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Real Cures vs. Obsolete OBGYNs

Who is really peddling snake oil? The origins of “quack” medicine. Holistic options like the jade yoni egg trump anything OBGYNs have to offer.

Who are the real “quacks” these days?

“Quack” is often the term given to describe unscrupulous, deliberately fraudulent, or too-lofty-and-not-justified claims from some kind of health product or service.

Who is really peddling the snake oil?

In this episode, we examine the holistic approach to preventing and remedying women’s health issues such as urinary incontinence, lack of lubrication and POP (pelvic organ prolapse) and the allopathic methods used to deal with these issues.

It’s a face off:

Jade egg vs. whatever your OBGYN has to offer.

Want to place wagers on who wins?

I’ve already bet $100k, so if you are a betting person, you’ll put your money where your vagina is.

In this episode we’ll talk:

  • How women, in being shut down, patronized and their symptoms not listened to by their allopathic care providers/OBGYNs, turn to holistic medicine to actually receive healing—not Band-Aids, or worse, irreversibly damaged bodies.
  • The current movement and smear campaigns against holistic alternatives and ACTUAL healing to try and distract people from the truth of what is happening in OBGYN “medicine”, and hence protect their profits when the natural health business is BOOMING and expected to reach $196.9 billion by 2025.
  • Hundreds of thousands of class action lawsuits against faulty female reproductive procedures and devices that are not properly or EVER tested, and knowingly brought to market by pharmaceutical companies; and the millions in damages these companies end up paying—one woman was awarded $57 million dollars.
  • The very, very dark origins of the OBGYN profession, and how we still see echoes of this massively unethical behaviour today.

I generally aim to keep my focus on the positive: personally and professionally.

My work is showing alternate ways of physical healing and self-realization.

And getting to the root cause, so we can have permanent results.

Occasionally, I dip my toe in, to see what other genres are doing, and how they purport to address women’s health issues.

Today’s podcast is the summary of one of those deep dives.

The good news is, women and people in general are waking up all over the world, and realizing that there are holistic, natural, ACTUAL solutions.

One of my life mantras is: There is always a solution.

It’s just up to our creative imaginations to find it.

Listen to the episode now.

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Here is the petition to have the Scientific American article written by Jennifer Block reinstated.

You can read the original article here.


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Let’s talk real cures versus obsolete OB/GYNs.

Obsolete is putting it mildly. Violently evil is putting it accurately. Who is really peddling snake oil and who are the real quacks? Quack is often the term given to describe unscrupulous, deliberately fraudulent or too lofty and unjustified claims from some kind of health product or service.

At its best, quackery might produce some benefits through a placebo effect, which can actually be anywhere from 15 to a whopping 75 percent effective, and at worst, quackery causes serious damage.

We’ll talk more about quackery and its origins, but first, I want to kick it off by talking about a situation that’s come under my radar over the last couple of weeks.

Those of you who’ve been following me for a while might remember back nearly three years ago, there was a woman, an OB/GYN who I referred to as Voldemort, aka Jen Gunter, aka the most under-fucked woman in the world. She actually won the FukMe award for last year, and hell, let’s just give it to her this year; she’s definitely earned it. 

She was trained as an OB/GYN, but she can be seen almost entirely occupying her time running around the internet, stalking natural health practitioners and anyone who suggests there might be a solution to women’s reproductive ailments that does not involve the removal of internal organs or a lifetime of drugs and hormones or other kinds of surgeries. 

One of the people she most has the hots for, and seriously seems to want to fuck so badly, is Gwyneth Paltrow. She has a crazy hard-on for Goop. Volde’s written countless articles and criticisms of anything natural that she tries to make out as dangerous. Every time Goop profiles anything that might be good for you that isn’t pharmaceutical, she jumps on it. She’s constantly whining about, “Oh my God, essential oils. Be careful of the essential oils! Oh my God, so dangerous!” That and countless other bullshit.

One of the things that she took aim at was the jade egg. Me, obviously being synonymous with the thing, took note, and start to check out this poster child of FukMe. If you aren’t familiar with the medical term I coined, FukMe is: Females utterly freaking out about absolutely nothing due to lack of phallic shapes near, in, or around their vaginas, leading to cataclysmic, psychopathic moments of intense and troubling repressed sexual tension. This is otherwise known as FukMe.

