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New World OR-GASM

What are you creating?

Welcome to the third season of the Orgasmic Enlightenment Podcast! 

I thought we’d kick things off with a bit of New World Or-gasm inspiration. 

In the year of 2020, we’ve heard all kinds of talk about the New Normal, and what people are “just going to have to get used to.” 

The term “New World Order” has been in use for decades—if not longer—to describe a vision that certain people have of what they want the world to look like. 

Humanity is faced with some big decisions right now. 

You can listen to what you are spoon-fed as “bought and paid for “facts” or you can do your own independent research and figure things out yourself. 

You can also tap into your own vision, and CREATE things for yourself. 

Something I’ve noticed over the past year now, is that there is SO much heavy, negative information out there. 

Whether you buy the current medical narrative, or you are a “truther” and can read between the lines, there’s A LOT of stuff coming to the surface and a feeling of needing to wade through many pessimistic views of our future. 

In this podcast, I want to share with you some seeds and mantras that I personally use to remind myself to keep a higher perspective on things, and also to reinforce that I, myself AM THE CREATOR of my world. 

So here are some of the fortifying spiritual beliefs and practices I live by: Anami Credos.

Listen to the episode now:

Or download and listen on the go:

If you’d like to hear my views on the state of affairs over the past year, check out my podcast episodes: 

And, if you’d like to keep up on my alternative news feed, you can join my private  Telegram group, called Anami Sacred Samurais. A warning, that this particular channel is a departure from my regular orgasm content, and instead focuses on an alternate view to the dominant narrative of the day, especially in such turbulent times.  

To join, get the Telegram app on your device, and look for Anami Sacred Samurais. If you can’t find it, use this direct link: https://t.me/AnamiSacredSamurais



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