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PODCAST: The Solo Sex Date

How to have a sex date. With yourself! You can have an incredible sex life…even if you’re single.

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PODCAST: The 3-Hour Sex Date

Not dinner, a movie or a walk in the park. Just sex.

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PODCAST: The Art of the Vaginal Handjob

Your vagina is meant to be strong, articulate and highly pleasurable: to both you and your partner. “Pompoir” is the ancient art of cultivating vaginal stroking so as to make a man ejaculate or stop him from ejaculating—with the power of your vagina alone. 

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PODCAST: SOS – Save Our Reproductive Organs

We are in the midst of an epidemic. Women are losing—and voluntarily parting with—their reproductive organs at an alarming rate. Mostly because they are being brainwashed by OBGYNs that this is the ONLY way to deal with their physical and sexual imbalances.

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Vaginal Ping Pong Balls are NORMAL

My assertion is that multi-orgasmic, ejaculating, ping-pong ball shooting vaginas are the norm, not the exception. 

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