There are certain indications of FukMe, such as rabid, hysterical behavior—the word hysteria comes from a woman who is under-fucked—getting all riled up about essentially nothing. If you’ve seen this kind of FukMe victim in action, you’ll get the picture right away.

This woman’s claims about the jade egg are so utterly full of shit—“Oh my God, jade eggs. Oh my God, don’t put them in your vagina!” But then in the same breath, she recommends using vaginal weights, but only the kind that she recommends. 

Then I told her to put her money where her very unused vagina is.

I issued her a $100,000 wager that if we were to compare my clients and her patients and we looked at orgasms; natural lubrication; ejaculation; sexual pleasure and sensation; overall rejuvenation of their sex lives and their relationships and marriages; libido; reversal of urinary stress incontinence and improvement in PMS; difficult periods; and menopause, my client results would actually surpass hers, easily.

That’s why I bet 100 grand, because I know there’s no contest! Absolutely none.

She ignored my invitation, and then this year, probably because she had her new book coming out and she was desperate for some kind of publicity, she decided to respond. This is nearly three years later. I guess a bunch of people must have been tagging her about this and perhaps it just got to the point where she couldn’t ignore it.

Or, like I said, she just chose a moment to try to address it when she could benefit from some of the publicity. 

Instead of responding to any of the things I actually said, and the challenge I issued, she instead began to make up lies about me and she said that I was spreading lies about cervical cancer screening. That is a term I’ve never even used in my life. [Laughs] The only thing I could think of that was even remotely related to that is my “Don’t Take It Lying Down” podcast. On there I said that I don’t personally get Pap smears and I haven’t for years because I don’t need some stranger to put their hands up my vagina and tell me how it’s doing. I know how my vagina is doing because I’m very in tune with my body. 

This has come out of years of cultivating that attunement and not participating in any kinds of allopathic interventions that would disrupt that body awareness, such as being on hormonal birth control.

But I know that everyone is in different places and I’ve never discouraged anyone from getting these kinds of things done, if they feel that’s right for them. What I have done is suggest that if you do want these kinds of tests, then consider having them done by midwives or naturopaths who are equipped to do them, rather than OB/GYNs. Because then if there are some issues, you can be offered some alternative, holistic solutions, rather than the drastic violent ones that you’ll typically get from an OB/GYN.

When I did these kinds of exams in the distant past, I remember them as being really rough and gruff and honestly, kind of traumatic. I do not recall anyone else ever being that disrespectful and rough to my internal anatomy ever in my entire sexual history, and that was the kind of experience I had with people in the OB/GYN profession. So, not going that route. I can take care of myself.

An author/journalist and medical researcher/reporter, Jennifer Block, has written a couple of amazing books. One is called Pushed, which is all about the growing obstetric violence that is out there. It’s incredibly well-written and researched. The other book is called Everything Below The Waist, which came out last year. It’s about the current state of pharmaceutical whoredom in the allopathic world related to women. We’ll talk more about what I mean by that. It’s not at all an unjustified statement.

Block talks about the sad, corrupt, and utterly damaging state of OB/GYN atrocities that are going on in the world today. On November 26, 2019, Scientific American published an op-ed piece Block wrote called “Doctors Are Not Gods,” with the subtitle: “Go forth, self-healers.”

In the piece, Block writes about how in the OB/GYN and allopathic community, there is this great disdain for women taking their health into their own hands. She writes about how women are at best dismissed or ignored or told that their pain is just in their head and they’re imagining things. When they talk about their symptoms to these supposed health-care professionals, at worst, they end up damaged for life, as we’ll talk about shortly.

When women are unsatisfied with the utter lack of results, information, and understanding that they get from OB/GYNs or allopathic medicine, they start looking elsewhere. Why wouldn’t they?

In the article, Block calls out this Jen Gunter/Voldemort person over the fact that instead of taking real aim at her own profession, which is causing harm all over the place, she’s taking aim at things like vaginal steaming or jade eggs. Things that have never caused harm and simply cannot cause harm. To imply that they would or could is ludicrous.

This has far less to do with facts or protecting women than it does with a burgeoning wellness industry to the tune of billions. Worldwide, the holistic health industry is expected to reach $196 billion by 2025. Clearly, someone is losing market share in all of this.

Enter Gunter Voldemort, the epitome of evil and vitriol. She goes out there rabidly attacking things like the jade egg, vaginal steaming, and as I said, [laughs] essential oils. That one, when I saw it, I couldn’t believe it. “Oh my God, essential oils. Oh my God, lavender, oh my God. It’s so irresponsible to talk about these things!”

