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I’ve Gone Viral. Again.

I come up with an idea, usually related to my vagina, and woosh! Off it goes, spreading and replicating itself all over the world.

I go viral all the time.

Infecting the general populace with self-empowerment and orgasms.

The power of my vagina has spread and had an impact in nearly every country in the world, like a giant stream of ejaculate, spraying the universe.

And why did me and my vagina go viral?

Because. We. Are. Exosomes.

Because we challenged the dominant narrative and apparent “science” and “authority” of what is possible in the realm of women’s reproductive health.

We challenged.

And we won.

And we keep on winning, as evidenced by the hundreds of thousands of now lubricating, orgasming and ejaculating vaginas around the planet.


To find out what “exosomes” are and why they are the key to EVERYTHING that is happening in the world right now, listen to this special edition episode.

I’m covering: 

– My story and journey into holistic health and wellness

– What I use to heal

– My views on this latest viral sensation that is taking over the world and how to join the movement

–  Is it a mask or a muzzle?

– My special diet of red pills

– Are you a virus or an exosome? 

– How do we actually “make love” and why this frequency is so important 

– How pharma WHO-res have no real science behind them, just loads of $$

– My personal beliefs on spirituality and death 

Yep. It’s a biggie. 

Listen now:

Or download and listen on the go:


My Mentorship program is now open for applications.

This magnum opus training program of mine begins June 1st.

This is my no-holds barred, teacher training for professionals, after which you become a certified Anami Sex Genius.

Now, more than ever, we need bold leaders who can bring people into the new millennium and and a new era of holistic healing.

This program is for you if:

– You want to live in a world where physicians prescribe orgasms instead of opiates, dildos instead of anti-depressants, and where women have holistic options for fertility and birth control instead of a death sentence of organ removal and a lfie of drug, where men can have hours of sex without Viagra.

– You want to be able to “go there” with clients, instead of tip-toeing around sex, so you can solve previously unsolvable issues and help men, women, and couples clear blocks, transform, flourish, and reach their full potential.

If you’re all about these things, then come on over.

All the sex education you ought to have received in school, but didn’t.

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9 thoughts on “I’ve Gone Viral. Again.

  1. Wow! I did not see that coming. I haven’t come across your work before and was just looking for reinforcement because I feel such a rage seeing all the masked slaves out and about.
    I had some reservations about what you were presenting when you mentioned your vagina and ejaculate all over the universe, not because I’m repulsed but probably because I’m timid about how much it turns me on. I was so pleased how you nailed every point , although I look at myself as more like a Tetrahedron, you have great command over your knowledge. Thank you for using your voice to enlighten.

  2. Kim! Thank you for a very informative post and the website to check out, greatly appreciated! I’m a VKF grad and massage therapist extraordinaire who like you follows the path of listening to self, my body and nature. During this time I’ve been reading the Medical Medium books and following his plan of drinking celery juice, taking antiviral herbs such as lemon balm and eliminating all problematic foods such as dairy, gluten, corn….
    I’ve been surprised at how much he addresses viral issues in his books as being the root cause of many other ailments ( Lyme, chronic illnesses, auto-immune diseases etc…) He continually refers to many varieties of Epstein Barr and Herpes, up to 30 types that he says are undiscovered yet, that live in us and wreak havoc, but can be cured through food, cleaning and herbs.
    Are you familiar with this info? You stated that it possible that viruses don’t exist. What is your take on the herpes virus? any opinions on Medical Medium? I’m liking his info as far how he looks at food and celery juice feels amazing!

    1. My pleasure Jennifer!

      I love that Medical Medium’s main plans for healing are around food as medicine and using herbs consciously. And I think celery juice is the bomb.

      I’m wondering if the language and ideas he is using around “viruses” are centered in this old paradigm. When we talk about exosomes/viruses, they do exist; they just don’t function in the way that we/Pasteur originally thought. And this whole philosophy reinforces this “they’re out to get me” narrative, which doesn’t really ring true to me either: “The Russians are coming!” “Oh, now it’s ISIS!” “The war on terror!” The war on drugs” It goes on and on.

      What I’ve seen with STDs is that they are more the internalization of sexual shame. Especially with herpes. On the website I mentioned in the podcast, there are several people on that page who have given an alternative explanation about how these things work, egs. mirror neutrons or the “terrain” common to groups of individuals. That all rings more true to me than “bad guys coming to get us”. Though it’s easy to see the convenient political and social crossover for control.


  3. Yay! glad you decided to address it head on. More power to you and those that take a different path but can still hop on the same path (Going in the opposite direction) when needed. Way to go super bunny.

  4. Oh my god I love love love your mindset how perfect and beautiful and spot on and yes you really are fucking brilliant besides gorgeous and sexy as hell .but keep up the awesome stuff you do love you the world needs more like you loving and respectfuly

  5. Thank You Kim!! I also was a bit hesitant to dive deep into this whole plan-demic issue, as also believe in keeping my vibration high, and being vigilant about what I allow into my consciousness.
    But, as you stated, when the main-stream narratives talk about forced injections of totally untested, and know to be dangerous, (grown on animal tissue, including bats, along w/ aluminum, mercury, pieces of dna & rna that can have profound effects in compromised bodies). And, micro-chipping us which can determine what “rights” we’ll have according to the BS vaccine schedule. When uber rich self-appoint themselves to feed pharma’s narrative, doctors in charge of entire gov health agencies have patents on drugs & vaccines, it’s blatantly obvious that it’s time for us messengers / exosomes to get busy & spread the truth, with love & taking the high road, so as not to get dragging down into the muck.
    I also don’t go to doctors either & haven’t for my entire life, (unless I “create” something like a broken wrist, climbing over dead trees!).
    Our bodies, (extensions of our inner-being & thoughts), Do have the amazing ability to thrive, given even a small chance through healthy living, love & purpose.
    And, I’m glad you included info on the “latest / greatest” wifi technology that was tons of studies on the powerful ill-effects, this intense, localized radiation has on our bodies, (especially those comprised my eating a SAD, standard Am diet).
    I really admire your intelligence, braveness and spirit, let’s keep spreading love & truth, S2