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Ecstatic Nipple-gasms and Breast Orgasms

Awaken your breast potential.

In today’s episode, we’re focusing on the elusive nipple and breast-gasm.

How does it feel? What does it take to get there?

We have an amazing Well-F**ked All Star interview with Amanda, who shares how she went from having no orgasms at all, to having all the things.

All the orgasms.

All the time.

Including ecstatic nipple and breast orgasms.

In this episode:

  • How the breasts are the gateway to the deeper vaginal orgasms
  • What having luscious, blissful breasts does for you as a person
  • How to activate the breasts and open them to bliss
  • The benefits of breast massage
  • How to de-numb breasts
  • How pregnancy can awaken your sexual and breast potential. Yep! The time women have been *conditioned* to think is non-sexual is actually a portal to their most divine and voracious selves.

Listen to the episode now:

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We cover all of this in my Vaginal Kung Fu Salon. I guide you through a full, step-by-step breast massage routine, to tone, lift and enlarge the breasts, and activate their bliss potential. 

And exactly how to have a nipple-gasm. 

The entire salon is designed to help you clear emotional and energetic blockages, to become the radiant, orgasmic and ecstatic being you were meant to be. 

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                                                                           EPISODE TRANSCRIPT

Awaken your breast potential. 

I was on my six-day sex date a number of years back.

Over the six days, my lover and I kept a constant sexual simmer. 

There was plenty of sexual affection interspersed throughout the moments when we weren’t actually in bed. (And we were in bed a lot).

As we got dressed for yoga, we would kiss. 

As I locked the door to the room, I would lightly brush his groin through his shorts. 

Before we stepped out onto the path, he rubbed my breasts.

In the onslaught of that intense love and constant sexual contact, I felt my breasts grow and radiate.

My breasts felt alive, conscious and taking in information, like another sensory organ.

I’d never felt that before: this sentience in my breasts. 

Like my eyes. Like my fingers.

They, and I, were interacting with the world in a whole new way. 

It was like a barrier had come down in me, in my heart, and that was felt in my entire chest, including my breasts. 

They were fluttering and bursting with pleasure all the time. 


In today’s episode, I want to launch right into our Well-F**ked all star segment. Amanda is going to be sharing on how she went from being a sexually closed, non-orgasmic, as in, not having any orgasms, to the full Orgasmampedia of orgasms, including nipple and breast-gasms. She describes her journey of what she did, and then after that, I’ll break down the steps. 


KIM: Welcome, Amanda! Thank you so much for coming.

AMANDA: Thank you so much for having me. I’m so excited to be here.

KIM: I would love to hear about your journey of breast self-discovery and how that led to you having breast and nipple orgasms.

AMANDA: Yes! Magical nipplegasms. One of the other impossible things that women surely can’t experience. But of course, as I found out, it’s totally true and possible.

KIM: Do you mean to say that you initially had heard of them and wondered if they were possible? Or you didn’t even know about them?

AMANDA: I definitely didn’t know about them as being a real thing. I remember, growing up, hearing that women really enjoyed having their nipples played with, but I had never heard of a nipplegasm. I definitely didn’t think it was in the category of possible orgasms.

KIM: So, how did that open up to you then?

AMANDA: My entire sexual journey started with your work. I took both The Well-F**ked Woman and Vaginal Kung Fu. For me, it started with The Well-F**ked Woman. The whole connection with my breasts, I feel, was really the gateway to opening up the rest of my whole sexual experience.

By the end of doing your work [laughs], I went from never, ever having orgasms to becoming multi-orgasmic in a really short period of time, which completely surprised me.

When I discovered your work, I just was not in a good place sexually, so I really didn’t see how I could get there, but I did. And for me, probably the biggest gateway was the relationship with my breasts. Regular, dedicated breast massage, just as you recommend, is core to your work. That was kind of my first gateway to really beginning to feel sexual pleasure, which I hadn’t felt in a long time. Just to give you a little insight into my life at that time, my husband and I were both working like crazy, going to school, all that stuff, and we had a really young son. Our sex life was at a standstill. There was nothing going on. I was really resentful. It was just not good. I knew that this was something that I needed to do.

I wondered, How am I going to feel this pleasure that you talk about? Like I said, I think for me, the biggest gateway was definitely the breast. I actually started to feel pleasure by massaging my breasts regularly, feeling that sense of self-love that you talk about. The breasts are representative of nurturing and of your own love for yourself. It just really helped me to reflect on how much self-love I was not giving myself, especially at that time in my life, having a really young son, working so crazily. I was just completely and utterly depleted. My breasts physically looked as depleted as I felt. 