Meanwhile, this is the same person who recommends that women use vaginal weights, but I guess that she—and most people—don’t really understand vaginas, so I will explain it to you. Jade eggs are vaginal weights; they just don’t happen to be her product. And they happen to be accompanied by this whole holistic healing ethos of women doing it for themselves, rather than being under the total control and care of these allopathic whores.

There are plenty of people out there who are paid pharmaceutical trolls. Their job is to be trolls and to try and retrieve the business that they are losing to the natural health world. They go out there and they try to discredit anything natural to get people to not try it because this is a multibillion-dollar industry now, because people are so disenchanted with going to a doctor and A) being patronized; B) not being listened to; C) not getting any kind of healing. Band-Aids are not healing. 

The two main OB/GYN go-tos are 1) putting women on hormones—from birth control to perimenopausal and menopausal hormones—for basically their entire lives. As soon as you become eligible, at the reproductive age of, let’s say, 14, all the way until the end of your life at 85, they’re telling you that you need to be on false hormones. They say that you can’t live without them—essentially, that you have to take them.

And this is ridiculous. It’s basically saying that the whole human body is so faulty that we have to keep on interfering with it, which they apply to every reproductive issue with women, especially birth. Women just cannot possibly birth their own babies; the babies have to be pried out of them by a doctor.

Then the second OB/GYN go-to is taking out internal organs. They do not ever actually heal people. If you think I’m wrong—prove it. Show me something. Maybe there’s a place where they do. But if somebody has, let’s say a broken arm, and your solution is to cut off their arm, you can’t really say that you healed them. You just kind of removed the problem, but that’s not healing; that’s just a crazy, fucked-up way of avoiding the problem and not healing it.

One of the major things that the jade egg treats and very quickly reverses—and I’ve seen this happen within one week—is urinary incontinence. Upwards of 60 percent of women have urinary incontinence. That means that they involuntarily release urine if they sneeze, cough, or laugh. 

Many women cannot even go for a run or jump on the trampoline with their children because they’re worried about peeing their pants and they end up wearing these pads and diapers.

In a sick twist, I’ve seen ads on Instagram for a female diaper product, basically. That’s instead of actually treating a problem that’s pretty easy to treat, especially with urinary incontinence. It’s easier to prevent pelvic organ prolapse than to treat it, but it is still totally treatable by natural methods.

Why not? Why would you not go to the source? Because once a person is healed, they’re no longer a patient and no longer a source of income. Why else would you then prevent someone from actually being totally healed from these ailments?

The OB/GYN recommendation for urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse—and I can barely say this without laughing, except that it’s less comical than something out of a fucking horror film or some kind of medieval science experiment—is to sew plastic mesh into the vagina and the abdomen. Yes, you heard me, plastic mesh to hold the organs in place.

As I said, this is so absurd that I’m half laughing, except that thousands and thousands of women have been permanently damaged by this procedure because they trusted that their OB/GYNs knew what they were talking about. This is beyond idiocy. 

Unlike a little jade egg, which is a totally innocent, nonporous, sterile stone that works to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles so that they can do what they are meant to do, which is to support the internal organs.

This foolhardy idea uses mesh that decomposes and lodges itself into vaginal tissues forever. It’s impossible to fucking remove it.

Let’s talk for a moment about this OB/GYN go-to, this pelvic mesh thing, that is now the cause of thousands of class-action lawsuits around the world. Not only is this product absolutely fucking useless; it has permanently destroyed the lives and vaginas of countless women. There are women out there who cannot even sit down because the pain is so constant and excruciating.

I’m going to read you some excerpts from a recent Guardian article fresh off the victory verdict of a class-action lawsuit that was filed in Australia against Johnson & Johnson, the makers of this vaginal mess. The whole thing reads like a Monty Python film. If Monty Python is before your time, they’re a series of movies about a bunch of stupid people running around pretending they know something, when really, they are just a bunch of stupid people running around who know nothing.

It’s just tragedy and evil. And I don’t use the words lightly or even hyperbolically because what other words do you have for when people deliberately inflict harm on other people? 

The dictionary defines evil as profoundly immoral and wicked and harmful or intending to harm. In this context, the word evil is 1,000 percent accurate, so let me go further. 

