitively removing myself from a very aggressive dental culture – and my teeth have never been healthier…. In fact, they got healthier the less I went to the dentist, and the more I took awareness and good hygiene into my own hands <3 Brilliant work you're doing!!

    2. I love all of this and thank you for sharing. Dentistry is another area, similar to OBGYN, that is lagging behind in terms of widespread education of the holistic and actual healing options.

  5. Thank you so much for what you share. So much of what you share resonates with me. Although I have no problem with getting a yearly pap after recovering (completely holistically!) from CIN 3 and having autoimmune health conditions. I am really curious to hear you talk about birth control methods, emergency contraception methods, and medical methods of sterilization for women someone who do not want to have any more children.

    1. Have you listened to my podcast “Don’t Take It Lying Down”? I speak on natural birth control in there, and also teach this in my courses.