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The New Normal

Normal vs. normalized. What do you choose? 

What’s normal? Suicide-inducing periods? Peeing your pants? Removal of internal organs? Or 60 cervical orgasms in a row? And eight-hour lovemaking sessions after which you want to run a marathon? What is your #newnormal?

In my work, I talk a lot about the normalization of dysfunction. 

Meaning, there are many states of existence, particularly in mental and physical health, that people have come to accept as being “normal.” 

  • Depression 
  • Anxiety
  • C-word (No, not that one. I love that one. The one that rhymes with dancer.) 
  • Removal of female internal organs 
  • Genital mutilation in females and males—it’s no different 
  • Surgical birth – women having their babies cut out of them 
  • Women’s vaginas falling out 
  • Take artificial hormones or medication for their entire lives

All of these things have been “normalized”. 

But they are NOT normal. 

This phrase is being bantered around a lot right now: The New Normal.

So let’s go there.

Do you like this version of The New Normal that you are being sold?

Or would you prefer to create your own.

Now is the time. We are at a massive crossroads in human history and now is when the rubber hits the road.

Do you really believe this “create your own reality stuff”?

Or what.

Let’s dive deep in today’s episode and I’ll describe what my “New Normal” looks like.

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It is not normal to pee your pants all the time, or for your vagina to fall out, or to have miserable periods and menopause, or to have your genitals cut off at birth, or to need anti-depressants or anti-anxiety drugs or a lifetime of pharmaceutical medication just to be able to exist in the world. 

Nope. Not normal. 

With all of these things, there is an underlying assumption that the human body is faulty. 

It doesn’t run well, it breaks down all the time, and has no idea how to heal itself. 

It needs constant intervention and correction and direction because on its own—in your poor, frail and incapable hands, it is a disaster. 


What other species on the planet functions like this? 


That’s how many. 

Unless… we’ve domesticated them and subjected them to the same kind of toxins, in-breeding and interference that humans have been exposed to. 

I’ve seen over and over again in the sexual health world—where I have the most focus and time spent—but also in all reaches of the medical allopathic world, how this MO repeats itself, 

Manufacture a health problem. 

Create a solution—no, wait, a BAND-AID—that doesn’t actually solve the problem. 

Charge money for it, and then have to take that Band-Aid until you die, OR the first Band-Aid causes more—but different—problems and then a second and third Band-Aid are needed. 

I’ve said, Western medicine is the biggest pyramid scheme that exists in the world. 

It’s kind of like if you were the creator of a giant computer system, and then you created numerous “viruses or infections” to threaten the well-being of that system, and then you come up with a new “anti-virus software” to INJECT into the original problem. 

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? 

Sounds a lot like what’s happening right now, and even with the same key players! 

We’ll come back to that in a moment. 

So much of my work is founded on the idea of re-defining what normal IS. 

When people get conditioned and used to a life of dysfunction, they forget. 

Or sometimes they don’t know what they don’t know. 

They are accepting the dismal prognosis of some supposed “health expert”—typically allopathic—and they just don’t know there is another way. 

Or they have an inkling there could be, but have no idea where to look. 

And then they find me, and the little voice that was saying to them: “Hey, maybe you don’t actually have to remove your uterus,” gets validated. 

And something in them begins to come alive, and is mobilized with this hope that there could be another way. 

In my world, it is normal to: 

  • Shoot ping pong balls across the room with your vagina 
  • Have multiple vaginal, G-Spot, cervical, and ejaculatory orgasms 
  • Have childbirth be orgasmic and pleasurable, and the biggest high of a woman’s life 
  • For couples to have lifelong passionate sex 
  • Have 8-hour erections and feel like running a marathon after having sex 
  • Have blissful menstruation and menopause 
  • Have orgasms from thinking about someone or just hearing their voice 
  • Lubricate naturally, no matter your age or stage of your life
  • Heal anything 

To be very clear: NORMAL IS to achieve all of these things WITHOUT DRUGS OR SURGERY. 

Just from the innate power of your mind and body alone. 


We’re hearing and being programmed right now with these concepts of “The New Normal.’ 

As though the “New Normal” is some kind of inevitable, must-do for “society to move forward.”

It’s not. 

It’s simply one path of many. 

Just like how in my work, a woman can be told with absolute certainty that she must remove her internal organs, or a man it told that the ONLY way he’ll ever have hard erections again is with a drug, these are but one path. 

