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The Truth Virus

Are you gonna catch it? It’s highly contagious.

What I wanted to do in this podcast, is to bring together a number of themes that have been emerging over the past six months, and even well before that, and put it all together. 

There is a narrative that people are taking part in, that fills media headlines and people’s minds.

And then there are many deeper messages that are filling people’s subconscious at the same time, that are potentially even more damaging.

Bruce LIpton, in his work, talks about how 90% of what we do and how we respond comes from our subconscious minds.

Only 10% of it is conscious.

Knowing, that let’s look at a lot of the subconscious messaging, programming and symbolism that we’ve been seeing for the better part of this year.

Because there is a lot—let’s say 90%—that we are missing here.

Listen to today’s episode where I’ll cover:

– Censorship

– “Social distancing” and the electromagnetic field of the heart

– The immunity of community

– The significance of the attack on breath. Our breath is our life force, our divine “in-spire-ation.” What is the spiritual meaning of this?
– How Germ Theory perpetuates “us against them”

– Corona, your crown chakra and becoming kings and queens

Listen to the episode now:

Or download and listen on the go: 

In this episode, I mention the Telegram group I have started: Anami Sacred Samurais: 

This is a space to come for anyone questioning the dominant narrative of the day, looking for truth and inspiration. This will be a semi-departure from my regular content, which you can still always find on my website, podcast and Instagram account. 

To join, download the free Telegram app on your phone, and search for “Anami Sacred Samurais” and join.

You may want to listen to today’s episode first though to see if it’s for you!




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14 thoughts on “The Truth Virus

  1. What an amazing articulated message Kim! I absolutely love your way of delivery 🙂 Spot on! Thanks for being so awesome.

  2. Brilliant summary of the symbolism and metaphor of The last SIX. On the flip I am choosing to look @ Covid as a blessing though- Masking (shielding) from inhalants, Being mindful of our speech, Cleaning up our Space… Being mindful who we touch… Selective intimacy—-As a prep for what this egoic world has yet to present…..

    We are now in the age of Anti-inflammation and the so caledl western med’s rational… Your body is attacking itself ! BS! The toxins of airport radiation, Pollution, checmical cleaners, Gas station Fuel Fumes, Plastics, Antibiotic fed animals, Pesticided plants,Big Pharma -medical machine keep em’sick on the money train Bla bla bla.

    We need a major Physical Cleanse (i.e. Medical Medium- Anthony Williams. Book”Cleanse to Heal”. ) and become attune to energy field wellness.

    Bottom line! Like you teach RADICAL SELF-ACCOUNTABILITY – Release what no longer serves and integrate what works for collective Love and Forgiveness. I am my bro/sissies keeper.
    All things can be used for good. Peace Mamacita – Love you

  3. That was an awesome episode, thank you for putting all this together. Brilliant!
    I want to know more about the “arrest of high ranking figures”. More info somewhere, links?

  4. Once again a bulls eye! Right on target, Kim.

    For all the sheep:

    The mass media has been providing a massive propaganda campaign of misdirection, conditioning, programming and lies. None of the information you have been reading, watching, listening to from before the outbreak is remotely truthful. The media has been on a worldwide, 24/7/365 frenetic, maniacal, frenzy to create the most intense, fearful, panic among all the worlds’ people. This mass media fear mongering has never before in history been so intense nor as broad and deep. I have seen “articles” about “OMG! Do I have the ‘covid 19’ on my shoes?” And other inane, senseless topics designed solely to deepen and spread the panic.

    They have succeeded.

    I have been a health care provider for over 30 years and I have not seen the feral, animal like, panic in people’s eyes since I was in the military. People are at a psychotic level with panic and fear, and at that level they will accept ANY inconvenience if they think it’s going to “save their lives” and the inconveniences are house arrest, an unconstitutional ban on gathering and groups, violation of the first amendment, freedom of speech, just to name a few.

    None, let me emphasize that, absolutely NONE of the protocols in place will protect you against a virus.

    Masks are designed to allow air to pass with sufficient volume that a healthy human adult can remain well supplied with oxygen. A virus is so small it requires a scanning electron microscope to see it. With the size of the spaces of masks to allow breathing a virus is like a finch flying through a double wide garage door. And for elder people, medically compromise people, or people who have some other limiting condition, or a combination of any of these conditions, wearing masks can be dangerous or lethal. When you wear a mask for extended periods of time you re-breathe your own air, increasing the carbon dioxide levels and decreasing the oxygen percentage in your blood. There is no medical reason to wear a mask.

