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Don’t Just Lie There and Take It

From pelvic exams to birth control, to the way most women have been coerced into giving birth, women have been taking it lying down for a long time.

The recent furor with the abortion debate brings this concept to light.

To be clear, I disagree with these bans. And I’m not saying that people shouldn’t be doing whatever they can to stop them.

But a part of me also doesn’t care.


Because I’m not reliant on a bunch of old white guys to give me permission on what I can and can’t do with my body, my sexuality and my reproductive organs.

There has been a systematic effort over the past century to remove the knowledge and care of women’s bodies, particularly their reproductive organs, OUT of the hands of women and midwives and INTO the hands and wallets of doctors and hospitals.

I have existed outside of this system for decades. I don’t buy into ANY of it.

I don’t buy into allopathic medicine and its snake oil suggestions like lifelong drugs and surgery.

So what does the opposite of that look like?

What does it look like when you take the reins back and instead of just lying there and taking it, you climb on top and cowgirl that thing all the way home?

Listen to this week’s podcast and find out.

Listen here and comment or download and listen on the go:

~ Kxx

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22 thoughts on “Don’t Just Lie There and Take It

  1. Very informative. you ARE very Right about those things.
    I DO AGREE with you with everything you’re saying here.
    Thank YOU !! Thank You very much for such a Wonderful education.

  2. Thank you so much Kim for this empowering work you do! For shining this light and bringing this reminder of true empowerment free from conditioning and that it’s possible! I find it so beneficial and true! Thank you for your example of courage, kindness and authenticity! The world really needs it! Sincerely!

  3. My name is Kayla and I’m 19. I recently listened to your ‘Don’t Take It Lying Down’ podcast and it has opened my eyes and to be honest made me worry a bit.

    I need your advice.

    I have been on the pill since I was about 14 and after listening to your podcast I’m worried about the damage it could have done to my body.

    I only became sexually active 2 years ago and now after listening to your podcast I want to take my power back and stop the pill but I am worried about the damage it could have done.

    Please help with some advice I will really appreciate it!!!

    1. Hi Kayla,

      Yes, the stats are very scary on hormonal birth control. When the WHO classifies something as a Group 1 carcinogen, placing it in the same category as asbestos and radium, we ought to pay attention!

      You can learn to read your own body for fertility signs using FAM (Fertility Awareness Methods). Check out the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler.

      Also have a look at:

      The Period Repair Manual by Dr. Lara Briden

      They have great info about getting off hormones and finding the root cause of why a woman was put on them by sexually inexperienced and underfucked OBGYNs. The Pill doesn’t “balance” hormones, it blocks them. So it never actually solves the original problem. It just masks it, which then leads to a myriad of other health issues down the road, not the least of which is increased rates of breast cancer. And yes, especially for the demographic you are in. Young women under age 20 who have never had a baby are at the highest risk. And ironically, this is the age most doctors want to get young women “indoctrinated” and drugged up.

      Good for you for taking charge of your health at such a young age!!


  4. Hello Kim I have been a 35 year student, researcher and teacher of Thyroid function and health. I acknowledge your comments on abortion but would like to give a little information. The thyroid is the most attacked but easiest restored gland or organ in the body. Its responsibilities are balancing hormones, temperature and chemical flow in the body. It is therefore the bodies inbuilt healer especially for women.
    One of my observations based on the lifetime and critical communication between a woman and her child is that lost child syndrome for whatever reason creates a barrier to any body healing similar to smoking and incorrectly prescribed drug residues. In many cases it leads to depression and even suicide. A very small number of doctors are waking up to this.

  5. Taking back our power! YES! Dr. Lara Biden, Naturopath, uses the analogy of the period being a woman’s monthly report card of her health in her book “The Period Repair Manual”. An excellent book with specific natural remedies, supplements, and protocols for all things period related. Also Toni Wechsler’s book on The Fertility Awareness Method is a fantastic resource that includes everything related to natural contraception/conception (BBT, signs of ovulation, etc.) Thanks for getting the word out and encouraging women to take back their power in the most intimate area of their lives – their reproductive organs! Anne

    1. Thanks! I thought it was her, but I referenced it spontaneously and then couldn’t remember off the top of my head if it was for sure her.

  6. First of all, I love what you do. I was enamored by several of your podcasts, that is until I heard your podcast “don’t take it lying down“ in which you found it important to drag racial references into your monologue. I have to object to your reference to “old white guys“ in a pejorative manner. Uncool. I would have expected a balanced individual such as you purport to be to refrain from such a callous and thoughtless phrase.