This is from the Guardian, reporting on the story:

“Hundreds of women left in debilitating pain by faulty, transvaginal mesh devices, have won a landmark case against multinational giant Johnson and Johnson. The Australian class action suit against companies owned by Johnson and Johnson, watched closely around the world, was won on behalf of 1,350 women. The devices all but ruined the lives of many. Women have been left in severe, debilitating, and chronic pain and often unable to have intercourse. The vast majority have also suffered a significant psychological toll.”

Here’s an aside: There was another article that I read about men having intercourse with their female partners and getting their penises cut by some kind of sharp device in the vagina. Pieces of this wire mesh—wire, plastic, whatever it is, hard plastic—were coming out of the vaginal canal and scratching their fucking penises.

Continuing on from the Guardian: “The mesh eroded internally and in many cases has caused infections, multiple complications, and is nearly impossible to remove, Australia’s Federal Court has heard.”

And this is an aside from me: like I said, the plastic breaks down and then embeds itself into the vaginal tissues. It’s exploded and you can’t just retrieve all these little pieces.

Back to the Guardian: “Women describe their pain as, ‘So bad she struggles to breathe, excruciating, as though there was a blade in her vagina.’ Judge Katzman found the companies engaged in misleading and deceptive conduct and negligence by rushing the products onto market, despite knowing the risks. Ethicon [an arm of Johnson and Johnson], conducted no or no adequate clinical trials on the devices before taking them to market, she said. When the devices began to receive complaints from doctors and patients, it failed to properly investigate. Katzman said in some cases, they were ignored altogether. When patients complained of pain, they were frequently disbelieved.

“The trial began hearing evidence, astonishing evidence, about the multinational’s attempts to stop regulators raising concerns about the product. Internal documents suggested that it tried to stop the French Health Regulator from publishing a report warning against the use of the untested pelvic mesh devices two years after the company began giving them to Australian women. Meeting minutes described in court show Ethicon, Johnson and Johnson’s product development arm, feared the report could ‘have a major impact on our business if made public.’ It said work was needed to ‘stop the publication of the report.’ Internal emails revealed a doctor enlisted to trial the product warned that he would, ‘Not like my wife to undergo this procedure’ and did not think he would be alone in that view. The doctor is now earning royalties from their use, the court heard.” 

My term whore is very apropos.

“Separate emails placed before the court showed a callous” —oh God, this is fucking nuts— “and disturbing attitude among some French gynecologists involved with the company.

One suggested doctors advise women to try anal intercourse if they experienced pain during sex, as in vaginal sex. ‘It’s no less true,’ he says, ‘that sodomy could be a good alternative,’ the doctor wrote.

This has been described as one of Australia’s largest product liability class actions. There are over 100,000 women suing mesh manufacturers and one woman was awarded $57 million.”

All right. This is the OB/GYN route for treating incontinence and POP. As I said, it’s kind of like if you have a broken arm and the doctor offers to cut off your arm. Then you no longer have an issue with your arm, because you can’t complain that it still bothers you, right?

And this is pretty much exactly what OB/GYNs do. If you are having trouble with your periods, instead of actually fixing the problem, they’ll just cut out your uterus. Or if they think that you might get cancer, they’ll just cut off your breasts.

Again, the fact that these approaches are taken seriously and considered anything other than quack medicine is beyond me.

Speaking of which, the origin of the term quack came from allopathic medical doctors. Not herbalists or laypeople or midwives. This term came about because a very common and popular cure-all was once thought to be—wait for it—drinking a glass of mercury. This is in the last couple hundred years. Yes, you heard me right, liquid mercury! The cure for whatever ails you. 

This is why we still have mercury fillings. This is a remnant from the time when mercury was prescribed as the solution for everything. People would dutifully drink their glasses full of mercury because their doctors told them to and they trusted their doctors because they’re the authority and they’re always correct. Correct?

And then they went nuts. They went bat-shit crazy. Henceforth, these doctors became known as quacks because they were turning their patients into total nut cases with all of that mercury in their brains. So, there you have it. 

Who are the real quacks? Women who strengthen their pelvic floors with jade eggs and permanently and naturally heal themselves or corrupt, evil businesses that destroy our bodies? 

