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How to Be a Man in this Ultra-PC Era

– What do women really want?  – What is the right way to sexually approach a woman now?  – Do you need to ask a woman every time you want to have sex with her?  – What skills do you need to become a Supercock? 

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3 Secrets to Cervical Orgasms

The most powerful, pleasurable, life-changing orgasms a woman can have.

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Masturbate Your Way to Health, Wealth and Happiness

This week, I want you to go f*ck yourself. Every single day. 

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Secrets to My Success

I have a number of principles I live by. These are woven through my spiritual beliefs and my daily actions. I’m sharing them with you here.

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Yoni Massage for Orgasms and Healing

Your vagina and your sexual energy are your power sources. Yet, so many women are disconnected from the very things that will liberate them as humans, and give them the creative power to shape their lives. 

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