Looking back at that time, they were super, super tiny and really, really saggy. I thought, “Oh my God, this is just going to be how they look.” I was breastfeeding and was not sexual, and they just didn’t look great.

Lo and behold, breast massage completely changed that. Their physical form started to change. When I started to do the breast massage, really trying actively to give myself that self-love, they completely changed. Their physical form actually changed as well. You talk about the whole concept of infinite possibility and just really using your intention. I said, “I’m going to grow my breasts! I’m going to grow them a whole size, just to see,” and they did. They got way fuller. They grew an entire cup size.

That was great on a physical level, but they started to feel pleasurable to me, which was shocking. Even earlier on in mine and my husband’s relationship, where we did have a decent sex life, I still didn’t really want my breasts to be touched. That just wasn’t a sexual part of my body [laughs], which is totally wrong.

It actually was some time before I experienced nipplegasms because that really wasn’t something I was trying to have. 

Basically, what happened is I went through The Well-F**ked Woman, and then I did VKF, when that came around the following year.

KIM: VKF being Vaginal Kung Fu. For the newbies around Anami-land. [Laughs] 

When you talk about your former self, “I didn’t think of breasts as being part of me and the sexual experience,” it’s really hard to imagine you as that person, knowing who you are now and how open and radiant and sexually exuberant you are. It’s hard to imagine a more closed version.

AMANDA: It’s hard for me to remember. So much wasted time. I feel like I had the same relationship with my breasts that most women do nowadays. They’re objects. They’re not really for pleasure. I can’t speak for everybody, but I remember feeling, “Ew, there’s people that feel nipple pleasure? How weird.” It felt kinky to me when it’s just a completely natural, beautiful thing.

Like you always say, all of this incredible pleasure that our whole body can feel, that really should be normal, including breast pleasure and nipple pleasure.

After taking Well-F**ked Woman, I made breast massage a regular part of my day, and they just continued to activate. They just felt amazing physically. Having them with me felt like armor. I felt like I could really stand so much taller and really be myself. Totally, I cannot wear bras anymore. It just feels wrong. They’re so activated now.

KIM: I’m going to challenge you on the word armor. Because armor, I almost think of it as a defense or protection in a negative way, versus maybe if we phrase that as a positive armor, which is what I think you’re saying, right? A positive strength or way of protecting you out in the world without cutting you off.

Because I think that for some women, there can be this reverse hyperbole of really wanting everyone to look at their breasts in a way that’s not very authentic. It’s more attention-seeking. They become almost this negative armor versus having this beautiful, luscious, open experience, interacting with the world, supporting you and strengthening you.

AMANDA: Totally. That’s a really good distinction. I guess just even how they looked to me in my own mind, gold/shimmery. But I feel like they’re literally lifting me up.

Yeah, I don’t know if armor is the best word, but on a deeper, more soul-level, I feel way more strong and confident when I am in tune with my breasts. It does feel like armor.

KIM: Like spiritual armor, maybe.

AMANDA: Yeah. During that time in my life, I had what I  viewed as the most terrifying job in the world, door-to-door canvassing. I got this job selling organic produce subscriptions to your door. That was something that I always thought was the worst thing you could do for a job, but I really challenged myself with what I was learning from you. With your sexual energy, you just don’t care about what people think about you anymore, and you just feel so much more confident and whole inside. 

For me, that type of job was the most terrifying thing—going up to strangers and trying to sell them something that you don’t know if they want.

I remember walking up to each home and feeling my breasts, not at all in a showy way, but it was for me. I felt like I didn’t care what happened in speaking to this person. I felt amazing. 

When I look at them, to me, they look shimmery. They look either silver or gold, and I just always feel very whole, no matter what. That sexual power that I feel really carried on in that way because I actually did amazing in my job. I was one of the top salespeople of this job that I thought was terrifying.

All this work that you talk about really does translate into your outer life as well.

Then I ended up taking Vaginal Kung Fu as well and even further connecting with my breasts because you have the whole other section about that in the salon. I thought, wow! I didn’t think my relationship with my breasts could get even better, but it did.

They just continue to feel more and more activated. That’s the best word I can think of. They feel like an actual part of me, finally, not just these flabby things that I used to kind of view them as.

