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Big, Blissful Breast Orgasms

How to create body-blowing breast orgasms.

In Taoist sexuality, breasts are considered to be a gateway to female orgasm.

Six energy meridian lines run through them, including the kidney, which is responsible for generating the “waters” of arousal.

In MRI scans, breast stimulation lights up the same areas of the brain as when women are receiving G-spot and cervical stimulation.

All women—according to the Anami Guarantee—can have wild nipple-gasms and full breast-gasms.

ALL women can.

As with the full Orgasmapedia I talk about, the pathway to all orgasms is owning yourself, your body, your sexuality and removing any blocks that are in the way of you living in that place.

Over a decade of running my online salons has shown me how many women truly are disconnected from their breasts.

You can restore and transform them into the wildly orgasmic, pleasure centres they are designed to be.

In this episode:

  • My top four suggestions for creating body-blowing breast orgasms
  • How to overcome the dissociation many women feel and love and own your breasts
  • How breasts alchemize emotions and are essential tools for us to use
  • Three Well-F**ked All Stars share on how they went from numb and disconnected to radiant, cosmic, multi-orgasmic breast and nipple-gasms.

Our Well-F**ked All Stars have gone through the gamut of breast experiences, from extended breastfeeding to total disconnection and they range in age from their twenties to their mid-sixties.

Says Amanda:

“The breast massage was mind-blowing to me because I fell in love with my breasts for the first time. You talk about the whole concept of infinite possibility and using your intention. I said, “I’m going to grow my breasts! I’m going to grow them a whole size, just to see,” and they did. They got way fuller. They grew an entire cup size.”

Listen to the episode now:

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The Well-F**ked Woman Salon is open!

In this 8-week online salon, I’ve compiled the best of my 30 years of orgasmic experience (!) to take you over the edge into a lifetime of bliss.

You’ll learn:

– Step-by-step instructions for the deeper vaginal orgasms: G-Spot, cervical and squirting
– How to transform challenging menstruation, PMS and menopause into blissful portals
– Self-pleasuring 101 and how to channel sexual energy into creative genius
– Using your feminine essence to build a life of ease and pleasure
– Breast massage to tone, lift and activate the orgasmic potential of the breasts
– How to give your man enlightened blow jobs and hand jobs

Come and get it.

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