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Breast Massage to Enlarge and Lift Breasts


Love your breasts!

To fully embody your sexual self, you need to fully embody your breasts.

Love them. Own them.

This is how you activate their full sexual potential.

And this is how you grow them.

Because we all know the great spiritual adage:

What you focus on grows. 

However, most women are disconnected from their breasts.

From unwanted sexual attention, to constant bombardment about the ideal size and shape breasts ought to be, this dissatisfaction gets internalized.

Women hunch their shoulders.

They bind the breasts in suffocating bras.

Or they pump them up and cut them up.

Or even cut them right off, because they have become so dissociated from them.

One of the breast ways to bring your breasts back to life and unleash their super and sexual powers is by doing a daily breast massage.

Even five minutes a day will activate, enlarge, lift and tone your breasts.

I’ve had scores of women go through my salons, reporting stunned results.

It works!

In this week’s video, find out:

• How the breasts are connected to female arousal and orgasm.
• How to increase the heart-breast connection.
• How breast massage boosts hormonal flow and lubrication.
• Three powerful breast massage techniques, including the legendary “Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique.”

P.S. You’ll receive my full daily breast massage routine in The Vaginal Kung Fu Salon, which will run again at the end of January. Check out the free video preview series here.

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