KIM: I was just going to say, I think that’s really common in our culture because breasts are, especially in women, the most visible expression of sexuality. And they’re often very on display, and there’s a lot of energy projected on them that I think doesn’t come from the woman herself, of her own sexual desirability, her viability, her maturity, all of these things. It’s common in the media or TV or movies to have naked breasts. It’s this titillation that’s coming from the breasts nonstop. 

I think that most women evolve with a layer of some kind of projection that they’ve absorbed on top of their breasts.

AMANDA: Yeah! Well, again, if you’re not connected to them, it kind of feels like, who are these for? That’s what I remember feeling; are they for the world? Are they for my partner? Are they for me? But then, obviously, as I came to find, they’re absolutely for me. It’s basically in-house-made medicine for yourself. When you’re connected to them, so many things happen that you really wouldn’t expect. If ever there’s a time when I’m feeling down or disconnected from life, it’s a really great way to just get right back and be fully embodied and feel integrated again. That’s what I do when I feel disconnected. The breasts and vagina.

KIM: You massage your breasts?

AMANDA: It’s definitely related. You go to the vagina; you go to the breasts when you’re sad, and you feel better.

KIM: Absolutely, yeah.

AMANDA: Again, at that point, I hadn’t experienced nipplegasms yet, but as I mentioned, they were really starting to feel way more activated, way more pleasurable, and I actually, finally enjoyed them and sexual play with my husband, which I never had before.

Then also during this time, pretty soon after Vaginal Kung Fu, I became pregnant again. I was completely blown away. My second pregnancy was probably the most sexually powerful time of my whole life. I feel like I desired myself like a partner would. I fell in love with myself and desired myself. That was something that I absolutely did not feel in my first pregnancy. I was very, very disconnected the first time. I feel like all of that work I had done, the previous nine months, was activated. I had just gotten rid of so much programming; whatever stuff was stuck in my body was gone, and it just made space for all of this pleasure and sensation and stuff to arise.

One of the first things that happened really early on, when I was maybe only a couple months pregnant—I’m not even kidding. My breasts started to throb with pleasure. Unprovoked! I wasn’t touching them; nobody was touching them, and they just started, on their own accord, to feel pleasure.

There were times where I would wake up in the middle of the night, and they would be full of pleasure, so then I would have to do the breast massage. That’s when I said, “Okay, okay, okay, this feels amazing. I’m going to try this nipplegasm thing and see what happens.”

So, I did. I spent tons of dedicated time massaging them, and that really was the name of the game. I just spent a ton of dedicated time on the whole breast, and I  focused a long time on the nipple. I couldn’t stop. It just felt so amazing to me. [Laughs] I said, “What’s happening? This feels so good. I’m pregnant. What’s happening?” It’s just so funny from being disconnected before, to go into that.

KIM: Yeah. I want to really highlight that because I think one of the dominant messages, especially with the Madonna/whore conditioning, is when a woman becomes a mother, there’s this huge taboo around sexuality, which for most people, starts during pregnancy.

I think that we’ve inherited this subconscious programming that sex and motherhood are divorced.

I love hearing the journey of somebody who is consciously aiming to awaken her sexuality and so then in the midst of that, when you got pregnant, your sexuality was amplified. It becomes a portal for sexual development to be accelerated. I think about the breasts and their role in breastfeeding and as these great alchemizers of things in the body, converting whatever we have in the body into this ambrosia manna from heaven. The best possible food a human could eat, we create in the breasts, and your breasts are just being woken up.

The way you describe them is beautiful; these shimmery crystalline orbs. These superpowers are being activated in them, and all this sexual pleasure. Depression is often referred to as suppressed anger. People who are depressed often have a lot of emotion, but particularly anger that they’ve tried to stuff down, and then that manifests as depression immobility.

I think, in the example with pregnancy, there’s all of this sexual energy that’s naturally trying to come through, but if women have their own messaging and their partner’s messaging and society and family’s messaging, that that’s the opposite of what should happen, then they’re actively or subconsciously shutting that down. Then that manifests in stagnancy or difficult pregnancy or postpartum depression or challenges in birth. All of these things, where there’s this effort to suppress that energy that is naturally there, at a time when it’s just on fire.

Because your experiences mirror mine. When I was pregnant, I was hypersexual. I had the same experiences with my breasts, where they just had this mind and life and sex life of their own. Constantly voracious. I was already into sex, but this just amplified everything. I thought, I want to be pregnant forever! [Laughs] This is the best!