There are countless examples of this in the OB/GYN world, like the Essure, a device that was stuffed into women’s fallopian tubes to make them sterile. This is another example of a major, cataclysmic fuck up. Like the vaginal mesh, this device breaks down in the body, sending fragments everywhere, causing everything from severe and debilitating pain to perforation of the uterus and autoimmune conditions. There are over 30,000 cases right now. The device has since been taken off the market due to poor sales. Just before this big documentary was coming out, talking about it, 21 people died.

In her book, Everything Below The Waist, Block documents the history of allopathic gynecology and it is very, very dark. The term obstetrician was created to overtake the commonly used term of midwife, which meant a woman who was with a woman who attended the birth and health-care needs of other women.

Block writes, “Historians Richard and Dorothy Wertz talk about how the term obstetrician had the advantage of sounding like other honorable professions, such as electrician or geometrician, in which men variously understood and dominated nature.”

The man who is known as the father of modern-day obstetrics, James Marion Sims, used to perform experiments, including C-sections, on black women who were enslaved to him, without anesthetic, even though it was available at the time.

Jennifer Block talks about this in her new book, Everything Below The Waist. I honestly couldn’t even read all of that section on the history of obstetrics and gynecology. I’m the kind of person who can’t stomach violence, so I can’t see violent movies or horror films or anything like that. After reading this history, it was akin to watching a horror film.

If you want to read more, check out Block’s meticulously researched and amazingly written book, Everything Below The Waist.

Anyway, Voldemort saw this article in Scientific American that actually called her out on essentially being—the nicest way to put this is a bully. With all of the actual—not fabricated—atrocities that are committed by OB/GYNs on a daily basis, the question was, why not turn the lens on your own profession, rather than making up these distractions—essential oils—to keep the focus off this sinister aim and these useless and life-threatening procedures that are the mainstay of this person’s own sordid profession? The last part is my words, not Block’s. She was a little more subtle in how she said it.

Then Volde turned the eye of Sauron—and by the way, I realize I’m mixing genres here on the nomenclature—on Block and then called on her army of underfucked orcs to run after her, just like they did with me over the summer, when my Instagram was temporarily taken down. They trolled and insulted Block and anyone who took a stand with her. All yelling, “Science! Science!” at the tops of their lungs.

Yet, let’s be clear. Are we talking about the same science that got the vaginal mesh on the market or the same science that got the Essure on the market? Or is this the same science that involves OB/GYNs receiving financial commissions to go along with the consensus decision-making process and knowingly selling women products that they totally understand to be dangerous?

But hey, money talks, or rather, makes one stay silent. Is this the same science that used to hang women upside down and brand their uteruses with a hot branding iron in order to scare them back into place? Is that the same science that you’re talking about? I guess, because Scientific American caved from the pressure, or they just got scared of the orc attack, they took Block’s piece down. They took it down because, I think, they were worried that the “scientific community,” whatever the fuck that means anymore, people who they perhaps rely on as allies, was offended. They didn’t give Block the opportunity to correct anything. If there was an argument that anything in the piece could’ve used a correction or was factually inaccurate, even though nothing was, they could have contacted her to correct it. But they didn’t; they just took it down.

Which is pretty unusual. In a normal situation if there is ever some kind of factual inaccuracy, you would just correct it, no problem. You see that all the time in papers or articles on the web. But they didn’t do that. 

Now there’s actually a petition to get this piece back up again, and I’ll put a link to that up on my website. I’ll also post a link to the original article that was taken down by Scientific American.

It’s apparently very, very threatening for people to be taking their health into their own hands, because then, they will not be reliant on the system. You will not be reliant on an outside authority to tell you the truth about your own body, or not even the truth. We’ll say falsehoods, because a lot of this is ripe with errors, with corruption, with this disgusting motivation to simply make money off women’s misfortunes or to create misfortune if it isn’t there to begin with.

Part of the thing that happens in these situations is women go in, they get some kind of device that malfunctions, and then they have to go for another surgery and another surgery and another surgery. I have read accounts of women having 20 surgeries to try to fix the original issue. And all along the way, they get told things like “Oh, it’s not the device.” These are actual quotes: “It must just be your age; you’re going through that stage of your life. We’ll just take out your uterus.”

There was quite a raging argument/Twitter war going on in the wake of this article being taken down and all of these orcs going to work. The thing that women would repeatedly talk about is how they would go to their care provider, their allopathic care provider, and be dismissed. “It’s all in your head. That’s not possible. This device is totally safe. There’s nothing wrong with this, nothing wrong with you.” And they are left feeling shut down, ignored, and patronized. Of course women are going to start looking for alternatives. Of course they are. 