Bring me your genitals and I will show you countless other paths. 

What I want to do now, is share with you, my “new normal” in terms of what this juncture in time and space, as a global collective, could look like. 

In the my life, I’ve been exposed to some amazing things, people, and powers 

All of that has informed my world view, where it’s pretty easy for me to reject and scoff at the typical allopathic perspective that “no healing is ever possible without violent and violating interferences.” 

I reject these ideas entirely. 

Instead, in my “New Normal”: 

  • Part of any intake or assessment in counselling or by medical or naturopathic doctors, is questions about someone’s intimate life. This is typically the core wound in most people and, the most powerful and useful place to start.
  • Doctors/practitioners thus prescribe orgasms and sexual positions and occasionally some herbs, as medicine.
  • So, when you are feeling ill or need to detox, you run to your bedroom to tap into some super healing power sexual energy and revitalize yourself with it.
  • Sex is recognized as an incredible tool and its purity and power is restored.
  • IT is also recognized as The Fountain of Youth. I truly believe sex is what people were referring to through the ages, when they spoke of this. Why do you think sex is so taboo? Why would anyone try to hide its true meaning and energy? This is why. You’d have the ultimate healing and regenerative power, literally, at your fingertips.
  • Sexual conversation and education would be open and free, between adults, and as parents so that our children receive the messages that intimacy is a natural, normal and healthy state of behaviour. 

          And beyond the sexual sphere:

  • ALL food is bio-dynamically grown. If you don’t know what this is, check it out; it’s organic on speed. it’s the system of agriculture developed by the legendary Rudolf Steiner, which harnesses the deep and true medicinal, nutritional and energetic power of food. This really is food as medicine.
  • All animals in food production are free-range, and live healthy, loved lives.
  • WE develop our telepathic powers instead of our electronic ones. In my mind, email and this kind of electronic communication was a fork in the road. We all have the ability to send information, ideas and communicate with each other telepathically. But these talents were shoved aside in place of relying on machines to do it for us. I know people in remote areas in Africa who use this as their primary mode of communication. They set up in-person meetings and talk to each other this way. They don’t have phones, or email and so this is all they’ve got. And they use it. My own telepathic powers began to emerge WHEN I WAS LIVING OFF THE GRID, WITH NO ELECTRICITY AROUND ME. This was before the time of cell phones, and so the earth was far less bombarded with radiation, and so were we.
  • We learn and use the true powers of plants and crystals for healing.
  • Pain management, is accomplished through self-hypnosis. I knew a medical doctor from India who was able to go under open heart surgery without a drop of anesthesia, or pain medication. He hypnotized/meditated himself into a brain wave state where he was able to bypass all this pain for the entire surgery. 
  • Bones can be “knit” together when they break, through energy focus and Reiki. I met a Reiki Master once who could heal broken bones through Reiki treatment. This becomes the standard treatment for broken bones: energetic repair.
  • Teeth which rot in the mouth are regrown via stem cells.
  • Meditation is considered as essential as food.
  • Daily exercise is considered as essential as food.
  • Nature, the sun, the outdoors, the ocean are all considered healing medicine and treated this way by the dominant system of the day. 
  • We learn to teleport. No, it’s not just a sci-fi fantasy. Once you understand that you live in a multi-dimensional world, all becomes possible. Here and now. People are already doing this, who know how to navigate in-between dimensions.
  • Our education system teaches all of these things. That’s what children go to school for: to learn how to harness all of their latent powers. 

I could go on. And on. 

But I think you get the picture. 

There have been all kinds of junctures where the human race has veered off into a more automated, technological direction. 

In tech we trust. 

And while I appreciate that there are conveniences like email and the internet, imagine if all the things I just listed were our current reality? 

They could be. 

And in some parts of the world, they are. 

For some people, they are. 

What I’m now inviting you to do, is to re-imagine your new normal. 

What could life actually look like? 

And in this imagining, I want you to go big. 

I know that right now, many people have had their freedoms totally removed from them. That we’re in the middle of a tyrannical takeover in the guise of the latest greatest viral sensation. 

But instead of saying things like “I just want to be able to go to the park with my kids.” 

Go bigger. 

The only way we’re going to be able to balance out and triumph over this current global darkness, is by going WAY beyond it. 

Do you get me? 