AMANDA: I love that. I love what you said about having a sex life of their own because that’s what it felt like. My breasts kind of feel like a separate entity in a way, but also very integrated into my body. It felt like being woken up by a lover. It was crazy!

I was very out of tune with my sexuality, but I also had not done that sexual work beforehand. Totally different experience this time. I had just spent so much time really, really working on myself in that way.

I wonder, with so many women who think that they’re not sexual during pregnancy, what was it like right before that, and how much intention was there beforehand with their sexuality? I know the difference now, and I’m curious to see what happens next time.

KIM: [Laughs] During the next pregnancy!

AMANDA: Yeah! Like I said, the nipplegasm. I couldn’t help it; my breasts wanted to get played with, so I obliged, and they’d already been so awakened, so  it didn’t take terribly long to experience them. Kind of what we were talking about a little bit earlier. I’d never actually heard of a nipplegasm. I definitely had heard of pleasure before, but I guess I just wasn’t sure if there was any kind of over-the-edge-type feeling or expansion. Maybe G-spot or cervical orgasms. I wasn’t sure if it actually got to that level where it felt like a nipplegasm, as opposed to just a lot of pleasure.

In my experience, you have a nipplegasm. It feels most similar to me in a way to G-spot. For me, it’s very prolonged, but it definitely feels like a super-heightened pleasure that lasts for a long time. But also, it can get higher and continue.

Then at that point, you just get so turned on that you self-pleasure. That’s what I would do. I would continue the whole self-pleasuring session but start with a nipplegasm.

In pregnancy, too, I felt like that was just such a beautiful gift to my growing child. I thought it was really interesting that in pregnancy, my breasts were feeling that pleasure, because obviously the connection with breast milk and all that. It just felt like an entire preparation to having a really incredible breastfeeding relationship with my baby, giving both of us that love from having them so alive.

We’ve had an incredible breastfeeding journey. Our relationship is amazing. She’s the sweetest angel in the world, and the whole pregnancy was just like that.

KIM: I wanted to say, too, this idea of what you said, of the breasts really giving love. You have inhabited your breasts with love, and they’ve been this journey to open up your heart and combine that energy. And your breastfeeding experience then is really shifted.

I wonder if that’s why a lot of women experience challenges with breastfeeding or they don’t have the same kind of joy or they see it more of a duty or they think they’re supposed to do it a certain amount of time and they try to get away with whatever they can [laughs] rather than having this pure ecstasy through that experience.  

I think there’s also judgment and stigma around having too much pleasure through the breastfeeding experience. I love that you said that, because what you were saying gave me this visual of not just the physical components of breast milk but the energy of love, of radiance, the energy of all of these expansive feelings being channeled through to the breast, to your baby. And I think that’s the big thing that probably isn’t in the common western vocabulary to talk about; that energetic gift that they’re receiving through this work that you’ve done to really activate and open them and combine that with all this love energy. Probably for a lot of women, the energy that’s going through is their own insecurities, their own fear, their own frustration or disconnection with the breasts.

AMANDA: One hundred percent. I think it’s a completely unacknowledged practice or exercise to have, for mothers in general, but the entire breastfeeding conversation—nobody talks about it. If you think you have mastitis, maybe massage your breasts a little bit. That’s the only capacity where it’s discussed, and there’s no talk about doing it beforehand. Prepping. There’s nothing about building that relationship beforehand at all. Maybe in some circles, but not really; it’s not really discussed.

It’s always a pathologized version.

KIM: Right.

AMANDA: “Oh, you might have mastitis, so get rid of that block.” It has nothing to do with self-love or love for the baby or any of that. None of that is talked about, and I obviously know from experience how it’s so easy in modern society for mothers to feel so depleted. This is a way for you to fill your own cup so that you don’t have that massive, massive burnout. It’s a really good defense against all that on an emotional and physical level. 

Because, yeah, breastfeeding is really, really demanding, especially in the beginning, and this just makes the whole thing so much more joyous and like you mentioned, much more of a connected experience with your baby. It really helped me to have a very extended breastfeeding relationship. It’s definitely something that needs to come up more in that whole circle.

KIM: Well, it bridges that very unbridged set of subjects, motherhood and sexuality. As soon as we’re talking about the breasts having any kind of pleasure and healing capacity and then mixing that with motherhood, we’ve just gone into forbidden territory. Can’t go there. 