The point of the article that Block wrote is that if women are not getting their health needs met, why wouldn’t they search for ways that they can? If they’re not getting answers, why wouldn’t they start looking for them in other places? That’s the role that people like me play, people who offer an alternative that’s nonviolent, that’s more definitely about prevention, but also about a cure. We can actually cure a number of these conditions and so that’s the crux of my work.

When I talk about this concept of not necessarily being reliant on an outside authority to tell you the truth about your own body, I say this with the realization that I’ve been doing a lot of my own personal work over the past 30 years, and I’m very in tune with my body. If I’ve eaten something that’s not good for me, I’ll feel it right away. If I walk into a room and there are toxins in the room, I can smell them. I’m very clean. My system is very clean, and so it’s very sensitized.

I understand that I’m in the kind of position that not necessarily everyone is in yet, but all of the work I do—my podcast, my blogs, my videos, all of the free education, and of course, my salons—is about helping women and giving them the tools to get closer to that place of having a very clear message of what their body is trying to say.

The opposite happens in Western medicine, which tells you your body is the enemy, or that parts of your body are useless, such as your uterus. It’s just a bag for baby collection—that was a quote that I saw in one of these pieces—and we have to shut it down. We have to cut out these organs; we have to take over and smother your hormonal messaging with medications so that we can control you and your body.

Rather than listening to the body or becoming an ally with the body, understanding that the body, if something is out of wack, is giving us messages. Let’s try to figure out what those messages are and how we can heal them. Radical, radical, radical idea. It’s radical because you can do it yourself. You do not need an intermediary. 

Some skill teaching can be helpful, of course. For example, with the whole jade egg scenario that’s happened over the past few years, since they’ve been really brought out into the mainstream, courtesy of my vagina, people are just buying jade eggs and shoving them in their vaginas and walking around with them all day. They’re not getting any benefit from doing that. You might feel this thrill, like, “Oh my God, I have a jade egg in my vagina! This is so cool!” But it’s not doing anything to actually help you build muscular strength and tone that pelvic floor and increase sentience, pleasure, and sensation within the vagina.

You’re definitely not being harmed, although I would question having the egg up there, smashing those tissues for that length of time. People who think they ought to sleep with the egg, I wouldn’t recommend that at all. But it’s just not really being helpful, is the main issue. 

You can use the same argument about going to the gym. Anyone can walk into a gym and pick up weights and most people, unless they drop one on their foot, are not going to get hurt. I guess you could if you do too heavy weights and don’t use the right form, but that’s kind of common sense. I wouldn’t tell someone she should go lift 30 pounds with her vagina—but even if she tried, the weight is just going to fall right out. She’s not going to damage anything because the weight is just going to fall right out of her.

But back to the weight lifting in general: if you do not understand sets and reps and rests and plateaus and how to eat to maximize fat loss and muscle growth, you aren’t going to see results. 

But here’s the difference: once I teach someone how to use the jade egg, they are good for life.

They don’t need to be coming back to me year after year after year and investing more time and money and energy and have me keep giving them more Band-Aids. I am in the business of cures, not snake oil Band-Aids, because I want to actually help heal people permanently. It’s the crux of my work. That is my mission statement. With this holistic approach, we can get to the root cause and we can actually help people.

The root cause for POP and incontinence is very simple: it’s weak muscles. If you strengthen them, even with a little bit of exercise, you see dramatic results. But then you would lose a lifelong client, and what kind of business model would that be?

Ask yourselves, who are the real quacks? Who are the real snake oil peddlers? 

We’re taking a break next week and we’ll be back in January in full swing. ’Tis the season of Vaginal Kung Fu. If Santa doesn’t bring you a new vagina for Christmas, then come to me in January and I will get you all sorted out. The jade egg and my Vaginal Kung Fu program are the most effective tools on the market for vaginal strengthening. 

The real science, not the whored-out bought-and-paid-for version, says so. The only side effects of the jade eggs are multiple orgasms; vaginal orgasms; ejaculatory orgasms; increased lubrication; increased libido; easier childbirth and faster recovery; ecstatic pleasure and sensation; boosted self-confidence; reversal of urinary incontinence; easier periods, PMS, and menopause; and super bonus, an intact vagina and reproductive organs.