    Have you asked yourself why 6 feet? You should. “Social Distancing” is a term that has menacing, communistic, controlling overtones. Whether you’re six inches from someone or standing six feet away from them you are at no greater risk or no lesser risk in either situation medically. Viruses are sub microscopic and if someone is covered with a virus they are not going to be any less able to transfer if they are six inches or six feet or 20 feet away from someone else.

    Have you figured out why 6 feet yet? There is a reason, but it has nothing to do with medicine or viruses or any disease condition. It has to do with satellites and RFID Technology. It is and has, for some time, been used in the military for black or covert operations. All members of an eight man team have had RFID chips inserted under their skin some were on their body. During a mission when mission leaders are watching the operation in a very distant location, viewing on satellites, the leaders are able to determine where their team members are, individually as long as they are at least 6 feet a part. In covert military operations it is very beneficial for team members to be further apart to decrease the “density of targets” so a six foot spacing is actually a close distance. On satellite if a team member is closer than six feet to another team member the satellite cannot differentiate the two individuals, they must be at least six feet apart to see the individual team members.

    The reason for “social distancing” is to program people to be six feet or more apart that way the deep state government can see whether or not people are gathering and having meetings in large groups. If people are closer together they cannot determine the number of people, it will look like one or two people when there will actually be 10, 20 or 100. That is the only reason for a six foot social distancing.

    Staying inside for extended periods, “stay home” is very helpful in making people much more susceptible to infection. Humans need exposure to the sun for many beneficial physiological reasons. Confining people inside will reduce their immune systems effectiveness to fight off any infective organism. Just like stopping exercising, your muscles will atrophy losing size and strength. It is very beneficial and the best thing you can do to ward off any infective agent, bacteria or virus to be outside, active, getting sun, keeping your immune system “exercised” by remaining active, outside and among the normal population.

    There have been many doctors world wide that have cautioned that continuing the “house arrest” will see thousands of elder and possible other age groups die in all cities as a result of extended confinement when they are eventually released. There have also been many videos on you-tube by emergency room doctors, treating patients with covid 19 symptoms, who have realized the treatment protocols they have received from the WHO and the CDC were not benefitting the covid 19 patients. The emergency room doctors stated that what they were treating was not a virus, they did not know what it was, but it was not a virus. That the treatment protocols provided by WHO and the CDC would actually kill the patients they were treating. The videos were made as a plea to other doctors who would be treating covid 19 patients not to use the recommended lethal protocols.

    There have also been many doctors who are keeping their own data in this pandemic to determine the infection rate and the mortality rate of this covid 19, whatever it is. Their findings demonstrate that covid-19 is not near as lethal as what is being reported in mass media. These same doctors are also concerned that the death rates are being purposely inflated because the diagnosis of “death with covid 19″ is being monetized, rewarding each such death report with $13,000.oo. And if a ventilator is used for any patient who is reported as such a death, the reward is $49,000.oo. People do not die “with” a disease, condition or infection, they die from a disease or condition or infection. This means that people with a single or combination of health conditions who may have tested positive for covid 19 but they died of a heart attack, a stroke, or respiratory failure, or anything else, are being said to have “died with covid 19″ when in fact they have actually died from other medical complications. This grossly inflates the statistical death rate of covid 19.

    I do not expect you to believe me, far from it. I expect you to totally reject or at least, be very, very skeptical of the information I have presented. My hope is that it will begin the questions. You will seek out your own sources to find the truth. This sampling of the high points I have presented here is the tip of one of the icebergs, and represents a lifetime of a medical career, of being passionately curious, questioning everything, seeking the mystic, the science fiction, the how of the science, being totally open minded to the possibility of everything the Universe offers, The Secret. What the Universe has to offer homo sapiens is not comprehendible


  5. You are fucking awesome, Kim! I’ve been talking like you, more and more, these days. Not because I want to mimic you, but because it seems to be natural for me as well. And my beautiful partner is actually encouraging me….
    The sheep are still asleep, but in the end, even the sheep might get a bit scared when they see they are just a step away from the cliff….

  6. Great podcast Kim!
    I’ve always liked how your mind works and extrapolates information. You have a natural talent for words and seeing the deeper meaning. I hope more people wake up soon as it’s devastating to see us going backwards.