But that really does seem like the secret. I do think that women can get energetically and physically depleted through breastfeeding if they do not have any other energy coming in. Whether that’s self-nurturing, partner-nurturing, support in their lives, and the immediate and accessible sources of breast energy and vagina/yoni energy and tapping into that and then being able to use it to rejuvenate ourselves and then pass along that energy to our baby.

AMANDA: Yes. I just have to reference one of your other podcasts because it makes me laugh. It was one of the birthing podcasts with Yvonne, and she was massaging her breasts in front of her doctor. She said, “Got to leave the room,” and she just did not care. 

I think that’s absolutely an attitude that women need to have about touching themselves and needing that for themselves. “Well, if you don’t like it, then you can leave,” because we need that. It’s essential medicine for women in general and mothers. 

KIM: Absolutely. I love that. I love that you talk about the breasts being the gateway, and they really helped to open the door to your sexuality overall. You also mentioned how they were a portal to the deeper vaginal orgasms. Once you got on that train of the breast pleasure, that helped lubricate the path towards deeper cervical orgasms.

AMANDA: Definitely. Yeah. Like the breasts, there’s a heart connection, and as you teach, the cervix is also related to the heart. It only makes sense that they would open. The whole cervix area opens.

Yeah, I think a definite gateway to that as well. Because what I noticed, too, is when I’m really in tune with my breasts, the cervical orgasms just come so much easier and faster. I know they can take a lot of time, but it’s pretty easy for me to just have them.

It’s all related. I would be massaging my breasts when I was pregnant, and I would self-pleasure, and I just felt so, so, so open. So much more lubricated. I just needed to have sex or self-pleasure or whatever. 

It just took so little time to get to those places. A huge difference that I noticed is when I am connected to them in that way, the deeper vaginal ones happen more quickly. I’ve experienced full-body orgasms as a result of my breasts. What I’ve felt and what I’ve noticed is when you are massaging them and activating them and they’re feeling pleasurable, you feel so much energy moving through your body. I have at times experienced a full-body orgasm just from that, super radiating out of my body. 

As you teach, clitoral orgasms are a very marked and easy drop-off feeling, but it’s not like that with the breasts at all. It’s very, very expansive and doesn’t have that drop.

KIM: I love this practice of connecting to the breasts and seeing that there is so much potential there. Where it can seem like this latent or dormant part of ourselves, just like the vagina can seem, and yet when we place our attention there and we have the intention to open and awaken and activate, there’s so much richness there for us, not to mention off-the-charts orgasmic pleasure.

It’s so inspiring.

Is there anything else that you’d like to share that we haven’t covered?

AMANDA: I just would like to say that it’s real. Like I mentioned—a lot of it is just time. I didn’t actually experience this kind of orgasm until many months later, after I had become so completely activated and really spent intentional time trying to get there. The more that you keep trying, it’s really inevitable. It’s just a matter of time and how much you’re going to stay committed to doing that for yourself. Not expecting it to happen, but just continuing to give yourself that love and that essential medicine. Then it’ll definitely happen.

KIM: If you build it, they will come.

AMANDA: Exactly. I went from never having any kind of orgasm to having all of them. I’m a really good example.

KIM: Becoming an Orgasmapedia. If you build it, they will come. Sometimes I see short three- or four-minute videos on technique, “This is how to get a G-Spot orgasm,” or “This is how to get a breast orgasm.” Well, yes, you can rub your fingers that way, but if you haven’t done all of this other preliminary preparation work and you haven’t opened yourself to a certain degree, you can have all the physical technique in the world and that is not going to get you there. 

All of this other stuff is laying the foundation to really open yourself up and prepare you to be able to have these deeper experiences. Clearing out your energy field, opening up your meridians, clearing any kind of blockages you have, whether they’re emotional, energetic, mental, spiritual, physical, and then paving the way for these things to happen.

You put in the beautiful, fun play and practice, and you reap the rewards. 

AMANDA: Yes. You have to surrender to the possibility. When I originally took your work and you talked about this incredible sexual world that was available, I said, “I want that!” You just have to know that you can have that too. 

I kind of take that view with a lot of different things. “Well, somebody else did it. Why can’t I do it?” Just really being completely open. That’s what I found in my experience in all the orgasms. Just completely let go, and then they come to you way quicker.

KIM: And that’s a whole art in itself, letting go and opening and surrendering, which is a massive challenge for a lot of people. 

To be clear, too, when I say this is available for people, I say it’s available for everyone, no matter your circumstances; this is the Anami guarantee, that everyone can. I think the big reason why people think they can’t is they’re told this misinformation that not everybody can, or they watch a few minutes of a video with a couple of physical techniques and they try that, and it doesn’t work, and they don’t realize that there are so many more dimensions to creating these experiences.