Vaginal Kung Fu starts in January. Are you in? New year, new vagina. You can sign up for the free video preview series that comes with exercises you can try tonight. Go to

Thank you so much for listening. If you haven’t already, subscribe, and also leave a review and send someone else the gift of a healthy libido and an off-the-chart love life by sharing this episode with them. We’ll be back next week. In the meantime, many happy orgasms.




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  1. Thanks so much for a great and informative listen!

    I’m very much interested in seeing if you have resources you’d recommend for me to research natural remedies for recurrent bacterial vaginosis with which my 17 year old has been struggling. We’ve reluctantly made several visits to a local OBGYN who, surprise surprise, has prescribed several antibiotics with no long-term relief…

    Thanks so much for everything you do!!

    1. My pleasure! Have you ever seen a naturopath? From a physical perspective, they can treat these things naturally through diet, supplementation and other health suggestions.

      In my work, we address any kind of emotional or psychological root cause. My Vaginal Kung Fu Salon is beginning at the end of January. This would be an excellent place to start! Is also a great introduction to how are our bodies are actually supposed to work, in all their glory. Wonderful for a teenage girl. 🙂

      You can watch a free video preview series here, as well as sign up to the list to be notified when we open registration:

  2. I’ve seen an occasional sniping, when I’ve been sharing stuff like steaming or jade egg work: this vehemence which is evidently shameful rage around the whole subject – but directed via an Us versus Them polemical thinking, like Stockholm Syndrome. I’ve always approaching this in a loving, gentle way – or a clear-boundaries way when folks step over the line and get super-aggressive. It astonishes me that woman can get so powerfully riled up *against* the very forces that could heal them and others… At least, I’ve had several conversations where the venomousness has been abated, and even if the person hasn’t been opened completely to the possibilities, at least they’ve calmed a little in sabotaging the natural or in perpetuating propaganda without thinking… Every positive action counts!

    1. It is 100% Stockholm Syndrome. People don’t want to believe that someone sold them a lie. So they fight for that lie to be true.

      The funniest one though is when women fight for the right not to orgasm.

      1. Gosh, yes, it really is absurd beyond belief – but yes, it does illustrate the extent of the delusion… It is so important to be aware of what we have to combat and transform – the scale of it <3

  3. This makes me feel so strongly, that we have plenty of well-documented study of (as described in Grantly -Read’s Birth Without Fear book) the clear connection and dynamic negative force between fear-pain-tension – so we should be putting significant efforts into illustrating how the conventional medical system uses this dynamic literally as a weapon of mass destruction against nature and women.

    Working with the opposite, spiralling-upwards dynamic is obviously at the core of what we’re all doing, but we might also be able to get a global campaign together, based on this simple ‘conspiracy’ – this basis of all western medical interventions: how inappropriate and self-fulfilling-prophecy it is. <3

    The gyno troll mentioned here seems such a perfect example of how hysteria and ignorance are being peddled as expertise – and causing real damage.

    1. There are more and more people out there taking a stand against this misinformation and rampant violence against women engineered by the OBGYN profession. As more people wake up to the truth, they can make choices that create healing, and not a lifelong dependency on drugs and hormones as a supposed answer/business model.

      1. YEEEESSSS!!!! And I for one am just glad that all my seemingly eccentric, intuitive and uncompromising refusal of any medical treatment from a very young age, is now proved to have been absolutely appropriate, and not wrong at all! So many times in my life, I questioned whether I have been too extreme in walking such a different path
        from the mainstream, and abandoning the whole western medical system – but your work gives my backbone the righteousness alignment, Kim! ;-D

        1. I had the same intuitive aversion. After visits to doctors when I was growing up, I could see that these people had no real answers, and could never find a root cause—in fact, they didn’t even care about that. They were the inspiration for me seeking out natural alternatives as a teenager, and learning to heal myself.

  4. I absolutely LOVE your podcasts! Often laughing in response to your comments. I am a Dental Hygienist who, like every Dental Hygienist, was taught that when bone supporting teeth retracts away from the teeth due to periodontal disease, it will NEVER grow back, ever, end of conversation, don’t think about it, I’m the teacher, it is a fact!

    That is a lie.

