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Kung Fu Vagina – The Music Video!

Everybody wants a Kung Fu Vagina!

That’s right.

It’s Kung Fu Vagina: The Musical.

In honor of another season of my legendary Vaginal Kung Fu Salon opening, we now have our own song.

It’s a female-empowerment anthem and visual and orgasmic extravaganza.

Come and see all the amazing things vaginas can do!

This video has been amazingly well-received all over the internets and has already gone viral. How exciting!

Watch the epic video now:


VAGINAL KUNG FU free video series!

Having a Kung Fu Vagina is every woman’s birthright and in her natural abilities.

With the right tools!

This is what is possible for every single vagina, on the daily:

  • Multiple, vaginal and ejaculating orgasms
  • Insane, life-changing pleasure
  • A vagina that is so responsive that it gets wet just from hearing your lover’s voice.
  • Produces a tsunami of wetness
  • A ravenous libido
  • Gives your lover a vaginal handjob with your sensational articulation skills. Aka “voodoo pussy”.
  • Shoots ping pong balls. This is the normal, healthy baseline for every vagina.
  • Zero urinary incontinence. Some women reverse this in a week.
  • Iron-clad pelvic floor strength that maintains your internal organs. Yep. You were meant to keep them.

In short: Ecstasy and power on tap.

Courtesy of your Kung Fu Vagina.

Come and get it!


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23 thoughts on “Kung Fu Vagina – The Music Video!

  1. I love the vaginal Kung Fu song! I thought it was a joke first that people attacked you for making it.. The message is empowering and connecting, a message anyone should hear. Thank you for the great work you do 🙂

  2. I just wanted to say WOW!! I didn’t know such a creative genius music video like vaginal Kung fu could actually offend people!! WHAT THE FUUUUCK. And your apology video, equally genius!! Thank you for walking your talk kin and standing by your truth ??

  3. Great video, this was forwarded to my gal and we can’t wait for her to shoot ping pong balls 🙂 Best video ever…..

  4. Kim, I love you! <3

    Best video ever, indeed!

    Thank you for your work, for empowering women reconnect with their bodies and their voice and find the strength to stand up for themselves! We need more fearless feminine leaders like you in our world!

    Kind Regards and Thank you so much for your empowering work in Team Anami!

  5. I came here to watch the video, after seeing your vlog on the backlash to it. Oh my god, there’s some stupid people out there. Political correctness gone way too far, from people who have clearly missed the point and fun! If they knew anything about the Jade Egg, they would know the video is actually paying respect to the culture in a fun way. Geez. When I’ve got the money, I am definitely doing your women’s courses and when I have the man, I can’t wait to do the couple’s course too! <3

  6. Great and fun video! And great use of the music…an oldie but goodie! And you’ve got a lot of women of a lot of different hues represented in that video. Well done!

    1. I LOVE this video for a million reasons! Creative, fun, energizing, and inspirational! Thank you, Kim and Team Anami for speaking up/singing/dancing/squirting/etc. for all vaginas worldwide!