I’ll say it again: everyone can, and here’s Amanda as a fantastic example of someone who wasn’t having any orgasms and who was in a much more sexually closed place, and now she is a veritable treasure-trove of Orgasmapedia and ecstatic experiences.

AMANDA: Thank you so much. It’s completely and utterly transformed my life in every way. Thank you. Thank you so much.

KIM: Thank you, Amanda. I so appreciate you coming on to share with us.


How amazing is Amanda’s story? What I especially love, is seeing how during the experience of pregnancy, if we embrace and open to our sexuality, this energy prepares all of our reproductive organs for birth and motherhood — from the breasts to the cervix. 

And, how, if you build it, they will come. 

Amanda gave a great synopsis of how to have breast and nipplegasms, and I’ll summarize these steps here:

1. Wake up your breasts. 

As we heard with Amanda, the key to having nipplegasms and breast orgasms is waking up your breasts. 

I give this same advice to people on their quest to have vaginal orgasms—you need to wake up the vagina. 

Most women have numb vaginas. 

Most women also have breasts. 

This pervasive reproductive numbness is symbolic of all of the internalized oppression and repression that women absorb into their genitals. 

All of the taboo, shame, trauma, conditioning, judgement – from self or others – if not confronted, land squarely in the terrain of our reproductive organs. 

Until we clear them out. 

“The issues in our tissues” As Wim Hof says. 

or “The issues in our TITshues,” hahahah. 

In order to unveil and unleash the true sentient power and orgasmic potential of the breasts, BREAST MASSAGE IS YOUR BREAST FRIEND 

I teach dedicated breast massage routines in both of my salons for women — Vaginal Kung Fu and How to Be a Well-F**ked Woman, because it’s so important. 

Even five minutes a day, in the shower, or anywhere, is enough. 

Not only does the massage get your circulation flow going, increasing lymphatic drainage and movement, clearing out toxins on a physical level, it also clears out emotional toxins.

There are several—no less than SIX!—energy meridians flowing though the breasts, including the kidney meridian. 

In Taoist thought, the kidneys are responsible for the overall production of sexual energy and the flow of “female waters.”

As we clear and open up this meridian during massage, we’re encouraging all of the waters to flow. 

Any of the defensive armour we’ve built up gets gradually and lovingly melted away.

Breast massage also encourages self-love and helps you to reconnect to your breasts and your heart. 

And… because I consider breast massage such a staple in the Anami repertoire. I’ve just created our new line of Anami Aphrodisia body massage oils, including one for breast massage called Breast Bliss. You can find it in the Anami Alchemia online shop. 

2) Healing and opening the heart. 

Whatever you consciously work on in the realm of emotional healing, will help you open your heart and reduce any protective shielding that has manifested onto you breasts. 

In the Anami Alchemia online shop, I’ve created two crystal elixir remedies that are perfect for this: 

  1. Heartbreak Healer – Clears residue from past hurts, emotional traumas and relationships, leaving you with a clean slate. 
  2. Luscious Trinity – Helps connect the heart and the cervix, and to remove old, deep trauma. 

3) Self-pleasuring the breasts.  

Even if your breasts seem numb and unresponsive to touch at first, keep at it. 

As we said, even a short, daily breast massage practice will begin to de-thaw them and open them up to feeling ecstasy. 

Then you can spend more and more time with your breasts as a self-pleasure practice, just as you would with your yoni, and eventually they’ll open up to you and become orgasmic pleasure centre of their own. 

You can explore all different kinds of touch and stimulation, finding with works for you. 

4) Pro tip: get pregnant! 

Hahah, just kidding. Sort of! 

I do think that pregnancy lights a woman’s sexuality on fire, if she’s open to it. And this can be a divine portal to more easily access all kinds of different sexual feelings, as they’re much more heightened. 


We cover all of this in my Vaginal Kung Fu Salon. I guide you through a full, step-by-step breast massage routine, to tone, lift and enlarge the breasts, and activate their bliss potential. 

And how to have a nipplegasm. 

The entire salon is designed to help you clear emotional and energetic blockages, to become the radiant, orgasmic and ecstatic being you were meant to be. 

The salon opens next week! 

In the meantime, you can check out my FREE preview video series for VKF and kimanami.com, under Sexual Savant Salons, then look for Vaginal Kung Fu. 

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