    What dentists are using to diagnosis the problem are measuring sticks and whether not the gum is red and bleeding. Normal gum height is considered 3 mm or less. If the pocket measurement is greater, there is a problem. Not treating the cause, the measurement would get deep enough to require surgery. The “problem” is considered the pocket. In surgery, bone is removed so there is not a pocket. This reduced even more, the bone around the tooth, so much so that there was excess gum. So the gum was then cut away to match the new height of the bone. After the anesthesia wore off, the newly exposed tooth root surfaces are extremely sensitive to hot, cold, speech, everything. So the tendency is, that patients having surgery to a quadrant of their mouth, would not go back for any more surgery because it is so painful. And it is always painful all the time.

    I have always questioned authority I was faced with. From grade school, high school to college I was always questioning authority. This would sometimes cause me problems, I almost didn’t graduate from high school. As a very active, outdoor, kid (I raced downhill skiing) I had several broken bones and they all healed. In eight weeks you could walk again, you could use them again and they were just fine. But when I was told in hygiene school that the bone in the mouth would not heal, I thought, these teachers are very convincing and maybe there’s a difference in the mouth why the bone doesn’t heal so for the moment I accepted that.

    Very early on in my career as a Dental Hygienist I found out what that difference was and why the bone would not heal in the mouth. The reason the bone would not heal had nothing to do with the bone or the fact it was in or near the mouth. The reason was that no one in dentistry across the United States was treating what was causing the bone loss. This concept is really astonishing, really surprising, when you think about how from the beginning of dentistry, dentists have been talking about the bacteria in the mouth. Bacteria in oral biofilm were first detected under the microscopes of Antony van Leeuwenhoek in 1680! Since then oral bacteria has been studied in a gazillion ways by thousands of learned people. To this day there are only 1% of dentists in America who are treating the causative agent. These are the dentists using a phase contrast microscope to determine what kind, how many and levels of activity in order to reduce their numbers, facilitating healing. The manner of treatment is primarily in the hands of the individual patient. The dentist merely facilitates that by doing what is necessary to treat the “wound” in a manner the patient cannot. But the truth is if the patient is not enlisted and does not learn how to properly care for their mouth, the healing will not occur. Dr. Paul H. Keyes studied this for years proving the body would heal, even without the intervention of a dentist. By teaching the patients to provide appropriate care, healing to normal healthy levels would take longer, but it would happen.

    That lie about bone not healing I personally have seen disproved by everyone we treated who’s bone did grow back. We enabled and facilitated our people to be successful in improving their own oral health with the use of one key instrument, a phase contrast microscope. Used to determine what kinds of microorganisms were causing a persons poor oral health. A microscopic evaluation was quite simple, comfortable, and results were ready for viewing in five minutes. The prepared slide of the person’s oral sample was mounted in the microscope and a TV monitor connected to the microscope allowed the person to see the microorganisms present in their own mouth, live and in person. A powerful and often shocking sight for someone who had been told by other dental professionals they were doing a good job keeping their mouth clean. Every dental professional should use a microscope to evaluate peoples oral health.

    My Dental Hygiene career is now focused on increasing the number of dental professionals using a phase contrast microscope to 100%. It starts with the schools. Dental schools, Dental Hygiene schools, Dental Assisting schools. Teach the use of a microscope in schools and no one will want to practice with out one.

    Sadly Dr. Keyes died February 7, 2017 at the age of 99. Our office had Dr. Keyes visit and provide valuable training. He was the most generous and knowledgeable mentor I ever had.

    So I am here supporting what you have to provide, and say for the health of all women. I love women, I even married one. But she’s been gone now for four years so I’m beginning my search for another. When I have found her, we will be learning to live the Kim Anami “Well Fucked Lifestyle.”

    1. Thank you for this fab info Gary! It totally confirms my intuitively removing myself from a very aggressive dental culture – and my teeth have never been healthier…. In fact, they got healthier the less I went to the dentist, and the more I took awareness and good hygiene into my own hands <3 Brilliant work you're doing!!

    2. I love all of this and thank you for sharing. Dentistry is another area, similar to OBGYN, that is lagging behind in terms of widespread education of the holistic and actual healing options.

  5. Thank you so much for what you share. So much of what you share resonates with me. Although I have no problem with getting a yearly pap after recovering (completely holistically!) from CIN 3 and having autoimmune health conditions. I am really curious to hear you talk about birth control methods, emergency contraception methods, and medical methods of sterilization for women someone who do not want to have any more children.

    1. Have you listened to my podcast “Don’t Take It Lying Down”? I speak on natural birth control in there, and also teach this in my courses.