    1. Hi Brian. Thanks for your thoughts. I responded to David—have a look at what I said and let me know what you think. I posed a genuine question there. I might have used the adjectives a bit recklessly, but ultimately my question is, do these things have any bearing? I thought I was seeing a pattern there, but let me know if I’m wrong on that.

      1. Hi Kim

        Thank you for your timely response. Thoughtful, though I think a bit miss guided. My point is emphasized by the clip to which you referred. It showed that indeed our leader ship is multi ethnic and multi racial. I cannot see how race has any bearing on the legislation or the gentleman’s reaction to it. We are a representative democracy, and the votes of our chosen leaders must not depend on their race or the race of their constituents. For all I know, the individuals who voted in favor of the legislation could have been black or something else, and even if they are old and white, I am sure their constituents include other demographics who presumably support them. Whether this is true or not is not relevant; I am disturbed about the injection of the element of race into everyday conversation such as is being done by CNN, and their ilk, and you seem intellectual enough to have avoided this pitfall it a public forum. It must not become the norm. It is dangerous, and frayes the fabric of the society we hope to form. I am sure that Martin Luther King Jr. would have objected as well. I get it, though: you were probably going for the iconoclastic element in your allegory, a shorthand which unfortunately should probably be avoided in a public forum.

        You seem too bright to be spending time watching CNN, by the way… You should treat your brain like I am sure you treat your body, and stop feeding it junk food.

        1. Haha, I don’t watch CNN or any kind of news. Ever. Someone sent that to me.

          Like I said, I might have been a bit reckless in the reference, but still, it is a group of all men, all white, and I’d have to look again to confirm how old they all are. And sure, there could be plenty of people in opposite demographics who support such legislation. But here, it seemed relevant to note the ones in power who did.

          I’d take issue with your point about representative democracy. We don’t live in one. In theory we do, but not in practice. We live in an oligarchy and a corpo-cracy. Elected officials do not represent their constituents, they are mouthpieces for corporations, lobby groups and certain agendas. So I’d say that argument is flawed!

          Anyway, point taken. It’s not a card I typically play or road I go down, but like I said, in this case, it seemed relevant.

          Like I asked before, if I’d just said “men” would you have thought that was also being sexist?

        2. Anyway, you seem to be missing the main point of this whole piece and podcast. Which is to focus on giving women their power back in all things reproductive.

  7. Kim, here in Europe we go to see a gynecologist every year. She examen our cervix and takes a smear. The reason is to detect cervical cancer at an early stage.
    Kim, do you do that?
    If not, can we rely on our body if something is ging on, like cancer?
    So we do not have to go to the gynecologist anymore?

    1. That’s up to you.

      No, I don’t do that.

      Did you listen to the podcast? I say that if people were more pro-active about their health, they would be better able to discern their own bodies signs of distress. If someone is leading a healthy lifestyle, they are less likely to be prone to such things.

      That said, to each their own. Do what feels right to you. I’m making the case that even the symbolism of having to go to a third party all the time to find out the state of one’s own body could be interpreted as disempowering. Others might see it differently. It’s not a system I buy into.

  8. I am not certain how you can relate to old white guys. I appreciate all that you have accomplished and I read every mailing. But I find in my opinion that this post is a little derogatory. I don’t see how an ethnic group has anything to do with a sexual control. But I may be mistaken. Can you please provide additional information? Pro choice as well. I love your voice but.. Your article sparks a concern for me.

    1. Fair enough. It’s not normally a road I go down. Maybe race, age, gender and religion have nothing to do with it. They seem like they might though. It was an observation based on the senators who voted for it.

      I saw this: https://edition.cnn.com/2019/05/15/politics/alabama-abortion-ban-bill-who-voted/index.html

      It kinda looks like it was a bunch of old white guys. And a few young ones too. If I had said that it was a “bunch of men” who voted it in, would you say that gender had nothing to do with it?

      At what point is there some kind of relationship there? It’s a legitimate question, not a rhetorical or sarcastic one. What do you think?

  9. Wow loved this podcast episode. When I was under 13 my doctor prescribed the pill for my acne. I am so so against the pill too for the health reasons you mentioned

    1. Such BS. And such an acknowledgement that they only have Band-Aids, not real solutions. Bloody drug pushers! The scourge of our country!