Even if it seems crazy farfetched and utopian, go there. 

Because what’s happening right now in the world is a crazy, farfetched DYSTOPIA. 

So we’re hijacking this term and this idea of the NEW NORMAL. 

To define and CREATE it for ourselves. 

I’ve seen some wonderful examples lately of “the people” taking back their power. 

Back in November of last year when Australia was having massive bush fires, and the government was saying it couldn’t really do very much, the comedian Celeste Barber, through a Facefuck campaign, raised no less than $50million for fire relief efforts. 

Last week, a woman in Dallas was thrown in jail and fined $7000 for opening her hair salon so her staff could feed themselves and their children.

Someone started a crowdfunding campaign and over $350,000 was raised for her and her staff.

She then said she would donate some of that money toward tow other people she heard of who were arrested.  

A police officer in WA state was fired for speaking up and saying that all the freedom restricting was unconstitutional and ridiculous. He stood his ground, and for that, he lost his job. 

Someone else started a crowdfunding campaign and raised $421,000 for him and his family. 

This is what citizen-directed action looks like. 

This is what taking power back, looks like. 

Someone brave—stands up, and sets an example. 

And the rest of us back them up and support them because. 

Because this is what community looks like like. 

And it’s fucking beautiful. 


For all of your spiritual people out there, who talk about creating your own reality, 

this is where the rubber hits the road. 

Do you really believe this? Do you believe you have this power to shape your day-to-day reality and existence? Do you believe, do you KNOW that you are powerful enough? 

Or is this just a cute quote you put on your Instagram: “Live your dreams!” 

I called this out a couple of weeks ago in my “How to Be Original” podcast—on the myriad of pseudo-spiritual guides out there. 

Like I said, now it really matters. 

What have you got? 

This is a call for anyone and everyone. 

I don’t care if you have 100 Instagram followers or no Instagram, or all you have is a Facefuck account with your friends and family. 

I invite you to get on it and start defining and SHARING, WHAT is your NEW NORMAL??? 

Put it out there. 

If you are a health worker or a leader in any capacity, this goes double for you. 

Do you believe this “create your own reality” shit or not? 

Is this the reality you want right now? The bullshit you’re seeing in front of you? 

Do you consent to this? 

If not, then fucking get busy. 




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10 thoughts on “The New Normal

  1. Thanks Kim, for your bravery and your work. I’ve been spinning around for years on the idea of what it is I want to share with the world… you gave me great idea. I’ll follow through. I sense time has come. Love from Madrid, Spain

  2. Thanks to your advice I have found the perfect woman to complete me. We are both open and free about our body needs, both mental and physical. Thanks to you I worked out who I want to be and who I needed to share my life with to be happy and free spirited.

    Many thanks Kim.

  3. Love this Vision!!!! It’s likening to a (feminine) Lemurian and (Masculine) Atlantian Inter- Course (LOL :P) of directional evolution, amped to the power of Reality Now!
    Thank you for being a Powerful catalyst in the current Consciousness back to LIGHT!!!!!

  4. Hi Kim,

    This podcast rocks! I love the call to transcend and get real. I am all about it.

    I love all your stuff. I want to add a couple of things. I watched Supercock and how to have one. One thing that you did not mention that I would like to is Arugula, or ‘Rocket Lettuce’. Okay, holy molly! I eat one ounce twice per day on a salad and I have to tell you, Holy Supercock! I don’t enjoy the taste of arugula, so I use Primal Kitchen Caesar Salad Dressing and I can’t even tell. If I also have watermelon that same day, the morning wood is amaaaaazing!!!! Apparently monks in monasteries practicing celibacy had to ban rocket lettuce from the menu. I can see why.

    I have a system that deals with pain the way you deal with sex. Takes something that is broken and turns it into an empowering superpower. You are all about superpowers and have reawakened some of our forgotten ones, so I think you would really like this concept. It is along the lines of transcending this darkness. I would love to share it with you sometime.

  5. Your sincerity, your truth, your beauty, your imagination, your travels, your listening, your willingness, your enthusiasm, your determination, your bravery, and your joy all make you shine.

  6. Thank you for having the podcast transcribed. I was able to read it in less then 5 min and get the true essess of what you are sharing. You rock. Keep sharing the truth. I am going to be joining you in this world to bring people to a new higer awareness.

    Love and light, Joy